Plea to CCP

So I played last year for several months and worked hard to make the things I wanted to do viable to make money. I trained hard to get into mining ships and get positioned in null sec with lots of BPOs so I could start my life of industry, then we decided that a grand redistribution and scarcity phase would make the environment better. Well? Better for who, I ask. Not better for the players with a handful of months in the game.

I stopped playing for a bit, my system was camped. I retained subscription for probably 8 months training towards other things, I simply didn’t log in. I finally unsubscribed because I wasn’t using it.

Two months ago, a buddy asked me to get back into the game and I reluctantly came back. I bought a rorq and started training towards nexus invulnerability core so I can afford to use the thing and buy people time to help. Now I’m hearing CCP intends to nerf the rorqual.

I also do null ratting so I can try to stay afloat, but now I hear that will also be requiring a more attentive focus due to some change we’re making in the future.

CCP, it feels like you are actively targeting me. The default answer when I ask how to make money is “go do whatever you like” “there are lots of ways to make money”, well, I’m doing what I like, and I’m training toward what I want to do but your plans are ruining mine. Please put all ores back in null sec. Please don’t screw with the thing I’ve spent months training into and invested in. Please STOP trying to adjust things and just let me play the game. If you want to mess with stuff, I recommend messing with the bounty system and other things that could use your focus. I need you to understand the impact that your decisions have on players with only a year or two in game that can’t compete with the 15+ year characters with lots of skills. Your changes have a huge impact on the newer players, but much less of one on the older ones.

patiently awaits both the unlikely reply from CCP and the unavoidable trolling from players with 17+ years and countless skillpoints already prepared to easily transition to some other isk earning scheme


“I wanted to have fun and decided jumping in to making it a job at the fiercest level of competition was a good way to do that, but turned out I was wrong”

Tellin ya what I tell all the krabs, youll have more fun in a sub 5m isk frigate than youll ever have in a Rorqual.

Oh and thanks to Null we have no bounty system, so thanks for that.


Yeah, I don’t really see where that was helpful. Sure, I enjoy running around in a frigate. I even find some good fights, but fights aren’t the only thing I’m after. My playstyle is varied, not single scoped.

As for the bounty system, they could “easily” make it so that bounties applied to an aggressor must be done so during the aggression timer, and then list the player that the bounty is on and the system they’re in. They could set the amount of time a player remains on the aggression timer commensurate with the value of the bounty and make it so the player can’t log off/dock up while the bounty is active. 30 minutes for 50 or 100m perhaps?

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x to doubt

And no one mentioned fighting.

As for the bounty system, it was removed for Null people’s benefit.

My replies arent supposed to be helpful, they are critical of your conceited selfishness, you krab.

Scarcity comes in and your profits go up, but thats not enough for you.

You people make me sick.

Please dont waste our time replying.


My profits go up? How do you figure?

ccp condoned a high level of afk “playing” for many years. They seem to have changed their minds about it. It’s inevitable that that upsets subscribers.
That the amount of afk “playing” is linked to the high grinding factor of simple repetitive tasks (mining, mission running) is something they could attack instead, but it doesn’t look like they will choose that path.

Given the current nature of the game, I also think afk gameplay is something inevitable, however unfortunate (we don’t play to not play, do we ?). By not addressing the continuous involvement of the player to achieve certain tasks AND by making it even more boring (mineral distribution, disappearance of belts in half of null, no anoms in hisec, etc etc) it will only become worse and worse. That the isk returns on afk and active gameplay diminish, that’s okay if prices of manufactured goods drop as well - but that is not the case currently.

But, if anyone can goad ccp into talking about the end of scarcity and their mid-term vision on gameplay, please do so…


The tier 3 missions I’ve been running for the last several days that are “high activity” are not high payoff. Having some level of certainty is useful to setting goals. Right now it seems we’re going off the “wait and see” principle, which offers nothing useful for planning purposes.

What are you expecting them to say?

“Thank You, random forum dweller! Several people have expressed their opinions regarding the scarcity issue. Examples of such threads could be here or here. However, It’s not until now that we’ve realized the folly of our ways. Following your excellent post, which has gained us vital insight, we will now rollback all changes. Thank You again for your service that have provided us the needed expertise to turn this boat around and make eve great again. See you in space and fly safe.”


True, but I wouldn’t plan anything right now involving rorquals. Just “wait and see” before you make the investment, before you have even more reasons to be disappointed.
Yeah, if you want to compare nullsec mining with mission running, at least do level 4s.

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I already made the investment before I was aware of that change. Why you think I’m salty? Legit months of training to reach different objectives that are smashed as I reach them.


Forum dweller on my third thread ever? Bit harsh.

My imaginary CCP employee enjoys calling users “forum dwellers” no matter the amount of posts made. It’s not meant as an insult. They use it as a cute nickname for all forum users.


No, you are not special. You just happen to be one of the many relied on something that is (in CCP’s eyes) too good in the current state and about to be brought in line. And now you need to deal with the change, as anyone else need, good luck.

The conundrum is that whatever change CCP makes, the rich, organized and experienced player will be able to adapt quicker than the poor, unorganized and inexperienced. And if no change is made they are the ones the status quo benefits anyways. So, a moot point, sorry.

Yes, because no one want you to do the thing they do to make money and screw their profit margins.
If is not something they need act as a team to pull off, that is the case even between corp mates/real life friends.
So, figuring out what is lucrative is also part of the game.


Fair enough. Should’ve reread what you wrote. Ramona kinda set the tone for me and I just applied it on down the line.

Similar things have happened to me (and probably most other players) in the past. It only stopped being frustrating after my character was sufficiently cross-trained and not overly specialized. Two remarks: 1) no one knows exactly what any prospective change will look like (ccp is fully aware of training times and isk involved) so grab what you can and 2) there are always alternatives in eve for isk and most of the skill points.


Found your problem.


Oh, Aiko is reading now! They grow so fast.


Boy if you think it is bad now, you have not seen anything yet. CCP plans to remove normal Ore belts from the game and make them like Ice Belts. God I hope CCP does a better job on the new Ore Belt/Ore Anoms then they have done with the Ice belts.

CCP does not give a rats butt about the players goals or how bad CCP screws over the players when making changes! CCP does not care miners or indy players. When was the last time we had an event were mining got 100% increase for 7 days? Nope, just 7 days of 100% loot drops for killing players. When was the last time we got a 100% reprocessing event? NOPE!

If CCP cared they would offer compensation. Oh we nerfed X ship into the ground, well here we refunded all those skill point to reallocate. Oh we removed all the reward from your in game play style, here are the skill points you spent back. Oh you have capital BPOs that got nerfed to death and we shut most of capital production. Here let us refund the BPO cost and all research isk. But nothing out of CCP, they don’t care. If CCP trashed your play style, leave and quit spending money with them.


I’m not a miner or industrialist(closest I get is scrapmetal reprocessing) but I agree with you. I really like the idea of there being those events for mining, reprocessing, etc.

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Shouldnt have started, then, should you.