Should i come back?

after the null blackout, kinda wondering if this game is worth coming back to?

It kinda depends - do you consider blackout a good thing or a bad thing? It created uncertainty and increased risk in a region of space where life is supposed to be uncertain and risky. CCP had to do something to reduce the ISK faucets - they were killing the game.

We’ve been told that the game will be more challenging for veteran players and a bit less challenging for new players trying to get their bearings. If that’s the kind of game you want to play, welcome back.


No, don’t come back.
Please tell me how you got out, because i can’t. It’s too adicting.:sob::sob::sob:
Edit. :grin::grin::grin: (Irony)

i used to play as a industrialist, but then CCP did the null blackout, so it made it impossible to do anything in null, like even using dscan people would use the T3 cruisers to gank me because of no local so i gave up.

i could go to high sec, but then you barely make any isk there.

only asking because i kinda like space MMOs, but if its impossible to do anything in game again i feel there is no point to it

i dont want to feel like whatever i do will be hopeless, witch is what the blackout made me feel

Nothing is impossible. The only thing that holds you back is your fear of not having local.

Grow a backbone then?

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so dont come back then? alright i got it

You need to make your own way in the Galaxy regardless of what rules change…adapt. If you don’t like pointless then that rules out most other games…which is what makes EVE great so…

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I play as a highsec industrialist and will argue that it is the best place for industry because of your proximity to markets. I spent 2 years in Providence, resource harvesting was great but at the time, markets were fragmented and thinly traded. I ended up shipping most of my product to highsec for sale. I moved back just before the Outpost conversion. Financially it was the right choice.

The profits are in the manufacturing and sale of T2 products - you won’t get rich mining.

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The blackout should have stayed. Hopefully they bring it back.

alright thanks, that makes it seem like its worth to come back to.

i would rather build and supply the people that like to fight , rather than fight myself, economy is more fun that blowing stuff up in space in my opinion


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No problem, Mark, I’m here to help you!

step 1 - contract me all your stuff, extract all your SP and also then contract the resulting injectors to me, send me all your isk.

step two - In exchange I will run locators on you for four years and if that character shows up I will go to that system and do an intervention.

I’m here for you, friend. :slight_smile:

Easy! Just step through this door…


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Don’t remind me. The pain is not all gone.:cry:


Oh, sorry. I forgot to add 3 :grin:, so that people get the irony.:grin::grin::grin:

Oh, I figured, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. :slight_smile:

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