EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook


We have just released a detailed blog on EVE Online’s ecosystem. Please use this thread for feedback and discussion.


Keep it up boys and girls, you are doing great!


P.S. Oh, and thanks for the roadmap of a sorts. It is much appreciated.


Well, it appears we are in the "Ouch " phase of the redistribution process.
Going to be interesting how far they go and how quick they adapt when indicators show people either leaving or the goals are realized.


:red_circle: A dev blog full of empty phrases. This is the second dev blog that gives not a single new, meaningful information for the path ahead. There is again not a single word about that the tools to farm the resources have been the biggest issue with the resource flood that created all the problems we experience now. Again not a single word about how Rorquals need to be curtailed; how infinite slots in structures create too much parallelization, and so on.

Waiting longer to address this imbalance will mean a worsening of the situation.

This is a joke. You have waited for the better part of 4 years while people kept telling you how much of an issue your introduced system is. This is cynical.


Abundance breeds Complacency and Scarcity breeds War
Predictable Inputs lead to Stagnant Outputs
Autarky is Anathema to Free Trade

I like that…


The roadmap is looking good. Keep it up!


We are indeed in the ‘ouch’ phase of things. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to Phase 3, and think we’re going to see a lot of interesting things develop there. But to make that meaningful and encourage warfare rather than cartels (a la OTEC), CCP will need to fix the ‘Supercapitals are necessary to own space’ problem.

Introducing subcapital options that can kill supers (as Rattati said on Saturday on PTT) will help, but it’s going to take a considerable amount of ongoing work to make sure those options are not themselves unbalanced.


CCP, I hope you guys realize that like half of this crap is meaningless to the players.

This is the first time since 2016 that I’ve seen anything like this:

So why should we care what grades you gave yourselves (AAA, A, B, C, and D)?

What does this even MEAN? Last state? Current state? Are you going to give us time frames for this? Does Last state mean last year? Since the last big balance patch? Since the last time you pushed out a survey?

What does this MEAN?
Wow, it’s a gradient line, so what?
Your own MER shows that there’s an ASTRONOMICAL gap between income generation in Nullsec compared to all other regions of space combined.

Even worse, you bring this picture up in the section titled RESOURCE DISTRIBUTION.
What does that mean?

Are you talking about Resources like Ore that’s mined? Then why are you talking about “Income”, because players are going to infer that’s talking about ISK Bounties from killing NPCs.

Are you talking about “Income” as a vague general “wealth” that players are accumulating?

What are you guys actually trying to say with this?




So, CCP just lost my money. I was high sec mining with alts. Still have my 10/20 BPO library. Aths are unanchoring. The changes may very well be beneficial over all. Me specifically, if I reduced the salt I have for CCP I’d have to do what Cambell’s soup did to claim to be heart smart – replace the sodium removed with potassium. Totally can’t afford to migrate the SP from the now dormant alts. What a waste of goddamned money and time is all I’m thinking just about now.


The changes may well be beneficial to you once they’re done. This is just one step in a looooong process. Don’t sell off. Pull it down if you need to (probably not a bad idea if you’re going to lay fallow for a while) but keep an eye on how things develop going forward.


If resources are made scarce or are redistributed - the tools to get them don’t need as much “fixing.”


:red_circle: That’s where you are wrong. Locust fleets exist for a reason. You can just do weekly or daily trips around the neighborhood with big protection fleets and farm the “scarce” resources efficiently and with low risk.


I agree with you Scoots;

So to get a healthy state of income you nerf mining in null sec and moon mining in total. So the plan is now to have everyone afk ratting to make an income? (I don’t btw)

Is the image shown allowing for the risk vs reward of that income? How do you define high income? Is this high income in null sec, or high income in high sec as they will be different things intrinsically.

This seems to be an absolute simplification of the arguments for change, to basically say, we have set an arbitrary point and now want to hit that, put everyone back on an even playing field, high, low and null sec, despite the playing field being completely different.

Or am I missing something?


Over time, they really do. This shouldn’t come instead of fixing the Rorq, it should come in addition to doing that. CCP wants the Rorq to be aspirational, and it totally can be… but it also needs to be aspirational as a leadership or support role, not something everyone gets into.


That was a lot of words and graphics to just say that everything will continue to be made worse for the players for the foreseeable future and that maybe some time down the line you will look at actually making any changes for the positive for once.


This is making me hopeful. +1


Yep CCP just keep selling those skill injectors great for the game. You have every kid with mommy’s credit card buying there way right into capitol ships, now you want to cry everyone has them? You made the demand now you refuse to own up to it. Let’s not fix the game, why everyone needs a new dank ship skin from the NES. I’m sure you will have full fit ships and loot box’s in there soon. This is going to work for you just like the blackout did it’s going to put you in the low income.


Shorter devblog:

“We let things get out of control for a while, and the bamboo overgrew the yard. Trees got choked out, bushes were starved of sunlight, and all the grass we liked died off. We’re going to need to rip everything up, and it’s going to suck, but we’re hoping we can get things fixed in the long run.”


I’m not sure… how much it matters that a fleet of Rorqs can quickly hoover up resources, if there’s less to get. I think game balance wants us to struggle to obtain the resources necessary to keep building at current rates, or accept that the previous rate of construction is simply unsustainable. Less gets built, ship and module inventories slowly draw down, battles slowly become more consequential - goals achieved?