-1 All This Scarcity Has Made Me Scarce

You’re just an angry frustrated person, eh? You know, there are things that help against Anger and Frustration:
A hot tea
A hot bath
Helping others
Talking about it
High blood pressure medication
Please, seek help.


I see enough non-troll responses that i’ll share some more details by posting again.

My income was PVE based and from two directions.

I frequently ran Angel Refuge sites escalation hunting. Angels are the only pirate race that drop 5/10 escalations from refuges…the other rat races drop 4/10’s. Refuges are plentiful in highsec. Because of this, competition for the sites is steep, and you need top quality if you want to get ahead of everyone else doing the same thing you are. So, i invested in a set of navy RLML’s and max skilled autotargeting missiles. If done well, one can run infinite 5/10’s in highsec from this, netting Gistum b-types and Cynabal bpc’s. My finances were accustomed to building and selling at least one Cynabal a day at maybe 90 mil profit per. 90 mil x 30 days = 2.7 billion in lost income per month once building faction cruisers became profit negative due to recent changes.

The other PVE route i’d take is to fly into Angel or Sansha lowsec space and run certain combat signitures. 6/10’s and anything that can drop a Stratios chip were ideally what i would look for and i invested a great deal of time, effort, isk, and skill points into maximizing my site runtimes and gains. 6/10’s drop faction cruiser bpc’s as a significant part of the loot and Stratios chips get traded to npc’s for a Stratios bpc. Since recent changes make building Phantasms, Cynabals, and Stratioses highly isk negative now, i feel like all the work and time i put into getting the skills, fitting the ships, and running these sites like clockwork has been laid waste quite arbitrarily.

I used this income too support my habit of periodically whelping 2-3 billion isk T3C’s to PVP. Normally, I feel i’m managing ok if i average 500mil a day income. As i tried to adapt to these changes surrounding faction hull building, i just couldnt recover the morale and motivation to keep playing. I could go and develop new techniques and strategies to bring in the same income i had before. But why should i have to do that when i just spent teh past few years doing it and had worked my way into a winning financial situation with the PVE routes listed above? Anyways, cheers :slight_smile:


This isn’t a criticism of you, but I do feel the need to point out that “fun” is a relative term. Your post should read: “You’ve made a game where regardless of what sandbox activity I choose, the amount of fun I have is joined at the hip with my net worth”. It would take little to no effort for me to find someone who has been playing EVE for only a few days and is having more fun in a T1 Rifter than you’ve had weathering scarcity or doing anything else in this terrible game for years.

The whole “I’m give away all things” thing is silly. I stopped playing in 2015 and only recently started playing again. Prior to that, I quit back in 2009, and before that, in 2005. You can always come back. You might want to. And if you don’t, all that ISK and SP didn’t actually mean anything to begin with, did it? It was just pixels, and the hours of your life. It still is. It didn’t make you a better or more complete or “wealthier” person. It was all an illusion. The only sad thing about that is that you may never have enjoyed it, but you did it anyway. That was a mistake.

For me, ISK and ships and skills never really meant anything. It was always the people. If the people are good, and the times are good, even the worst games can but fun as all hell. Just something to consider as you move on to greener pastures.

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Ah, fair point. I did feel comfortable speculating that many people feel a similar net worth security blanket that i did which helps make things more enjoyable when you have it and less enjoyable when you don’t. But that’s just speculation, and the only one i can really speak for is me.

RE the giving stuff away. I had maybe 20-25 bil in stuff that i knew someone not infinitely wealthy would appreciate and value, so i wanted to do something nice with it. What may be a mistake for you to do with your stuff felt like a great move for me to do with my stuff. It actually took work for me to do since ships with cans in them can’t be put on contract and i had to fly about from place to place to find which ship had the cans that were screwing up my contracts, lol. I’d def do that part again if i had a do over :slight_smile:

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Main root cause for your dissatisfaction found:

Simply try out PVP in less blink ships and your need for crazy ingame income is gone. You can even have a lot of fun with PVP with ships below 100M ISK.

Have fun experimenting with something new, this is what the frequent EVE changes are about.


If your gameplay has benn nerfed that hard, it would suggest you are part of the problem CCP are trying to fix.


“The one super specific arguably niche thing I did has been affected by the player market, and instead of adapting and learning new things, I’m quitting and blaming CCP.”

This is how I’m reading this.


Why would this be the case?

The new components.

have you tried selling ships outside of jita?

So hang on, let me get this straight, we’re in a game with a market-driven economy, and when production costs go up, the response is to continue selling products for the same prices while screaming bloody murder about the developers taking the bread out of your space-children’s mouths?

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I am so confused right now.


What if being stuck with playing T1 frigs and cruisers, just isn’t his idea of fun ?

Many people don’t like being forced into a gameplay they do not enjoy, because it was seen as “good for bizness”…

And This is what CCP has been doing for as long as I can remember.

And yes, the same way pre-cu Star Wars Galaxies players that had invested countless hours into a specific gameplay, got completely shafted by Sony Online, and the game died soon after.

Same is happening here.

PS: Meditril, has FW even been fixed yet … ?


That’s the main issue to me really.

EVE is a game that requires long term planning and investment by design. If you want to fly a certain ship or try certain content it might take you months of skill training or saving isk to meet that goal.

But in the current “chaos era” there’s a really good chance that right when you get that new ship or finally get to do the content you were interested in, the developers are going to pull the rug out from under you and nerf it to the point it’s not worth doing anymore.


No one is being forced into anything. That’s the point.

If someone says “Hey, I can only get my rocks off by flying and losing expensive ships that I can’t afford because the one way I know how to make bank is harder now and I don’t know how to afford my habit”, I’d say that problem is both somewhat unique and nothing that any of us can do anything about anyway.


This might be technically correct but not in reality. CCP themselves have even used the “carrot and stick” metaphor for getting players to do what they want.

They don’t have to force anyone to do anything literally, they just punish players who aren’t playing the way they want by making that playstyle or content not really worth doing, and use rewards to try and make people do the things they want.

And quite often it seems like they use bait and switch tactics to lure players into certain playstyles with good rewards, only to later nerf those rewards.


So of all the changes CCP made ever since before Alphas and Skill Injectors even, and there’s A LOT, too many to list them all in one post … all the way up to the recent Industry Changes, and now P2W incentive and monetization…

Litterally none of them had a long lasting effect on at least “a few” people’s gameplay over the years ?

FW for once, by far my longest gameplay experience in Eve, was quite literally ruined, ever since the alpha and skill injector ordeal.
Why ? Because you could now have your own alt farming army at the flick of a CB or accumulated isk, and warzones would just dry up of any meaningful content.

Were citadels a good change to FW warzone, for instance ?

Were instanced arenas a good change at the detriment of world pvp ?

■■■■ no.

Ever since CCP allowed instant gratification, instant pvp, instant this, quicker that and monetization to happen to Eve, the game entered terminal phase.

This post is a bit heavy on the vagaries and lacking in specifics for my taste. No, there is nothing forcing us into any particular playstyle. Period. You can PvE. You can PvP. You can do these things at both the Alpha and Omega level. You can mine. You can make boosters. You can live in a wormhole. You can join corps and alliances and coalitions, and they’ll all take you whether you can fly a Rifter or a Hel, so long as you aren’t a complete troglodyte of a person. You can work your way in, up, down, and out again, not unlike you’ve always been able to. The limitation is what you’re willing to spend your time on, as well as whether you have the bandwidth for it or anything else in the first place.

I’ll give you that some people have specialized in this game to the point where anything that affects that specialization is regarded as a betrayal and a sign of the apocalypse. I get that. It’s understandable. But that’s what it means to be that sort of bittervet in any game. If your experience is severely affected by one or two changes, or even several, all other experiences are affected. This is false, but it’s easy to feel that way regardless.


CCP has always allowed instant gratification. I was instantly gratified by PvP the first time that I shot someone in a low sec belt back in 2004. The Character Bazaar has always been a thing if you wanted to buy your way into more skills, or more respect, or more friends. Before PLEX it was AUR, and before that it was GTCs. There has always been monetization and instant gratification, even on the thriftiest budget. There was always buying your way ahead, scamming your way ahead, swarming your way ahead, ganking your way ahead, and so on. The only thing that’s really changed is the variety of ways we can waste our lives in this virtual world. Well, from my perspective anyway.

That said, I’m sure there are many players who will disagree for reasons.


The first time I shot someone in low sec in fw, I was happy because i cleared the system and had some time ahead of me to advance the timer before his buddy cavalry came.

The last time I shot someone in low sec in fw, I was unhappy because I cleared the site and couldn’t defend squat as 10 or so of his citadel-docked buddies showed up instantly, despite it being a hostile system to them.

We could spend ages picking out examples like this.

We could also spend ages looking away at the specifics and broadly speaking that the game is fine and always has been.

Btw, to be more specific, the account turnover of the Character Bazaar compared to Injected Characters was waaaaay lower, simply because all the time required to manually train all these characters, and you had to be patient sometimes and wait for weeks for a suitable character specialization to show up…

So you just can’t simply compare then and now and claim it all even.

Monetization existed before but was kept fairly lowkey by CCP, and definitely not advertised as they now blatantly do.

I also remember when Plex as well as GTCs were actual ingame items you had to risk hoarding around the Eve universe … anyone remember the x40000 Plex Shuttle kill … ?

Yea those definitely didn’t get the same instant and easy “taming” treatment so many other things of the game got over the last 10 years … sure …

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You don’t actually do specifics at all.