Winter Q&A Livestream - December 16

Greetings Capsuleers,

As was announced in the Winter Status Update, we will be hosting a Q&A on CCPTV 19:00 UTC Thursday, 16 December.

The broadcast with be hosted by distinguished EVE player Carneros, joined by CCP Rattati, CCP Paragon, and CCP Swift. We will be taking your questions with regards to the Winter Status Blog, From Extraction to Production patch, and what the future has in store for EVE Online in the new year.

Interacting with the EVE Community is always a treat, and we can’t wait to chat with you and answer questions you may have. Please submit your questions below, and if you have multiple questions try to keep them in one post (if possible).

See you Thursday!!


This interaction should be a real treat.

Good luck.


Can you Fix the Ice Belt re-spawns will you are at it???

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CCPs description of latest patch and player experience of it are somewhat at odds. It’s good to see that nothing has changed from the massive feedback and we are still heading in the same direction as before. At least we will not have to update computer for EVE once you have driven it into the ground with tone-deaf changes. Could you at least pretend to listen to us rather than just cherry pick a few voices who support your “grand” plans? Every single time in EVE’s history that CCP ignored the massive player feedback the game got worse for it. Every single time! Please, get your egos in order. Making mistakes is normal and we all do them, it happens and is nothing to be so embarrassed of admitting that you are prepared to kill a unique game. Admit it, learn from it, make changes, evaluate, and, for love of god almighty, please please listen to your players there is a lot more of us and we have far more experience playing EVE than you do (preferably without the already mentioned cherry picking of voices that agree with you).

PS: Industry will always be one optimised way as only things that matter are efficiency and cost. No matter how convoluted system you devise (while chasing away tons of players on whom the entire economy depends) there will always be the most optimised way and everyone will land on it as fast as they can train their skills. Simply accept this and be done with it. There is no elitepvp BS in industry, people playing it are too smart for it and their challenges come from interactions with other players (as it should be).

PPS: Eve is a sandbox so let it be a sandbox instead of trying to decide for us what one correct way to play the game is!

  1. When will edencom ships be tweaked.

  2. Will we see any new industrial transport ships.

  3. When will battleships be affordable again?

  4. We pay roughly $360 a year for each omega yet all we recieved in 2021 was nerfs. Will 2022 be any different. Literally charging for access rather then content.


This dev blog was first off a week late… and second off… a waste of time to read and write. why we get mining waste? you tell us nothing about what your planning or what your doing. all i see is changes to battleships and you patting yourself on the back for FINALLY killing the Rorq. Im sorry CCP get the ■■■■ over yourself. Battleships are worthless and if you touch Faction Bs’s they will be GOD’S. the Rattlesnake is already the end all be all sub Marauder just REDUCE THE MATS TO MAKE THEM its not a hard change. dear god don’t buff the Faction battleships.

We wanted a real direction… a real reason to be happy about something your developing… you give us nothing… some vague ideas you have at best. this “dev Blog” is a joke and i hope you paid someone well to waste their time writing it.


That said, our aim is to add decision-making – not tedium – and the compression update will reflect that.

And that is why the first iteration of compression in ships was nothing but a huge tedium click fest. Who should ever believe your words if your deeds speak an entirely different language?

more capital-oriented combat sites are on the horizon

More simple, uninspired and lazy modules to drop in space that don’t require any design effort from CCP? A few more words of what you exactly envision there would have been really important so that people can actually get a glimpse of what you are thinking and doing.

As the industry changes settle, the material requirements to build these ships to ensure they are both cost effective and replaceable will be reviewed.

And remove T1 BS and Faction/Pirate ships from this. They are not capitals and your idea of decoupling capitals from sub caps killed their production and viability. Or at the very least you ought to explain why cruisers and frigates or simple T1 BS need to use the same components that are used in capitals. You have again not done that.

Faction & pirate ship construction will be viable to undertake.

How? These ships are completely infeasible to build right now and have been for months. HOW are you going to change that?

We’d also like to thank CSM16, with whom we’ve been working with on these changes since August

You mean the CSM that you deliberately ignore every time you do something important and then only retroactively ask for advice or not at all? Who are you kidding with these hilarious statements that don’t hold true to your actions?

This also opens up possibilities for the future, especially as it pertains to dynamic distribution or future mining sites.

More details on this would have been nice to learn as well. You keep talking about this but nothing in particular ever transpires from your empty words. Is this going to be yet another 2 weeks Announce-IgnoreFeedback-Release thing like the Skill Window, Industry et al? What exactly do you have in mind? How are you going to do this if you have so far not shown that you can even manage a static system?

What about the removed asteroid belts? You claimed that ore availability has doubled across the cluster but 40% of the cluster is still without asteroid belts that could have been doubled.

Citadels play a critical role in New Eden

What was this paragraph about? You just recapped what people have been pointing out over the years and what you did to structures with ridiculous delay. If you don’t at least hint at planned changes for these why include this at all?

great strides have been made in the war against botting (as evidenced by the skyrocketing RMT ISK price)

Why are there no security dev blogs anymore?

In essence, thanks for this update. It’s yet another blog full of empty words and without anything substantive that would show that you are interested in turning EVE into an actually enjoyable place. At the very least you didn’t advertise skins this time



Money gets you access. Isn’t that the definitive feature of a subscription model?


Both nerfs and buffs are needed to improve a game. I’d rather see CCP improve the game with appropriate nerfs than to see them keep buffing everything until powercreep renders all the non-buffed parts of the game useless, just because some people cannot handle a nerf to their playstyle.


oh you mean like the last 5 years of Rorqual Dominance? yea real buffs and nerfs… eh.

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They needed nerfs sooner, my point is that nerfs are sometimes needed in a game.

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New Ships for mining or Angel Capitals or BC Pirate Ships or T2 Pirate Ships possible?
Also making Faction Ships cheaper and cost efficient to use again?

Mine is that i dont trust CCP with my Children’s toys let alone Eve online. Nerfs and Buffs isn’t new content either.


Can CCP think a bit about Customs offices? In the status update you put emphasis on small and medium groups, but killing a customs office is still a challenge for several capitals to achieve. Such as with POSes - those structures are meant to withstand a capital onslaught, so in Wormholes, in example, it may take days of real time to clear the area of POSes and to install your own customs offices… That is ridiculous.

As an unprofessional suggestion - maybe it would be a good idea to make abandonment state for those structures (i.e. tied to fuel in POS and to the presence of friendly citadel in the system for Customs) and to allow steal or capture of abandoned structures of those types?

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We cleaned out entire region worth of POCOs in stealth bombers without any issues. POCOs have low health and it’s dead easy to kill them. It just takes a bit of time due to timers. Without those timers stronger groups could nuke everything you do before you even wake up.
Always remember if they make things super easy for a group of a few people then bigger groups will have the same benefit too and they are much better organised and have more pilots.


Glad to see a Q/A session is planned!
I’m excited to see the scope of what you have planned for upcoming balance patches/updates.

  1. For citadel gameplay are you planning to make placement dependent on celestials like POS are?
  2. T1 Battleship have the potential to reinvigorate high commitment PVP - are these buffs geared toward reworking bonuses with consideration of current meta or limited to EHP/DPS number tweaking?
  3. Stitch Kanefield and some other people have put forward several suggestions to balance projection meta as well as reworking T1 battleships and HACs to perform distinct roles. Has your team seen these discussions and has similar discussion occurred on your end?
  4. Any updates on weapon tiercide specifically? Currently lots of weapon types in the medium and large catagories don’t offer meaninful player choice (i.e Neutron Blaster is always better than Electron Blaster and 720mm Arty is always better than 650mm Arty). This could go especially go well with the battleship buffs mentioned.
  5. What are your thoughts on current balance of Navy Battleships? Their use in roams/fleets/PVE is very limited and could deserve the attention of your team. Specifically, some bonuses for ships such as Armageddon Navy Issue, Mega Navy Issue, Typhoon Fleet issue are very odd and sometimes clash with each other to make them even rarer picks.

Again, thanks for the Q/A!



como a este punto ya no tiene caso molestarse o reclamar por lo genuina mente retardados han sido con estos parches
me dedicare unicamente a hacer memes de sus parches afin de cuentas sera mas contenido del que ustedes sacan en un año

Are you happy with the state of Edencom ships or will these be revisited?

Has anything changed internally with how updates are QA’d? Are there any improvements planned going forward to your processes? Features/content not withstanding, recent updates have been poor to put it mildly. The dip in quality has been quite noticeable.

Are there any new toys planned that the average player can get excited about?

Are you concerned with the player count? AIR aims to retain new players, assuming Prosperity aims to keep current players, how are you planning to encourage people back to eve that left over the last few years? (other than ridiculous skillpoint emails)


3b worth ship who is only good to kill frendly drones (thunderchild) and the stormbringer who is only good when u stack 200 to oneshot frigates ONLY FRIGATES

yup they are happy with that

When will new ships get dropped