How do you remain interested in Eve when you have lost interest?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Change of tapestry: Move into another type of space. Leave your old group behind, join a new one or try flying solo for a bit.

Or just take a break and play something else for a while. I tend to come back after a few weeks/months with new motivation and stuff I want to try.


If you still want to play then look to something that you haven’t tried yet and go for that. I was in your boat a few months ago and then bit the bullet and now live exclusively in LS (my main). Very fun.


The thing is I absolutely hate the Eve rewards/ratting system. I don’t find it rewarding at all.

So when I go away for a few months I come back to the same mechanics. Nothing’s changed.

It’s demotivating and demoralising the way it is.

Asking players to invest millions and billions and hours each day to get back what?

I’m still a paying subscriber, currently on two out of six accounts.

But I’m basically paying to socialise and skill train because there’s nothing else.

I just want a little motivation.

Then don’t rat…

Do what you do find rewarding (but in a newer way).


At the moment there’s honestly nothing I haven’t tried.

I might try incursions again to see if there’s a thrill. But that’s it.

For example I enjoy doing level 4 distribution missions. But stopped because of the low pay and rewards and the mind numbing equal distance between stations for each mission became repetitive.

There’s so much in Eve that has a good foundation but just isn’t developed enough.

Except PvP and that’s boring to me.

Incursions might be interesting for a bit but I guess you will get boarded of the too. You don’t strike me as the theme park type.

Start a corp with an interesting niche angle on things…

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Thanks I might just have to do that. Maybe I can start a corp that only does pi or some other weird niche lol.

Whatever it is I enjoy feeling needed by someone else.


Going to send you an in game PM as I have a suggestion…FYEO…

Give me a few mins…

Get away from the grinding mentality. Cannot stress this enough. The reason we lose so many new players is because players are telling them to just grind and grind.

The passive pi income from a couple accounts can abundantly support a modest pvp life style or subsidise exploration.

Go visit some new areas with a little solo ship or explore some wormholes/null sec.


It’s difficult but I thank you for your feedback.

I read ‘‘when you have lost internet’’.

Go play another game, simple as that. Come back when you feel you want too. We all get eve burn out.

Nobody stops playing EVE…they only just aren’t playing it at that moment.

Sadly, there is nothing out there as good…nothing.

(RUST is pretty darn good though I must say)

Eve is not a good game.

There is a lot wrong I will give you that but there is nothing that come close to it’s scope, scale, size or sandbox nature.

As mentioned, RUST really gives you that “every action has consequences” feeling but that only lasts until the server reset so…

I haven’t even played X4 yet as I already know there is no point…:sob:


In a similar position myself insofar as trying to remain interested so kinda got one foot out the door. Spent the last few months trying different things and looking at the near future and just can’t really get that into it or excited.

Figure it’s time to play a few other games and check in periodically when the itch starts again.

Ok. Thanks.

I’ve asked that question many times with my 19 accounts… then CCP pulls a 16th anniv douche scheme and I wonder why I’m even asking the question.

I’m in a similar situation at the moment, just bored… log in do some random things that are of little interest then log. I’ll be looking at some of the suggestions myself.

Been doing that for 8 months. It’s horrible.