Is EVE Worth Coming Back To?

For personal, non-game related reasons, I took a break from Eve starting June 2017 and haven’t spent a single minute looking at news or updates. I was part of a mid-sized pvp corp in an average pvp alliance and spent most of my time in small to mid-sized gangs roaming/camping low and null sec, which I highly preferred over the uneventful 5+ hour alliance fleets. Laying all that out, would you say Eve is worth returning to? I have years of experience, plenty of isk, and finally a decent gaming PC (which is half the reason I’m considering coming back). I’d be willing to start exploring wormholes if it means keeping the fleets relatively small. Any input, advice, or encouraging/discouraging anecdotes are appreciated!



The game’s been bought out by a Korean company known for its P2Win shenanigans. Why would you come back to a sinking ship?


Well that’s the question, innit?

A bigger question for many of us is, “Is EVE worth staying with?”

I guess the the best answer is we’ll find out sooner than later. But for now, things are pretty up in the air.

Sure, come back.

If you don’t like it or the game starts going on a path you don’t want to go down you can simply leave and only be out a few thousand newplex.

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The forums are worth it, couldn’t tell you about the game


Left 4 years ago. Wasn’t really missing it.
However someone has been trying to access a couple of my accounts over the last few months and generating constant emails to me, I logged back in to check things out.
After spending a few weeks rescuing all my crap from CCP lowsec jail, and dealing with the garbage jump mechanics now in game, I really wasn’t impressed. Between the absurdly short range of my Thanny and Nag, and the jump fatigue piling up while trying to move multiple ships over multiple jumps, they have ruined my normal move patterns in lowsec. It was such a pain I will probably never use them again. CCPreally screwed the pooch by punishing everyone for the problems in 0.0.
Game seems to be dead in many areas, places I used to frequent are ghost towns, Amarr has a few people, but it seems like 90% of them are afk or bots.
I’ve been abandoning my ships in Amarr, simply to screw over any future would be hacker. At this point I can’t see any reason to play…it’s just lost all interest for me.

I came back after 2 years break, I’m having fun.
Went into a wh corp for a little while, got my first capital kill, now roaming low sec with a small schooling-corp and also making the big bucks in jita :smiley:

The only way to find out is to come and play a bit. It is still lots of fun for me. Our Corp id a small gang pvp Corp based in Black Rise.:+1:

No Sorry, this EVE is not big enough, but if you like we can give you a number. And we’ll call you when it’s your turn, the waiting time should be just a quarter past 5 on a tuesday. And if you do not reply after 2 rings we will give your spot to the next in line…

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Nope find something else

The game is as bad / good as it was back in 2017. Large aliances create much more content, but you are not looking after that sort of gameplay, you say. Low sec is somewhat calmed down (FW zones, I mean) but null sec is so active, that you can be well compensated in there.

So, game is still good. But I am not sure you are. Simply because you need to ask that sort of questions in the forum instead of trying it out yourself. 20 milions skill points should give you enough room to experiment for free. Alpha clone state is still there.

But if I took it wrong and you are looking for the place, where it is hot I suggest north east front (catching goons comming back from CO2 territory) or Great Wildland on the east (Ebola civil war + ex-caldari militia power horse comming into region)

Compared to when you left, EVE is a smaller game with a dwindling population everywhere but nullsec. But in an area as diverse as lowsec, you might be lucky to find that the stuff you enjoyed still floats.

I would advice to give it a try as an alpha, test the waters, see who’s still around, and in case you don’t like the outlook of it, nothing will be lost on your part.

Might want to read this topic … the “feedback” thread to the latest devblog where CCP attempts to validate changes which impact directly what you liked most. With complete disregard for the feedback I should add, throwing just a few CSM’s around as a buffer + distraction so CCP doesn’t have to actually do something with the feedback.

Its still EVE, and there is still nothing else like it anywhere else.

Worst you will lose is a few hours of your life if you decide to leave again.

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Yeah EVE is still absolutely great and the PvP is still a very unique experience. Come back as an alpha and check if it is still the fun for you you remember and sub if you think the game is worth your time

The game is as fun as it ever was. Many changes here and there, each causing broken hearts and headaches, but overall is it the same old space game.

Welcome back!

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It’s still fun, if you find something you like doing. Small to medium lowsec PvP is still fun, and some solo too. Industry and market are nice.

However the game is more balanced today … which is not necessary a good thing, because a lot of fun things (for me at least) were nerfed into mediocrity, because of people abusing it and crying about. This all with a strong nullsec bias, so things which are bad for goons and co. are nerfed first, and things which are driving people out of other spaces into nullsec have priority.

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Game is a piece of crap that is why CCP sold it. No more moneyz to milk from the old clients, everyone figure it out it is time to move on.

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@Beekeeper_Bob -this is the obligatory, can I have your stuff post… Ill make sure it goes to good use :slight_smile:

No. Godspeed, capsuleer! 0/