Resource Redistribution Update


Back in March, the EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook blog described the plans for resource distribution in New Eden. This endeavour started last December with asteroid belt changes, then moved on to ore anomaly changes and a moon resource shake-up. Now we have released an update that goes over the next changes in this process.

Please use this thread for a civil discussion on this topic.


:red_circle: CCP missed another chance to actually fix mining proliferation by completely removing ore anoms and instead rolling everything into asteroid belts. Typical CCP.

Asteroid belts already have a depletion and replenishing mechanic so that you cannot mine them repeatedly every day with their full contents. You have to wait a few days for them to come back to their full yield. This would have fixed a lot of issues.

In addition, CCP could have reintroduced the ore anoms as actual signatures which hold significant ore amounts as an actual reward for prospecting work. Plus, certain systems would be much more valuable than others for mining since the number of belts per system varies wildly. You would actually guarantee that mining ship destruction would happen in those as they offer a lot more ore than others instead of “CCP-hoping” for more destruction.

Missed opportunities left, right and center in typical CCP tradition thanks to uninformed, illinformed and illeducated developers like Rattati.


so people will just stop mining, and only rat…then ccp will roll back the ratting drop, and then all of eve will die…thank you ccp for ruining a game that works fine…but run like crap when we have big fights…use some of your echo money on new servers and leave the minerals as it is…or just remove rorquals as it seems like the thing you want to do, but do not dare to do…


CCPlz!! Are you kidding me? I get a redistribution, but this is horrendous. Not to mention reducing quantities again?! This just doesnt make any sense to me. Im not trying to be the doom and gloom and all is lost. But it just doesnt make any sense to me. Nullsec should be self sufficient apart from low and high sec. And you are going to push nullsec alliances to “conquer” areas in highsec and lowsec to fuel the industrial engines just to get the required minerals. And lets be honest, there are no lowsec or highsec powers that can withstand or stand toe to toe with a nullsec powerbloc. I just dlnt see how that will be healthy for the game. Healthly perhaps for the economy, but not the game in general.


Making things more expensive will not make people lose them more. Do not know what current game developers are smoking in CCP but it definitly harms their ability to understand the game they inherit and now bringing to complete garbage.
After CCP removed skill loss after podding much more people decided to risk and go for fight. That was the last correct move CCP did. Now they do opposite. Core PvP players will keep PvPing no matter what, but new PvP, now-carebears, will think twice before risk lose expensive ship outside high sec. They will rather spend more hours digging veldaspar to buy what is needed on the market.

And good luck now chaising all that kernite, that is needed for storeline missions in high sec.


Nice work in fixing some of the design mistakes of the past.

Looking forward to the discussion later today on Twitch.


I’ve just started playing the game, and with this patch you’ve decided to invalidate 1/3 of my skillpoint spend as a highsec mining/industrialist. Thanks?


At the very least, I hope you’re not touching the ore anomalies in the starter systems. That would be braindead.

I’m not a fan of the removal of ore anomalies in highsec. They weren’t great, but they were interesting. (I liked them better when they needed scanned)

I assume you realise most mining in Null happens in anomalies, not belts.

I’m also glad I’m not on the CSM any more, who are likely to eat crap over this, even when you probably didn’t discuss this with them at a point where feedback would be of any use. (given CCP form)


I don’t see how. These changes are just designed to encourage trading.

The minerals, mostly Trit, you do mine in highsec will be very much in demand elsewhere. You can trade some of what you mine for the minerals you aren’t able to source.


Good changes. Was hoping for some regional differences in Ore distribution for the Nullsec regions as well. Could be an additional conflict driver. Perhaps with the next iteration.

I guess NPC 0.0 regions like Syndicate and Stain will fall unter the general Nullsec ruleset?


I just realized I dont want to play this game anymore.


Points into harvesting and reprocessing non-trit.

Will combat signatures be affected as well? I know of a 3/10 DED rogue drone asteroid site in HS that sometimes drops isogen. Not at all a popular site, but in theory this site provides a possibility to obtain isogen in HS.


You just screwed over all your new players. Because of these changes noone starting out in highsec will have enough money to afford anything. Is this you purposely trying to kill eve?


i have a few question regarding wording from the dev blog in no specific order:

    • The spawn probability of all Ice Sites will decrease.

Does this refer to the re-spawn time of 4 hours on ice belts being changed or the current distribution of ice belts from stable location to randomly generated.?

    • The ore quantity composition of the Sov Ore Anomalies will be as follows:

Is this a additive effect for the sov upgrades or each level provides you with directly different compositions of ore anomalies.?

3.* Exclusive/Main Supplier of Mineral / ASTEROID ORE DNA

With the idea of creating a rebalance to the supply chain areas across new eden and a reshuffle of the mineral each batch of ore gives, is there a change into the quantity of the ore per belt as thus to compensate to some level the ores that have been removed from the asteriod belts in null / low / high sec or will the overall quantity of the specific ores remain the same even.?


Making the Rorqual an active and overpowered mining ship was a mistake. Change my mind.


redistribution phase lol more like second bigger shortage phase


Have you even seen the change to veldspar? most highsec ores have had their units of trit reduced meaning less trit you can mine and reprocess in one go. This literally means everything will be short on demand


You seem utterly uncappable of foresee the consequences of tweaking a single parameter, and now yo tweak at the same time all the possible variants involved in the ore.

Procedence, yield ( both in amount and compostion ) and abundance.

What could possibly go wrong?


Is this expected to reduce manufacturing and therefore increase product prices? Since mining will get harder I suppose ore will be less on the market and more expensive. It’s hard to see ahead on this one, I hope the math turns out right whatever the long term plan is.