On the Ecosystem Changes

A short note on the Ecosystem Changes


It won’t be that bad… I hope.

I guess?

Just because something is unpopular or unpleasant doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary. CCP has decided the current economic situation is untenable, and has consciously chosen short term pain for a long term gain and is now setting the economy on a more sustainable path.

These necessary steps are not exciting or fun. So sure, CCP could perhaps sell the need better, but like most things in life, there is no easy, perfect solution here that would rebalance the economy and be super fun and exciting like many of the features that were added that got us into this predicament in the first place that you listed. If there was such an easy solution, CCP would do it.

People who get the problems with the economy, and liked when assets had meaning are indeed excited about these changes, even if they are in the minority. Those that just look at their day-to-day situation and see less toys maybe not-so-much, and CCP probably could be doing a better job to keep them along for the ride. But even these players will be in a better place in a short while if CCP executes this correctly restoring to value to our space assets and making space for new rewards to be added to the shared universe along with upcoming new content.

I think acting now, even if unfun, is much better for Eve and all players than carrying on as before for another few years before the economy and then game imploded under the weight of too much stuff. Already the hangover is going to be little rough, but better now when the game is still going strong than waiting for the inevitable fail cascade that would have happened at some point if nothing was done.


I wonder how many accounts they have… And how they would respond differently when they are reminded that they were the cause of those changes that come only 5 years too late.

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What in the world? The old way was just sit in your big ship and strip the belt dry. Talk about boring.

The new way, you can still do that, but you are only going to get a subset of what you need.

New Ships? You don’t need them. Make expedition frigates great again.

New incentives? Go to lowsec, the great mixing pot, and play the game. Nullsec and highsec will be revealed as the giant clouds of carebear bot aspirants that they are. Ore/mineral prices will adjust themselves to reward people who play the game, rather than watching Netflix.

New Strategies? Nobody can seriously say that the new ecosystem changes won’t change the strategies. Seriously? It has already affected the use of rorquals due to the small 'roid sizes.

No Enthusiasm? I used to mine, a long time ago. It made economic sense. Nowadays, why would I do that? The entire profession has been taken over by AFK players, botters, and multibox mega fleets. If these changes make mining more tempting for actual people, with eyeballs on their computer screen, then surely that counts as enthusiasm. Even the shocked outrage and bitter tears coming from all the old-money veterans should count as “enthusiasm.”


some things come for the best
I’m not going to lie
mitens new beard is super hot

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CCP should have acted years ago when the economy was not yet in such a horrible state. It is still a big disappointment that Hillmar is still allowed to lead this company after so many fail decisions he took or allowed to be taken by others against all better advice.


Well, I’d much rather have the fun changes myself, but that doesn’t mean that the ecosystem changes aren’t necessary. As extra credits pointed out in one of their videos, hyperinflation is a major concern in MMO’s, and it’s something that devs have to deal with. Now CCP hasn’t sat down and presented all the evidence for why the amount of isk and ore we were generating was unsustainable, but I doubt they’d be committed to such obviously unfun changes if that weren’t the case. I mean, seriously doubt that CCP thought that the players would get excited about nerfs to income.

Moreover, we have already been complaining about problems that have suggested unsustainability. We have complained about things like ballooning plex prices, capital proliferation, structure spam, and losses losing meaning. Moreover, we’ve seen things like venture and mining barge incomes drop by like 75%. And, I’m personally not sure that it was an entirely bad thing, but T1 ship hull prices had dropped by about 50%. CCP could have probably done a better job at telling us why things were unsustainable, but we could also appreciate the fact that are trying to address problems before they seriously wrecks our economy.

Now, I don’t mean to let CCP completely off the hook for this one. The Rorqual buff, for example, gave us a nice sugar rush that was doomed to result in a crash. So, they definitely made some avoidable mistakes that got us here. However, it’s also kind of messed up that we’re throwing a fit that they are fixing problems before they become monsters. I mean, CCP could have waited until things got so bad that we demanded that they do something about it, but then I guarantee you that we would be complaining that CCP should have acted sooner.

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Austerity measures are not fun no.

Both the players and CCP were warned, oh how they were warned, about increasing rewards and what effect it would have on the economy. About how making anything cheaper, safer and/or easier devalues it. Makes it meaningless.

Yeah the medicine is bitter. But this is entirely self inflicted.



If goons will have to maintain a logistic support and get the trit going to null, and pay good price to high sec miners, it may be interesting to see…

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You mention medicine, yet there is no explanation of what exactly the problem is, nor what healthy looks like.

Taking medicine blindly is a bad idea.


CCP has a plan, even if you don’t understand it.

Players need incentives
Players need excitement
Players need innovation

I expect to see some incentives of new (innovative) porpoise + procurer fleets going to low sec to mine the ores there. Those new dynamics could bring some excitement to the locals there.

I do agree that this change seems to be more stick than carrot though.

It is a stick to the miners, it is a carrot to the non-miners who might consider mining.

It’s a stick to the industrials. The miners can still mine ores, just different ones.

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So your theory is that the trade hubs will run out of ore?

Yes there is an explanation and CCP have outlined what their goals are.

Look back at the dev blogs before resource scarcity.

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anyone too dim-witted to see CCP Cough I mean Pearl Abyss goal here. Simply put its to take away and make you P2W more. The economy needs to be flat-lined for the massive monetization that comes next. if you think pearl abyss paid 425,000,000 for CCP not to rape its player base of hard-earned cash you are dumbass. After this phase everything will be such a pain in the @ but an option to pay real $$ will be added. I have seen this trash on countless games before its the clear play to take whales money like in black desert online. BOA has minimum of $650 invested into the game to even be relevant in pvp thats where pearl abyss is taking this game as its new owner.


What’s fascinating to me is the number of people who seem to think that the income from mining will expand just as rapidly as the inflation in the general market.

On average this has to be false because compared to the general economy today.

  1. There will be more movement of goods and materials which has a cost both in fees paid to movers and losses as some of those materials are blown up in pvp.

  2. There will be more trading which means more losses to taxes and fees. Some of these will go to player entities but most will not.

  3. There will be more time spent moving things around and therefore less time acquiring things.

So, while there may be some players who will win on a relative basis from this change (income grows faster than costs), the average will not.

It’s also odd than in the history of managed and partially managed economies, nobody has ever purposefully tried massive inflation and massive inflation has generally not gone so well. But maybe CCP knows better with their secret plan…