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For about the past 12, maybe 24 months, eve for me is a boring, crap game. But I read somewhere today that we should be having fun, and I guess we should after all that is what games are about isn’t it, having fun, however mad that fun may be. So whilst I am considering leaving i’d be interested to know, what do you people find fun in eve online?


I enjoy mining. It is very relaxing. It also lets me do other things, like watch movies, while it’s going on in the background. All I have to do is tab back into the game every few minutes to put my laser on a different asteroid.


New Eden is a 17 year plus persistent universe.

That is a lot of history. If you aren’t having fun don’t stick around, but being part of such a project still makes me happy. Even with CCP’s missteps and clumsy monetization efforts.

Connecting with people, facing a real challenge with consequence. This is something not easily found in a game in 2020, even if CCP has watered this down significantly. Sigh.

Eve still has plenty to offer. From new PvE to the constant struggle with other players for dominance. I’m sure there is something there that still turns your crank, no?


Every once in a while I go on a “walkabout” in new eden. I play the space tourist and just go around looking at things. It’s kind of zen and helps me “reset”.

If you do decide to leave…well…all the best to you o7…and can I have your stuff, Giddy?


I would love to find it @Black_Pedro, I’ve given up looking i’ll admit.

I should have put that disclaimer somewhere in my post lol, a respectful no to that though, I may well be back after a break or something may grab my attention before my sub runs out.


Not gonna link it to avoid spamming but if you look up my threads you can see my blog on which I write about some of the stuff I do and I also organize giveaways and have guides up which are also something I like spending my time on.

You can always try out new things even stuff you might find pointless atm and see if in the end they excite you or lead to something else in the process that might not even be related but you encounter and find fun to do in the end, you might never know.

Probably you are aware of the below image but just in case posting it maybe it helps anyway.


I have found several things fun: Roams, ganks, exploring, running missions in an undersized ship…
Some things are merely satisfying like having a set of planets set up just right.


That’s a good point. There can be a distinction between fun and rewarding. Both can ultimately be satisfying.

I’d say you can take a break for a bit. You will likely find what it is that you miss most, what kept you in the game even though you might not have known exactly what it is. For me, it is the social game. It is less about what I am doing as much as doing with people I enjoy spending time with.

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Go do something you haven’t done before, preferably something you actively avoided for whatever reason. Really dig in to it, learn all there is to know about it and go do it. The more it’s outside your comfort zone the better it is.

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You’ve already taken the first step. Posting something to rile up the no-lifes that make sure they have a stick firmly shoved up their collective ass before logging in to haunt the forum for 12 - 18 hours every day.

You’ll find it much less work and much more rewarding to learn what pushes the buttons of each particular regular instead of going to all the trouble of logging in to the game and trying to find something to do. A single word, used properly, can set some of these guys into a rage that’s a wonder to behold.

So before leaving for good, contract me all the stuff you have no need for anymore and park yourself in the ol’ EVE-O GD forum for fun and laughs.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:




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We’ve got a job to do.

What do you currently do in EVE that you find boring? and what kind of things do you find fun in video games or otherwise?

Often bordum is a sign that you have become too stuck in a rut and should expand deeper into the systems. It could also mean that EVE isn’t for you. All depends.


I was too focused on making ISK all the time. Next billion, next billion…
I forgot that ISK is just a need, not the reason.


There aren’t really fun and boring things to do in EvE. Doing new things is fun, doing the same thing over and over is boring.

Some things you might not have done yet that are challenging and fun for a while:

  1. Low sec mining.
  2. NPC null missioning.
  3. Living in a wormhole.
  4. Figuring out what the deal is with Pochven.
  5. Identify a complicated item and make it from scratch without buying any mats.
  6. Try to get a market going somewhere where there isn’t much of a market.
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@Uriel_the_Flame indeed, familiar with that image although have not glanced over it for a very long time. Ill check out your blog too, i do like a good blog.

@Ashterothi December 24th this year will be my mains 10 year anniversary, so don tthink it is that eve wasnt for me, but stuck in a rut certainly feels like an accurate description.

@Culsotu2 I see a similarity in myself there too, I do like seeing my wallet balance go up, But i am at a stage where I could ignore that if i chose too (as long as the ships I fly are not expensive)

Have you tried indiscriminately killing people all day?
Or even discriminately?

Or what about newbro-corp-patrol, where you make a new char,
join one of the many so called new player corps and check if the CEO is actually doing them any good.

If he doesn’t, you start contacting the members privately to make sure they’re looking for something else …
… or even pull them into your own corp … (a friend of mine does that successfully)
… and then kill the CEO … together or not.

If you want to go balls-in head to pochven in a rookie ship using a filament and use only the rookieship and the scraps you find. Most of the times there’s wrecks to find, containing loot, in case you care about this.

Another thing you can do is making a female char and putting some actual effort into making it, and its portrait, pretty. Then you go out there to let yourself recruit and just play along the “female capsuleer”. Depending on how well you pull that off people will love you just for being around because men like women, even if they’re not real. To many that doesn’t matter. The danger of requiring to break the 4th wall are pretty low.

There’s far more things to do in this game than it offers directly.
The social aspects are what makes the game potentially limitless in activities.


well, I’ve been out solo looking for fights, but something tells me that isn’t what you mean.

Have you been able to get any?