-1 All This Scarcity Has Made Me Scarce

For the past year or two, my Eve activity levels would rival anyone’s. I’ve invested massive amounts of time into this game because up until recently, i loved it. As the ‘scarcity’ phase changes began hitting, i weathered it and sought ways to adapt to the parts that affected me directly, which were minor at first. As recent changes kept coming and more drastically, i’ve reached a point that i no longer wish to invest time at this same level just to attempt to break even on isk. In fact, i no longer wish to spend time on Eve at all now thanks to these scarcity changes. Im comfortable enough that i wont be back that i gave all my Eve asset stuff to a buddy and wanted to reach out to CCP here with the feedback as i go. You’ve made a game where regardless of what sandbox activity one chooses, the amount of fun one has is joined at the hip with their net worth. Recent changes have both crippled my income and laid waste to past skill and isk investments made specifically to keep financially on track (and consequently having fun).

Anyway, just wanted to say my peace as i go. Nope Out.


If you’re trying to offer constructive feedback, offer some specific information about what you did for fun, what you did for isk, and how these things were impacted by which changes.


Aaaand another one leaving! It’s an exodus!
Sorry to see you go. Sorry to see any player quit this game. It’s a good game, just that the owners don’t realize what they have. They might, when it’s not there anymore. I sure hope you’ll find another game to invest your time/money in.
It’s so sad that Gaming has fallen prey to Capitalism. I understand that game companies need to make money but CCP’s excessive greed isn’t conductive to a healthy game ecosystem.
I will play EVE until I die or the servers shut down, whichever comes first.


Can I have your stuff?

I’m sorry, but you’re having trouble breaking even on ISK? How is that even possible? I could understand if you said that you were raking in the cash before and now you’re not nearly as rich so the game isn’t as exciting for you anymore, or something along those lines. But you’re actually in the red? What are you doing for this to be the case?

It was that PvE Tengu loss, wasn’t it? That’s why you have the sads?


Looks like you don’t read the original posts and just post to piss people off.
You’re busted.


You are proof that it worked.

On topic:

Why is ISD allowing all these lame quit posts to remain in GD. They should be moved to OOPE.

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Did it work?

What are you talking about “did it work”? You didn’t piss me off.
Just saying that you post in the sole purpose of pissing people off, namely, OP of this thread.
Not me, dumb dum

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Obviously it did. And still is.

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You seem to be writing a lot… are you sure?

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Don’t try. There is no salt here.


If one player quit this game. How many alts would that be?:slightly_smiling_face: Still waiting for another CCP nerf that will cause other players to quit and drop active alts down to 10’000.


My guess is 5 to 10 on average. Just a wild guess.

There are only three sizes of things. From breast size to cars in your garage.

They are:
Not enough
Too much

I would say for each player quitting, he’ll be taking plenty of alts with him.

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Easy enough to answer that question.

I use to do a lot of it until CCP changed everything and nerfed it to the max.

Ore sites - I had a side business selling bookmarks of those sites to various Mining Fleets back when they were Cosmic Signatures. CCP changed them into Cosmic Anomalies and poof, no more business.

Hacking sites - I use to run them until CCP changed the game mechanics and made it take even longer to complete by adding the Hacking mini game. It’s a complete click-fest and the Hacking game window takes up way too much space on the screen. Also let’s not forget the time they implemented the loot scatter mechanic in an attempt to turn solo content into fleet content.

Cosmic Signature Combat sites - I use to run them a lot with my T3 Cruiser until CCP restricted access. One of the main selling points of T3 Cruisers being a versatile ship was that it fit perfectly as an ‘All In One’ exploration ship. Sure, I ended up placing other ships in different locations and switched ships when needed in order to continue doing exploration like I use to. However the end result was it took longer to do the same thing compared to before. Also having to switch ships increases the chance of losing sites to other explorers.

Loot drops - Over the years CCP has been constantly nerfing the tables to where now it’s gotten to the point that looting and salvaging wrecks isn’t worth doing. The amount of wrecks holding loot and the amount of loot / salvage dropped from those wrecks has been greatly reduced. That has negatively affected ISK generation for exploration career. It’s also made loot/salvage careers obsolete.

Various other changes has affected my career as an explorer. Back in the day exploration was a ‘Specialized’ career requiring high skills and patience in developing techniques to complete the task quickly and efficiently. CCP has lowered skill level’s, added modules to replace lack of skills, added on-screen sensor indicators as well as Agency bookmarks to exploration sites. Those changes have basically made it to where everybody and their grandmothers can do it. As a result there’s much more competition for sites but with CCP’s constant nerfing of spawn tables, players now spend more time traveling than actually engaging in exploration.

Wow, this turned into a larger reply than I actually thought. Would end up writing a Novel if I was to list all the nerfs done to all the other career choices.

Anyway, I think I’ve made my point…


I have fond memories of putting on a long OST from some movie or game and spending hours running hacking sites.

Very lucrative for a young player as well.

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I use to have 10 alt accounts. I’m not playing as much, so I’m down to one omega account, which will be running out at the end of the month.
I joined during the plenty phase, so this whole idea of turning everything into a grind kind of took the fire out.
The last time I logged in, I just sat there in dock and didn’t do anything except talk to a few corp mates.
4 years of sp and mining, my billions and assets will just be sitting there, untouched until they end the scarcity phase.


Good riddance.