Another kick in the face, well done, CCP

Not being interested in the new content cost me dearly. All the compressed ore I’ve been sitting on is now worth a fraction of what it was yesterday. I was too stupid to realize ore in hangars was going to be gutted of mineral content along with ore mined from belts.

My nest egg of minerals has vanished, thanks to my ambivalence and general annoyance with where the game is headed. Time to take a few months or years off, and put my subscription cash into intoxicants. At least 80 Proof still means 40% alcohol in real life.


Make sure to put all your stuff in a citadel when you leave.


best reason to quit yet
i cant blame you

That’s what you get. No tolerance for illegal mining!

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Illegal mining AND hoarding.

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Did I pick the wrong time to come back or what?


Too stupid? That’s sarcasm creeping in.

Well you wouldn’t know unless you saw something telling you it was going to happen prior to it happening. Really does make me wonder what they’re trying to do other than drive people away. It’s almost like they’re conducting some sort of social experiment to see what makes people tick.

It’s a real pain when your wealth is reduced in this manner, the game itself having no part in your misfortune. Although sitting on large sums of goods carries the risk of devaluation from market forces. But to lose a lot because a dev wakes up one morning and decides it’s a good idea to alter the game in such a way must really suck.

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If going afk or leaving value dormant for any length of time PLEX is the only investment.

PLEX although down 1/3rd to peak price is the only tangible asset. Plex is a promise by CCP to provide 30 day of server time which I think trumps any other game asset.

Plex is also the most likely asset to be provisioned for in your states IRL statutory law. Although as others will state this is likely Texas space law for most states. But some states do provision subscriptions & game assets. My opinion is that PLEX while CCP trades is a subscription, if CCP stops trading it will be returned at purchased $/£value IAW with English law, the server being in London & CCP trading in England.

I would apply to prevent books closing on CCP as a creditor with owed subscription until Plex subscription value is paid or fulfilled, ultimately I suspect the only descision makers view who would matter would be the receivers if CCP were determined to cease trade.

CCP accounts for PLEX in their IRL tax & financial reports. CCP clearly value plex with a real £$ value & devalue EVE accordingly to how much plex we have or server time they owe us.

Tl;DR, not keeping track of game changes convert non utilised assets to plex.

ugh… I wanted to reply but your general nonsense posts on EVE forums just does not warrant one anymore.

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typical CCP has broken this game so much its not even funny,

what happend to that play as you want do what you want,

and here comes along CCP and just messes everything up while taking your monthly subs

best time to mass quit this crap game

ohh poor guy leaves because he did not refine his ore

next time when there is a election in the country you are and you dont get the goverment you like you can take a break of your country to

just learn its not allways going in the direction you like
it is what it is … sucks or its super cool … in the end you cant change it …


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What happened to it? What cant you do?

Or is big sigh having to do something in order to do what you want just too much :effort:

I know someone who knows how you feel. This lad had gathered 32million m3 of ore and wanted to trade with me less than 12 hours before downtime on the 13th.

No way I’d have had time to move it and sell it/process it in time so i had to turn him down. Luckily there were quite a few market orders that hadn’t been updated after the patch and i hope he managed to sell some of it.

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Yeah, that was your mistake, and now you’re blamming CCP and quitting?

BTW, I came up with this totally new and original concept called supply and demand. What it means is that the a reduction in supply will cause an increase to price. Now, it will take time for prices to adjust. Some players have accumulated some truly impressive stockpiles, and all these changes caused quite a few people to start speculating. However, prices will rise, and that stockpile of compressed ore will recover a lot of it’s value.

Personally, I think you should stay. Try not to get so frustrated and try to see if you can’t find fun/profit with the changes (or another area of the game).

But if you do leave, can I have your stuff?

Should have built 80 Drakes

But the Launcher has new colors… :neutral_face:


Always easier to blame others.

I also flamed my jungler cause I was pushing down top, past tier 2 tower with no vision. Such a jungle diff. Damn scrubs.

Agree 100%.

Probably think as long as they white knight for CCP, they’ll be able to continue posting with immunity.

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people.

This seemed like a good place to put this.