Caps are Too Common?

When I expressed some concern about the impact of half a year of resource scarcity would have on the new players and casual players to Eve Online, the narrative of capitals being too commonplace and creating an unhealthy game was raised by a few people I know. I’d never think capital ships would be anything but amazingly fun with pretty explosions. I drop them whenever I can.

I’m curious, what do all you think scarcity is doing to the game’s benefit? Is it helping or is it hurting? Why?

Whatever it’s doing is fine. It’s helping everyone, you just don’t realize it yet.


Nothing. They won’t even notice if they started the game post-scarcity. It will just be normal for things to be that way for them. Just like the people who started the game during abundance are upset now - because abundance was normal for them.

But for old better vets scarcity was a fact of life until around 2014ish.

It’s helping. The cluster was getting too bloated with material. Think of how much Spodumain a single Rorqual can mine in a day, and then multiply that by thousands of Rorquals, and then multiply that by years. It was ridiculous.


Capitals are more manoeuvrable owing to jump drives, have fits cheaper owing to absurd T1 ship insurance than the nearest sub cap, the well fit battleship.

Capitals EHP also does not scale with their price structure. Capitals have the cheapest EHP/ISK in the game, the inverse should be true.

Capitals are also placed behind a pay to win check, skill points. For new players they have to pay to get the OP swiss army knife that is a carrier or bridge titan.

The mineral change is flawed as it does not fix the issue of there being too many titans allready in the game it just deters new players from now neutralising them by obtaining their own.

CCP should make a super weapon that fits on a frigate hull, give it the ability to one shot titans or supers but make it cost 2x the cost ie, 200bn on a frigate ehp is balanced.

This would be balanced but crush the use of blapping supers who now risk being suprised blasted by any frig in the game.

Irl, the battle of Taranto, Pearl Harbour & Midway had the same effects inn those theaters. Capital ships were no longer commited with indifference.

The mineral change will be reversed within 1/4 as making capitals more expensive will reduce 1/4 turn over as noobs stop skill injecting into them.

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Caps are boring sludge that makes an already dull combat system even worse.


You might not think there is a problem yet, but imagine another 10 years of abundance. Titans were designed to be alliance flagships, now everyone and their mother has them.

SCaricity is necessary for the future of the game.




I guess no capital ship for me :sleepy:

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