What do you do to keep EvE interesting/Fun

Just so I get it out the way first, no you can’t have my stuff.

The TL:DR of my question is what do you do in game to keep it fun/interesting.

The long version if you are interested is…

I have been in game almost 7 years, in that time I have lived in high sec, in the early days doing missions and mining before delving into industry.

I’ve lived in various null sec regions inc NPC Null, Providence (hate that NRDS), Fountain, Catch, Tenerifis. What I’ve found with most null sec regions, especially when your part of a large alliance is…

  • It’s boring, you’re surrounded by blues and it is easy to fall into the trap of constantly ratting.

  • Unless you have the ISK and Patience logistics is crap and you have to rely on other people to get your stuff which can be a pain.

  • Participation requirements (paps) (if you’re in those kinds of alliances that so that are annoying.
    I have briefly tried Low Sec FW but again didn’t really enjoy it.

My more recent forays have been into WH space. Currently a C4 again reliant on other people, unless you have multiple accounts there is not much you can do solo in a C4 so you have to have other people online doing wanting to do the same things as what you want to do (or you want to do the same thing as they want to). But really the WH life doesn’t suit me, I like the fact you can get a WH out to different locations but really the whole constant scanning thing is tedious.

So I figured I would do the reverse WH living method, and that is base myself in high sec, some of my toons can do industry for a bit of ISK mainly as I’ve no access to PI and even if I did the PI in high sec is very bad. Then my main can scan out WHs in the surrounding systems for explo, combat and finding my way into null/low sec for content, but it isn’t working out too well and I am trying to work out why.

In trying to work this out I’ve thought of several possible things.

  • Perhaps I just need a break, Dec 2010 I started and no real meaningful break.

  • I’ve fallen into a rut of trying to do most solo/alone and need to either get more involved in the activities that others do (even if it is an C4 WH).

  • I’m bored, I log in any toon, sod around for a bit but ultimately get little to nothing done and I log off.

Anyway, I am glad I got that off my chest, but ultimately as the TL:DR bit says what do you do in game to keep it fun/interesting. There maybe something there that grabs my fancy.

Do you do anything thats not geared towards isk accrument?


@Ramona_McCandless - That is a good point actually. The answer is very little. I have two accounts and my “theory” was to try and plex at least one of those accounts and so a lot of what I do in game is trying to increase that wallet by about 2b a month so I can plex and have some left over for spending in game.

This isn’t working out as I dont earn that ISK every month in order to do that. Perhaps the chasing of this amount is actually destroying my enjoyment of the game.

I do sometimes fit up a ship for combat and go lose it in a generally very one sided fight, but i’ll admit those times are few and far between.


Very important point. I feel like a bit of an oddity at times because I don’t fit for maximum efficiency, I dont adopt a playstyle that guarantees max ISK per hour and I don’t have a perfectly planned out skill queue. I just kinda do what I want to do at the time.

If I see a shiny, I go get the shiny. If I see a ship I like, I buy the ship I like (and abandon all current training to start training for the new ship I like).

One minute I am missiles, the next I am projectiles, the next I am lasers. One day I’m in a Frigate, the next I’m in a Battlecruiser. One day I mine, another I rat, another I PvP.

Just last night someone was asking me what my plan was … and I was like … plan?

This might sound chaotic, and perhaps it is, but it is never dull and never feels like a second job.

I help out a lot in Rookie Help and it sometimes makes me sad to see answers that push Rookies onto the ISK treadmill so quickly. I am sure many many people completely lose the concept that earning ISK and min / maxing everything is not the most important thing.

Being entertained / having fun is. This is a game after all, is it not? :slight_smile:


You should set say 50 mil aside and just make ships that look fun and go and mess around.

Create some content; sell icecreams in Perimeter, blow up some npc or bot miners, run a protection racket, attack a Carrier with a frigate, make a giant space cross with POSes… whatever as long as profitable return is not a goal :slight_smile:

Just go crazy! Its super fun.


Oh oh oh and Medium Laser Scorpion is friggin hilarious. Really messes with WH folk.


Good advice, similar to what I do.

I have an ISK amount that I keep in reserve, and everything above that amount is not just added to an ever growing pile of ISK until I am the EVE equivalent of Smaug the dragon slumbering on a giant pile of gold … it is my ‘having fun’ money.


I’m and endgamer, which means i post on the forums and contemplate about a rule they’ve forgotten to add. I’m still not sure if it’s worth risking an immediate permaban, though. The temptation is huge!


I just do what I feel like doing at the moment, not worrying about money.

I planning on running a few combat sites, scanned down a wormhole, forgot to bookmark. So I spent the first half hour trying to find my exit, hit 2 gas sites , chased around by sleepers, a scan ship came up on dscan so I ran for the exit.

Had fun and laughs and wasted a hour in a hole… good times.


@Sindara_T_Soni - my training was like that in the beginning, it was all over the place adding things left and right as the fancy took me.

When I was logged in last night, i completed a few indy jobs and took them to the local trade hub, I set off a few more indy jobs and started researching a few more BPOs. I figured I’d go do some missions but then looked at my Rattlensake which was incorrectly fit for the Gurista rats (i was looking at level 4 missions) and then I just fell into a slump, and couldnt be arsed to go fit it properly.

even then though, that activity is for pure isk making, there is no fun in ratting or missioning, certainly not solo.

As ive been reading the replies I am now thinking more towards letting the 2nd account lapse to alpha and just using the 1 account, that way I would not be always trying to chase that plex and I can try and work out what would be fun,

I am thinking I want to stay in high sec for now, so maybe there are a few things in high sec I can find that are nbot for isk generation but are fun to do.


@Kathern_Aurilen - do you do those activities with others or on your own?

I was by myself. Just decided to do something different today. Nobody was on in corp but one guy and I was screwing off. I would love to go on a wormhole op, mining ops are kinda fun. Haven’t did any small gang PvP yet.

I did pretty good scanning down lost drones during the drone event, found 2 sets of navy hobgoblins and 4 sets of hobgoblin lls.

Focus on fun and small accomplishments, to keep the game interesting. I never tried to Plex my game, even though I could back in the days when I was not married, and she’s not eating up all my free(EvE) time.

I’m not playing a game as a second job, if I wanted to do that, I would move to china. I could almost plex my game(back when I played when plex was 800mill) just mining HSec…

I’m an alpha, and very content, no bling ships to worry about. Love to resub, but I don’t get enough play time to make it worth my wild.


Sounds fair. I’ve enough isk already to be able to set a good amount for just sodding around. I’ll sort that when I’m on next

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Shuffle everything. Get multiple hulls and prefit them for various activities either for min/maxing single task or the opposite - multitasking without refitting. Take a multipurpose Stratios and hit the road travelling through multiple regions doing 3-4/10s, sleeper caches, hunting haulers and running some missions here and there. Do small scale trade on the route, and some small scale industry when you get back. Have multiple staging points and travel one to another so you can switch ships easier.

Change approach to daily activites - 4/10’s will eventually be boring with an Ishtar but will be fun in a paper tank stealth bomber. That said - downsize hulls, especially when you have two accounts.

With two accounts you can easily have a station trader to make some extra isk when you don’t feel like undocking. You can leave one alt just floating in a WH or null and run some sites when HS gets boring.

Can’t say much about PvP, it’s distant past and “ok, I’ll do it tomorrow” thing for me but I guess it can be yet another activity even when you’re soloing.

If that doesn’t work set up long skill queue and take a break. There’s a lot of fun games to play and EvE will always be there waiting, whispering at the back of your head.


Play with friends.

CCP don’t like this though.

Either they punish for being together (Rogue Drone event) with design that favors splitting up instead of dividing the reward by the number of people participating.

Or make completely strict anti-sandbox set ups (Resource Wars) that only work if your friend group has exactly the right size - and even then the reward for this is to spend your LP on paying nearly 50% more ISK for a T1 ship (w/ some meta 0 modules) than it cost at market.


Oh my. I have got to see that fit! lol

I think its to make people hate others. I played it like I should not play it. Grouped and assigned the drones to a player and his venture had a power of Gila, killed a bunch of drones very fast. Last day of the event.

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I’d be lying if I said I didn’t run into this issue sometimes. We all get weird when we run out of goals. I start to consider tearing down all of my stuff and selling it and moving to an entire new area of the game but I know what I have is a perfect situation for my playstyle - I guess I’m going through what you’re going through right now!

You ever think of using your creative side? Make a blog about your Eve adventures? Maybe make stuff on MS Paint for your friends, the cringier the better of course.

Friend of mine who used to be able to play all the time was a great site thief and he was always a source of inspiration for my MS Paint art.

I try to do blogs, I just started another one but I always kinda end up hating them and deleting them lol. Once I get a few more posts on it I’ll decide to make it public or not.

And maybe it’s just gotta be said but it’s totally alright to take a break from Eve, even just a short week off - don’t even think about anything with this game and you’ll be fond of it again.

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@Lulu_Lunette - I considered a blog once, but I’ve always considered my eve lifestyle pretty mundane and boring, it maybe something to consider though.

I am kinda attracted to the idea of selling most things off and starting again, ive a fair amount of crap over the 6 characters I have and I coud either sell a bunch or pass it onto the 3 toons I am going to keep as alpha and then go a bit nomadic, For some reason ive always tried to keep all of my characters together, be that in corp or system I am in.

Minimalism in Eve is actually pretty fun. I don’t hoard tons of assets and I send couriers with public contracts to fetch my things from all over and bring them to Jita. You’d be surprised how cheap they’ll work too. You just have to find these games within the game :smile: I basically fly it or it gets sold.

I’m also gonna try doing all of my trading in a secondary trade hub too - at HEDWAY HEDWAY.net if you’re interested. I expect the volume to be brutally slow but maybe if enough of us try it? :slight_smile:

I’m worried my blog is lame and boring too. I’ll send you a link if you like, maybe you can do better :laughing:


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