Winter Updates

I have a few comments:

combat choices and tactical decisions continue to matter just as much as your ship and fitting choices

This makes me afraid and hopeful all at once!

As more and more of our pilots migrate to 64-bit operating systems, it’s time for EVE to do the same.

This was actually written 10 years ago :slight_smile:

The Agency - Redesign

Again? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Structure SKINs

A buff to wardec!! …

I saw the thing about asteroids depleting (and other as yet unnamed things having effects) and i read about the skins and I just sighed.

I think someone turned the list upside down and so they are going for the lowest priority decisions first.

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I think they either lost key developers or those developers are working on something else, the last six months have been nothing but shallow fixes suitable for more junior engineers.


I guess we only get 1 update per year of actual ship balance to help the meta. Last year it was March, so, maybe in 1.5 more months we will see an actual interesting patch. At least for those of us who arent playing follow the leader and press f1 when commanded.


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