Where are the positive changes though?

Hopefully someone can help me understand. I just don’t understand where any of the positive changes are. I was initially frustrated with the market changes that completely removed margin trading and introduced significant figures when modifying existing orders - this personally made station trading completely non-viable as a profession for me, or at the least just not worthwhile to continue doing. Then, there’s been this whole Triglavian arc that has invaded and disrupted Niarja. Following on from that, the mineral distribution changes, and now stargates are just being full on disabled or destroyed?

I just don’t understand why CCP are making these changes outside of disrupting the status quo. Like is that really enough? What is achieved by any of this? I get introducing some changes/events to make things interesting, but so far I haven’t seen a single thing that’s actually positive? That actually helps anyone or anything?


No, we actually need more changes.

We have a brand new region with unique mechanics that we need to discover in order to access it, its resources, and whatever potential new things are involved now and in the ftuure.

This is good for the game.
If you can’t understand it, how about you step out of your comfort zone for once and see the bigger picture?


Disrupting the status quo = good I guess? All the other changes I mentioned, are they good as well, or are you referring to something specific?

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Given that the status quo for the game overall has been extremely stagnant since 2016. Yes. This is the reason why CCP tried their “chaos era” level of changes last year to see if they could shake up the game to revitalize it.

Most of them (imo) are good for the game.

Whether they are good for you specifically, is another issue.


CCP believes these changes (resources) are necessary to make the economy more healthy. As players we don’t really know what that means but they’ve been 100% clear on the objective.

As to the Trig stuff, who knows. It’s the opposite of what they’ve said they wanted. By creating a walled garden, they’ve actually reduced conflict but maybe there’s some higher purpose.

At this point, we can only wait and see what they think of next…

It is funny how many of us conflate “good for the game” with “good for us/bad for people whose playstyles we don’t like.”

There’s very little argument that the changes are good for the game but they are certainly good for people with large stockpiles of stuff and those who like to pvp.


The resources, so far, are available in known space, too, and have been since the start of C3.


Isolation is the opposite of revitalization.

They isolated the trig systems. This limits interaction between trig and non trig systems.
They “effectively” isolated jita–amarr. This limits interactions between all the regions those hubs connected.

Hi-sec players will just isolate themselves into their area even more, get bored from the lack of anything going on. Economy will be very localized, making pirating a more enticing profession. carebears will get ganked more in their isolated regions. They will not only be mad about the changes, but also getting ganked more. Their will to play will lower even more.

This trend will make pve players stop playing the game quicker. I have a veteran friend who was considering playing eve casually again, but told me he didn’t like the changes and won’t be coming back. I also have a newbie friend who gave up on the game after a few weeks following the changes. They are both pve high sec players.

All these kybernauts thinking “they have influenced the world” are naive. CCP introduced a end-game NPC level enemy to take over niarja in hours. players did nothing, trigs were OP from the start.

The only thing we got is -1.0 systems/arenas that like a few solo-ish pvpers might have fun trying out.
There is no reason for any non-endgame pve players to go live there.

I could see some cool interactions going on if the trigs npcs in those systems were around lvl 2/lvl 3 missions difficulty. New players would consider the opportunity to go there. Right now, it’s reserved for big pvp corps, like the rest of the game :stuck_out_tongue:


The market changes are good for people who enjoy choosing the right price once or twice a day, instead of one-isking their competition. As such, this is a positive change for me.

Disabled/destroyed stargates means a positive change for people who enjoy hauling, as there will be more need of them to haul stuff into and out of the new ‘triglavian space’, as well as haul along the now longer traffic routes in high sec space.

Mineral distribution means a positive change for those haulers too, and for people who enjoy having regional trade hubs with their own prices, instead of everything being just a few jumps out of Jita with tiny margins to haul. The mineral distribution also is a positive change for any miner who is not afraid to mine in more dangerous regions for ore that is only available in such regions, such as low sec space.

The status quo in EVE is stagnation. CCP is shaking it up to prevent the stagnation as it’s boring. CCP is shaking things up to allow people to explore new opportunities.

Every single one of the changes CCP made is negative. For someone. For other people, they may be positive. So if you want positive changes, take those opportunities that CCP is giving you! :wink:


the only postive change is im saving$80 month by not subbing or playing this game,thanks to ccp for making it easier to choose what mmo to axe to divert funds to my private pilots lic and commercial lic class. they did say dont play like morons


The breakup of contiguous highsec was obviously on the to-do list as soon as they dropped the tax changes, it’s bizarre that people are so surprised by it.


Sounds like that’s a problem caused by player choice and not CCP.

…but it works? Like, EVE Online is still a game at the end of the day, and CCP want their product to be profitable. If other games have had successes, why not take some of that and implement it?

CCP are experimenting with a lot of different things in EVE Online to try and keep it fresh so it can (1) retain players and (2) attract new players. From Abyssal pockets (remember how every kid and their mom cried about how instanced dungeons will kill EVE?) to changes to the markets, and now introducing an entirely new region (sure, at the expense of a route mainly only used by autopilot freighter bots), CCP wants to keep their product constantly changing.

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their are better theme parks games and games that have done what if is trying and failing to do.i dont play eve for theme parks if i wanted that i go play ff14 witch is 1000 times better at theme park


Can you point out what exact changes makes EVE Online a “theme park” now?

abyssal and this trig ■■■■


…what about them make it a “theme park”?

Look, anything I dislike is inherently anti-sandbox.

Why? Because I don’t really have another argument beyond “I don’t like it” and invoking an arbitrary conceptual purity test manages to sound like a strong argument to the average simpleton while also being abstract enough that I won’t have to actually defend it.



Yes, Yes, the miners from high sec, just took their orcs and flew to dig in low sec. If they wanted to kill their ship they could also dig in zero -sec.

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From the looks of your post, they are trying to get rid of you.

You describe yourself as a mindless 0.01 isk trader and a mindless hauler. So these changes don’t help you no. But they do create opportunity for people that aren’t like you.

I’ll be honest, the isolation of systems and the shutting off of gates perplexes me. It sounds like a carebear haven and has in fact been asked for many times by carebear types. But no one really knows much about that yet.

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