What are your thoughts on sarcity?

What are your thoughts on scarcity? Will it benefit the game in the long term? Are the people who complain salty industrialists or is scarcity actually killing Eve?

Impossible to say for sure without official recent statistics from CCP. We are left with theories and speculation from parties who have their own interests at stake.

My own theory and speculation is that it is helping the game long term.


I can understand that, why do you think it will help the game long-term?

Because it makes the miners mad.

And because it shows CCP does have long term plans for this aging game, no matter how many “salty industrialists” win Eve (quit) as a result.



It is killing EVE even if EVE survives because Rattati and Psych and CCP at large want the wrong people to flood this game and not the right kind of people.


Wdym the wrong kinda ppl?

It’s terrible for the ecosystem as a whole. Content is drying up and several of my friends that have played for years are leaving.

Sadly all that is there to replace them are this new generation of credit card warriors and bots. Ccp is getting what they want though I guess. A player that jumps in spends a few hundred and the quits. The revolving door system of literally every mobile phone game and all the games that PA offers.


What’s not to understand when I say “wrong kind of people”. If you have to ask, you definitely belong to that group.


Dude, wtf is your problem, I asked you who you think is the wrong kind of player for this game how does that mean I am the wrong kind of player for this game? Based off your attitude, you are the kind of people who should not be playing this game.


See? You are acting exactly like the wrong kind of people. You get worked up by a little bit of contest against your personality, your activities, your attitude. That is nothing EVE needs to be a good game. EVE needs people who laugh at this kind of interaction and come back with a good response and not some whiny complaints. But Rattati et al wants exactly this kind of people in EVE because they are the easiest to coerce into paying more cash. They don’t want difficult people like me who still know what EVE needs to be about. :slight_smile:



__high end rich industrialist can adapt with little effort
__mid/casual industrialist will struggle

– casual indy pilots gonna just lose interest


No, you are the wrong kind of player who acts like they are superior. I asked you a question that I was actually curious about and you insulted me. That’s not something to laugh about, its rude and disrespectful. So, who is the toxic (or “wrong kind of”) player here?


How much of eve are the “casual” indy pilots? What do you think the long term effect of scarcity will be in the game?

less stuff available in market as ppl losing interest in indy.

less ppl interest in risking stuff in PvP cause they gonna cost more and will be more expensive.


Sweet summer child, this is exactly what EVE is about. You are playing a massmurder, genocide simulator with psychopatic immortals that regularly destroy ships and stations with hundreds to hundreds of millions of innocent lives on them. Furthermore, you are regularly destroying other people’s assets just for fun or to achieve your war goals, or you are on the receiving end of another party doing the same to you. Judging by your killboard, you have ample experience with getting shafted. :slight_smile:

If you cannot stand a bit of rudeness and disrespect, you are the wrong kind of people to play EVE. EVE needs people that don’t care like you about rudeness and disrespect to be EVE. If you want people to treat you with respect, you don’t demand it with a sobbing voice, you earn the respect. So far you are doing a very poor job at that. :slight_smile:


Hmm I understand, at the same time, from stories I heard, you could get dreads dropped on you even if you were in a battleship or below before scarcity. So maybe lower-end more casual PvPers and lower end PvE-ers will benefit from this. Do you think that’s a fair trade off?

Multiple walls of text and this guy still can’t say what he means. Sad!


Ok so I am sorry for being a normal person who gets offended at needless insulting, that is also apparently the “wrong type of player.” TBH, you seem like a salty jerk with nothing better to do than troll the forums. Please, I think this forum would benefit if you would kindly leave. Or I can report you as well.


Yeah he’s a real joke

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