CCP, I know what you are doing. It's going to backfire

You are waiting…hoping that we will stop complaining and just get used to the changes and accept them. Here’s what’s ACTUALLY going to happen. Keep in mind, I only speak for myself, but I am not unique. There are many like me, and many still, have beaten me to it. You can see for yourself…just keep doing what you are doing, and wait.

In a few moments, I will be unsubscribing after years of Omega, and I will be keeping my money from here on out. I will not be the only one to do this. I will take advantage of the remaining Omega time I have, and then start re-learning how to play as an Alpha. I will enjoy that, as it will be a challenge, despite the plethora of annoying changes you keep making.

The direction you are going in with this game, may look good on your conference room whiteboard, but in reality, which is where the paying customers live…it is not. I sincerely wish you the best, and hope that you see that you are screwing up. One day, I will happily re-subscribe, but for now, I just simply cannot.



I’ll sub an alt to replace you so CCP can just disregard your opinion now that you’re freeloading Alpha trash.


I don’t give a ■■■■ about the roid changes, but that ■■■■■■■ red dot and ding sound have got to go. 24 hours and it’s still here, for ■■■■’s sake, nobody likes the damn thing.

So, in a way, it already has backfired. It managed to annoy EVERYBODY and not just one sect or another. Very impressive ■■■■-up.


Is this a form letter that can be used for general complaining?


Please, elaborate. You’re saying there’s a chance they actually want less subs?


Logic tells me he’s a miner, because if this was about the red dot he’d not be playing as alpha. Well then, guess what, genius? CCP wants you gone!

They want to replace one type of player with another type of player. USUALLY they’re doing this slowly, over a year, two, or more, but it appears that, this time, they’re not actually giving a ■■■■ about it. I need to cut down on my comma usage, I know.


Yes and is very clear all PVE eventually to be removed in this PVP only game.

PVP player has no complaint and keeps playing so no problem here.

Hello there, reverse Balos from bizzaro world.




Use of that image now requires this thread to be purge by fire and any heratics to be executed.

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Couldn’t help but have Liam Neeson’s voice in my head when I read opening post.


Just went back and re-read it in that voice. Ngl, made me laugh.

Good call :smiley:

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I don’t think CCP wants any type of player to leave at this point. I think they are just lost at what to do. Mistakes have been made and they are hard to undo.
The mining changes will not really help. If anything it will widen the gap between new players and null miners.

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“Hey Elmar, you read the post from that guy? He is going to quit so we might think over our strategy.” is what will neverever happen. Even if the “that guy” is several thousend gamers.

Although it is a nice style to tell CCP the reasons why you thinking about to quit, you do not expect them to take that in considerations about how the game should evolve, do you?

Whatever, I am going to handle it like I handle everything that does cost my money. What is offered to me, what does it cost, is it worth it?

That process does have no disadvantages like forumtrolls, that want to explain to you that you did it all wrong from the beginning, because only them do know what EVE is and how it is to be played.

I am going to let expire my subscriptions, give away my Athanors to a partner alliance, will take a break, will follow that ore-changes in the forum, maybe I will come back, maybe I will not.

No drama from my side, zero fox given from other players, everything very cozy.

Spended money that is lost when you quit? I spended money in many other things that are gone too. So … zero fox given again.

\o and fly safe


Guy complains about changes, but doesn’t even say WHICH changes


EVE is dirt cheap interactive entertainment. I spend a lot more on satellite television with no interactive content whatsoever.

So OP, quit already, who cares? I doubt you’re selling your mom’s medication on the street to pay for your subscription. I spend $17.50 for 12 ounces of freshly roasted coffee beans, EVE is a lot less than that per month, and the coffee doesn’t even last that long.

I need an immersive distraction from the depressing news and state of the world, and EVE is just the ticket. (What I really need is to stop reading the forum whinefest, it just gets me worked up…)


For every one of you quitting they are getting 5 brainless min-maxers. Notice the game has all the little dopamine gimmicks now?


CCP has heard our complaints, but they still have to mouseover them to make them go away. Oops! New complaints are now at the TOP of the list!

I like what CCP is doing. It make for great reading on the forums.