What's coming to EVE online in the next months?

I’m considering about taking some months break (unsubscribe), or its worth to play in the next months? Any new content or something on the way?

Taking breaks is important. I’m taking breaks from a couple of games right now. M&B Bannerlord seems to need another year for any good new content and Elite’s Odyssey is still too unstable for my taste.
What helps in EVE right now, for me, is that I’m still discovering how things work so I’m far from needing a break, and also the fact that I don’t yet have enough skills in my favorite ship/modules/ammo helps me log off til the next day after a few hours instead of being glued to the pc for 8 - 10 hours. I don’t know if you already tried everything in the game but you cannot ignore your needs vs online entertainment.
From what I gathered through the videos I watched, and I could be a 100% wrong on this, very little to no new content is to be expected for the rest of the year. CCP may have a surprise by October or November but I keep my expectations generally low so as to not be disappointed.
I’m interested in the continued efforts to extend the NPE beyond Career Agents ( at least that’s the way I understand it ) and I can’t wait to see what they can come up with. I hope they take risks in lore and start to develop the future of the NPC factions at play in New Eden. Regardless of what the lovers of PvP say, Missions have always been part of gaming and it would be a mistake to continue to ignore that. I hope the NPE can be supported by new missions that introduce the player to the different aspects of EVE, even sending them to recover a token in Nullsec in a constellation where ganking new players is allowed, 100% loss of ship by another player needs to be a fact stressed into the new player’s mind within the first few hours of play.
Anyway, I’m rambling now.


What happened to the updates.eveonline.com page? Did they remove it, and if so, why? I haven’t played in a long time but used to check that page to see if the aspects/features I am interested in were going to receive the kind of updates/changes that I and many others have felt are needed. But I can’t find the page anymore. Has there been any announcement from devs about it?

Edit: just discovered it has been changed into a tag from the main page. Maybe this will be useful to the OP too: Posts tagged with #future-updates | EVE Online

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We’re not sure, but it’s going to be T H E B I G G E S T C O N T E N T U P D A T E E V E R


If you’re considering a break, you might want to do it. Especially if you can’t find anything in EVE you want to do right now, waiting on promises to materialize is not the best approach, especially not with EVE!

We all take breaks and for many the summer period is the most logical period to take a break, not for me, but you always see big dips in accounts logged in during the summer months…

short answer to the thread title, “nothing.”


[What’s coming to EVE online in the next months?]

…found Xuixien for you…
Koona VI - Moon 14 2022.06.03 12:57
Koona VI - Moon 14 2022.06.03 08:40
Koona VI - Moon 14 2022.06.03 06:33
Koona VI - Moon 14 2022.06.03 05:05
Zimse system 2022.06.03 03:22

Come at me bro.

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The question on my mind is how will the “Composite Materials” be handled once Factions take over Concord and when we decide on which side between Gallente vs Caldari
Crystalline Carbonide
Photonic Metamaterials


Nonlinear Metamaterials
Metamaterialsnium Carbide

How in depth will this change be for those pilots?

Will this block pilots who picked sides such skill in the future or is it just a temporary Faction War and that nothing outside of battle matters?

@smudge245 & @Verdis_deMosays The past day we all had been thinking closely on the Faction Warfare and with various topics all containing information bits and concerns, could we request the threads be merged as questions still unknown go by unanswered and difficult to keep track.

My concern still stands with the standings and how it will effect us all when we pick a side for the pilots who decide to do such content along with reason for bumping this 8day old thread.

was clearly stated that the new mechanics will shower you with rewards from the faction you choose but you will be instantly and permanently -10 to the opposing factions so pick wisely.

I want to believe what you type though I find it rather difficult to accept. :frowning_face:

why? good changes coming

Nope, not convinced… need to try harder and need pictures.

For it to be permanent while in faction warfare or generally forever? That would break few things for people in each case and I am afraid people would refuse to choose and go do something else. Also what with those who are already in FW and dont play right when changes come?

I am sure CCP could technically achieve this, but with what effect? Its really important to know.

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Name just one change in the past that was actually considered good???

most things worked on by CCP Rattati have revitalized the economy and helped players for one.

Like seeding Quantum Core to help clean up highsec?


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