Element of mystery and sense of discovery

You’ve spent the entire year proving you lack of judgement and now i can expect things like this to pop out of the blue on any given day - why would i spend money on your company whan you keep doing stuff like this?

How about instead of playing pickaboo someone come forfard and explain what you’re hoping to achieve with this constant nerving of income.

You nerved ratting income, increased the market tax and now you’re lowering resource generation.
All while people keep complaining how bad the economy is and that stuff is too expensive.
How do you think reducing income and supply is going to help that situation?


You should already expect weird things to happen, they have EVERY right to change the game how they see fit. You don’t own anything in the game remember that.


Honestly, no point of complaining!
No matter what you say… CCP does its thing and/or other players find it different.

The main issue in EvE is abundance of resources and not enough conflict!
Alot of the people just grind or hide…

  • adding some random npc spawning out of blue won’t fix it! (Adds grindfest for some of us!) Not much different from lvl4 security missions.
  • Resource distribution… I’m excited about!
    If they do it right, it will help to greate conflict and reduce resources stored.

Anyway I wish best for EvE and I hope it will improve in the future!


They destroyed my Probe in High Sec! I hear you!

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If you have to fight over resources won’t that mean someone is guaranteed to be left without resources and therefore ships to explode?
If people wo have such stockpiles gain a monopoly won’t this cause inflation to go up more than ever?
And once the stockpiles are depleted do we pvp in corvettes?

True! Therefore the resources distribution should be well organized!

We do have it all already! And this is exactly the capitalist world we are living in right now! Some people have RollsRoyces and other Walmart trollies!

Yes, Atleast we PvP!

Sorry, I can’t agree with that rational at all.

You’re paying for a product that’s presented and promoted as being set a specific way. For them to just up and change it without any prior notice beforehand is nothing more than a ripoff.

Basically now at anytime they can say "Yeah, we removed ______ because “The element of mystery and sense of discovery when things change in New Eden without notice is something awesome to behold.”


I have never heard that even once. The farming is completely out of control and I’m glad they finally do something to stop this. I hope they shut down local in nullsec again as well.

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lets make it so that only the ones who farm the most have any chance to stay afloat?

because risking something yourself while ganking ratting ships puts too much strain on daddys credit card?

The problem i am having right now is that the decission makers at CCP really seem to be this stupid - how this would be physically possible i am not shure but the economy nervs keep rolling in so somewhere there must be an alcohol tortured brain that actually thinks less ships in space will somehow create more content

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Calm down miner. It’s like you get the most fundamental things wrong. More farming does not equal cheaper ships. The economy is flooded with minerals and there is no need to fight over them. This will hopefully fix that.

Your just mad your bots will no longer farm the same amount.

Also I hope they shutdown local again.

Bald move critisizing someones playstyle when you’re in CODE but also wrong. I don’t have any mining skills and spend most my time hunting wannabe gankers in delve with my Hyperion - still more worthy targets than scum who doesn’t even leave Highsec but thinks he can talk down on others.
I’d evict your butt if you had a home but you are too scared to expose anything but your dignity to the possibility of losing it…

Because when has mass production ever lead to falling prices, right?
Damn it’s like YOU get the most fundamental things wrong.
A “need to fight” over resources can only exist if not fighting or loosing the fight means you’re left without resources in the end - everyone who isn’t in an alliance like goons will run out of ships in this scenario because only the strongest will be able to get what they need.

Actually, code has more then 1 structure up, but if your in delve they are in the blue doughnut ring too, goons pet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Or the clever.

I’m staging from w-space. Feel free to come by and say hello.

As it should be.

Again, calm down miner you are embarrassing yourself. The zero effort endless farming is over. Eve does not need bots and bot-aspirants like you.

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Goons are only the strongest because of infinite resources in null with no depletion led to everyone and their brother joining Goons for easy isk and a super cap umbrella. If they continue to make resources harder those players in goons will ve competeing with each then which by itself may create conflict, possibly even a split among the group which many would be happy to see.


Your killboard calls BS on that but i’d be happy to come visit you if you had a WH - my corp finished cleaning the last one a week ago.

you really have to be stupid if you think half the playerbase being limited to flying corvettes would be a good thing

You don’t know ■■■■ about my playstyle CODE scum.
Weakling hiding behind CONCORD and ganking noobs - you have no wormhole. You don’t even have the balls to risk flying an interceptor into Lowsec

"No Character/Corp/Alliance by that name could be found!

Please search again with the search box at the top"

No, you don’t.

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but are too scared to wardec goons anymore and too worthless a target to warrant being deced by us instead

The clever would understand that without enough food you will get starvation instead of good fights.
If goons need more space to sustain their industry they will take it.