The status of the game…

I have read a lot of the posts in Reddit and the Eve online posts and the largest comment I read is: “Why? Why are you doing this to my gameplay?” The simple answer: the bottom line. Unlike Black Desert (published by CCPs parent company), Eve is not a direct Pay-to-Win game although it still has many of the signatures of one. In one day, you can start a new character and get into a Titan if you have the money.

Since 2018 when Pearl Abyss purchased CCP, almost every isk making avenue has been nerfed 10% or more, because it slowly raises the cost of a player to play the game. Throw a frog into boiling water it will jump out but if you slowly increase the heat, frog legs for all. The most recent example of this is the new ESS update that makes ratting just a little harder. It adds mechanisms to reduce the amount of bounties in systems where it is quiet and only pays out every three hours and with little or no accountability or forcing PVP. The exception of this is the Triglavian invasion (abyssal sites, ect.) which in my opinion was a distraction for those whose gameplay was changing and had the direct attention of CCPs CEO. Even this was used to make region trading harder by removing the Niarja pipe from Jita to Amarr. Don’t fool yourself by thinking the players were going to be able to stop this, it was heavily weighted to the Triglavians.

This has absolutely been done to increase revenue by making less innovative players pay for their subscription instead of PLEXing it. I am sure that when Pearl Abyss acquired CCP the first meeting with the executives was, “CCP you will make this harder to play Omega for free.” And CCP has come through big time. If you look at the link below you will see that revenue has increased every quarter since CCP started nerfing revenue streams.


I do not blame CCP for this, it is a business after all, and the point of business is profit. Finding the fine line of losing players and profit is the goal. The only thing I do resent CCP for is telling me that they are just fixing the ecosystem of the game. CCP once had an economist on staff to manage the economy and you cannot tell me that the “Game Managers” know more that an economist does. Not even close.

I do a lot of different things in Eve and it has captured my attention longer than any other game I have played. However, I am getting tired of the changes. Getting beat with the stick instead of fed any carrot gets old.

Keep flying it like you stole it!




@Xross_Khardula - So…may I have your stuff, please?


I wish all of those who made threads like this one …
… sat down together …
… and argued with each other about who’s right and who’s wrong.

Dear OP …
… in case you’ve missed it …
… carebears and farmers are being kicked from the game.

Since BlackOut, CCP has been kicking their balls every single month.

Ignoring this gross nonsense …

… but you’re entitled to an opinion anyway.

There’s plenty of others with completely different opinions …
… and the only one that’s worthy of being considered valid and correct
… is this one: CONCORD introduces the Dynamic Bounty System

It seems that she’s mostly correct.
My own observations overlap with hers for the most part.

This isn’t PA at all. You guys just have no ■■■■■■■ clue what’s actually going on.
The ridiculousness of your statement about the Triglavian storyline is proof enough for that.

It wasn’t a distraction.
Carebears and farmers are supposed to ■■■■ off.

Every since CrimeWatch 2.0 CCP has done nothing but pampering their asses …
… and they’ve spent years making carebears happy, slowly enough not to alienate too many PvPers …
… until BlackOut, when CCP went back into the direction they’ve left with CrimeWatch 2.0.

Suck to be you, I guess.

That’s what they’re doing. That’s definitely what they’re doing. After years of stuffing the assholes, who only care about wealth accumulation, things had to be turned around into a more conflict-driven state. Wealth is fine, but too much wealth just ■■■■■■■ isn’t.


You’re really late with your thread …
… and I’m glad you finally got the hint, mate.

Can I have your stuff?



You beat me to it… :frowning:

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I thought Pochven literally means “farm” in some language

lol… didn’t say I was quitting.

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Google doesn’t support that claim …
… but in Czech it’s Vagina.

I see a whole lot of “YOU STYLE PLAY WRONG” from you… are you sure a sandbox is what you really wish to be playing in?


My, my, my, don’t we think so highly of ourself…
of course you can say someone else’s play style is wrong all you wish,
but that doesn’t force folks to agree with you, or even inherently make your point of view right.


Preach it brother. I know, mmo development history is littered with examples of devs having to adjust various levers and knobs in order to combat hyperinflation and keep their in game economies in a healthy state. But let’s just ignore that, and CCP’s stated intent to address unsustainable economic activity and encourage greater player interaction, and assume, without any actual evidence, that this is all an underhanded ploy to get players to spend more money on plex.

P.S. Belief in this idea is in no way indicative of the type of player I am. I swear I’m not a FOO strategy player.

No, it’s just a matter of fact.

The only ones who care about this …
… are the losers who CCP is actively getting rid of.

You’re, quite apparently, just not smart enough to get the hint.

In one hour I can give another Like …
… but it’s already reserved for someone else. :frowning:

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so the best you can muster to your point is Ad Hom, but I’m the one who’s not bright?


Somebody said Pochven was farm and whatever the trig word is for the minor victory systems - the word for those was forest (as in where you go hunt).

you realize CCP makes more money when people plex their accounts, and all those plex were purchased with real life money by other players?

And as always Adapt or die, I’m still making buttloads of isk


so, what’s the base language it’s being extrapolated from?

Is this not a place to discuss? Permission granted to pick apart my opinions, that is how we discuss and learn. I will argue that there is still validity to many of my points.
Sure call me a carebear if that makes you feel better, I pay for all of my accounts. If you read the first sentence which you didn’t, I was not complaining about the changes, I was giving real world money credence to them unlike the BS CCP feeds us. My only complaints is in the last paragraph (if you bothered to read it) not the ability to play for free.


The truth as evidenced by observable reality isn’t an attack, or an insult.

If you don’t like the truth, maybe you should just piss off?

You’re not particularly intelligent. You think you’re smart, but you’re too full of yourself to notice you’re not.
You’re very controlling of your words and emotions, but that does not make intelligent.

Furthermore does attacking someone personally not make me less intelligent …
… it makes me open and emotionally honest.

If you don’t like my opinion, then maybe you should just piss off?

I don’t hide behind fake words like you do.
You not openly stating what you think doesn’t make you a good person.

It makes you a hypocrite.

:frowning: Darn. Sorry. High NaCL levels get a girl’s hopes up.


Oh, so me being capable of seeing that -other- ideas might have the potential as being -equally- valid makes me an asshole, and a hypocrite and unintelligent…
I’d love to see the math on that.
and since you wan to use words like ‘truth’ and ‘proof’ does that mean you can actually support your points, or is invective and AD Hom good enough for you?

You’re a liar and you know it.

You think there’s “another” idea … but there isn’t.
Your “other idea” is ignoring how the game works.
It’s invalid, because the game doesn’t support you.

What you want simply doesn’t matter and you don’t deserve to have it.

Your individual perception of things is irrelevant.
Your opinions are irrelevant.
Your pseudo individualism is completely irrelevant. (the playstyle fallacy)
Your sandbox arguments are upside down.

You believe that your “playstyle” is valid, but it simply isn’t.

The only things that are valid are the rules of the game.
Your “playstyle” goes against the rules of the game.

You do not want to play according to the rules …
… and you demand from everyone and CCP to change them accordingly.

Your idea of sandbox is wrong. You demand that others reduce their sandbox …
… so you can play in peace. Well, you can’t, because that’s not part of the rules of the game.

Fact of the matter is that no one wants you around.
Literally no one. Not even CCP.

You can try ignoring and denying that all you want …
… but even someone as fake, calculating and manipulative as you are …
… can’t disagree with the fact that every single release since the BlackOut makes it pretty ■■■■■■■ obvious.

The Game.

You’ve not just lost …
you never had a chance to begin with.