12 years and hit the wall

Been here for 12 years and done most things in game and right now I log in and do nothing.

Everything is a struggle. But I have everything and isk is no issue for anything.

Any ideas on how to refresh my gaming or ideas on how to remove eve burn are welcomed.


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Find a new Corp or just do something you have never done and give it a few months before you see if you like it.

Or just take a break for as while.


Use your knowledge and assets to help the good people of New Eden bring down the power blocs and hisec wardec-bullies (that is EXACTLY what they are. nothing more).

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Bring me the Blue Page

There is so much to do in EvE…there have to be things you haven’t done yet.

Start a new character completely from scratch, don’t give it any isk, and play it up. Sure you’ll still have your game knowledge, but playing around the limitations makes things interesting.

Go on a “walkabout” in EvE and fly around being a space tourist (using the blog ‘eve travel’ and a slippery nullified t3 is handy) just checking things out and taking screenshot “vacation photos”.

Take a small EvE sabbatical, no shame in that.


I like that idea about the walkabout.


Buy a cat, train it to randomly walk across the keyboard and block your screen while you are playing.

Poof! Whole new EVE experience!


It’d make more sense than Jita spam.

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Well taking a break is always good. Not long, try a month or so. Don’t log in, avoid temptations to watch videos. You have done your work and earned your bones the question is what next. Well here are some ideas I employed to in other game where I reached the same barrier.

  1. Find a way to elevate others. This may take up all or some of your time. For me this was two hours of answering question a week in the help channel (Not on eve for me but the same can be done here)
  2. 90 Day wonders. I started new groups, recruited, ran prizes and training. I would inform, organize and get them going for 90 days. My game became how far could I take a group in 90 days. Once they were rolling I would leave it up to them. 1 in 3 survived but it was I provided the friendship and fun I always wanted to find when I started a game. My game was not the game, it was the team. Learning to let them go was bitter sweet but nothing was better then running into my old guilds and fighting it out and seeing where they were.
  3. Contest. I ran all sorts of contest from races to slay the giant (For Eve read big ship) I got well know for these contest. ends up the company hired me to run Tuesday Night Explosions TNE! These contest pitted individuals, guilds and teams against one another.
  4. Don’t forget a meet up in your area. Nothing is better than getting to know people face to face. When I started doing this it opened up to an entire new world. I love the meetups and now host multiple meetups and eve cross gaming meetups once a summer. (I know this may depend where you are)
  5. Go on a quest. Set your self a quest, Mine was to play in the top 10 organizations. I wrote a friendly blog about my adventure and at first many were suspicious I soon knew the name of the mover and shakers.
  6. Make a bucket list, “I would like to destroy every ship in the game.” Then add a little software and make a few videos. Keep track on a blog, It will give you something to aim for. At first it will be easy as you publish you database but after a while the risk and difficulty will grow.

I feel they do that by default

if you had to train them to do it, your’s were defective

I’m sure the folks in the FurryWorld special interest forum help chat appreciate your expertise… :wink:


I’ve watched the best movie ever made, The Hunt for Red October, 100s of times, and every once it a while it doesn’t do it for me and I have to go a few weeks without watching. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Live in a shattered WH out of an Orca.


Roleplay is a nice way to have new content xD


You want an EVE challenge you haven’t done before?
Organize and run a CSM campaign for yourself that somehow rounds up the herd of cats that is either HS or LS players and get elected so that either one of the two gets a voice in the CSM. Caveat: if elected, you actually DO have to represent their concerns to the CSM and CCP.

Kind of makes any other activity in EVE a little more palatable, doesn’t it?:wink:


Didnt you hear? Wardecs have been nerfed to death. Your wish already came true

buy faction mods with every isk you have load all mods into freighter set auto pilot to 0.0 go watch TV

Nice list…

+1 cookie

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Have you considered philanthropy?

Mamma needs a new Ikitursa…


Pick something you haven’t done and try it. Conversely, pick something you really liked and do that with a ton of friends.