What Do You Like About EVE Online?

I see a great many threads that criticize EVE and CCP, and sometimes rightly so. However, I thought it might be encouraging to see what it is that people enjoy about New Eden.

Please keep complaints about CCP and EVE Online out of this thread. I don’t have the authority to make it a rule, but it is a request. This is not a thread for sarcastic replies to veil your complaints or say there’s nothing you enjoy. Goodness knows there’s plenty of other threads for such things.

I appreciate the graphics. Visually the game appeals to me, even though it’s fairly simplistic. Whenever I’m in my ship, I really do feel as though I’m in an eternal expanse.

A great deal of the social interactions are positive, especially in Rookie Help. We have a multicultural player base, and I love being able to interact with players from all corners of the globe. I especially love there is an undercurrent of camaraderie between many players.

EVE is a complicated game, in many ways, and they don’t limit players or hold their hands as much as they could. It’s a game that encourages independent thought, critical thinking, ingenuity, and imagination.

Recently I was in Jita on my first visit to that storied hub, and found I could imagine what took place within its halls. Reading through descriptions in the market, I could imagine the histories and interactions between people. I like that I could use my imagination, rather than have an answer for every question.

I’m no fan of PvP, but I’m thankful for the competition provided by the game. I could do without gate campers, but even they serve their purpose in providing a sense of danger. Without the threats, it would get fairly boring moving from place to place in perfect safety.

The complexity of the game is tempered by the simplicity of the game mechanics. Fitting ships is easy, as is warping, shooting, and so forth. Doing those things well is a different matter, and I like that there are almost always many solutions to the challenges presented.

EVE is not perfect, but it is enjoyable, and I appreciate those who make it what it is. I don’t always agree with their decisions, but overall it’s a wonderful experience, and I look forward to many more years as a Capsuleer.


Nice write-up.

The visual graphics in-game definitely present a good depiction of a futuristic space environment.

The Character Creation / Customization process is very detailed and truly one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Ship fitting is very versatile with multiple module variations allowing players to customize their ships to enhance their specific play style.

The large amount of Lore backstory and history this game has makes the Eve Universe much more realistic and greatly adds to immersion.

Despite all it’s faults, in my opinion Eve Online is still the best Si-Fi game available to play.


The outrageous variety of ships, ways to fit each of those ships, choices in different weapon/defensive systems, strategies for using those ships in space against other players or NPCs, etc.

The sheer volume of options, and the viability of so so so many fits and strategies, is just a feat of game design and balance totally unrivaled in multiplayer games.


The freedom.

You get to scam. You get to pirate. You get to be a total asshat of an asshat. And of course, you get to be a nice guy too, like me. Its all apart of the game. Be good, be evil, be neutral. I dont see many games with this sort of freedom.

I love it all.

And I will keep loving it until EVE dies. Which will probably be next year or something.


EVE Online has something magick that makes me play it. Been here since 2006 and keep dragging friends in who hate it and leave. But I keep dragging them back in kicking and screaming. It’s a nice game where I can casually semi-AFK things and enjoy zen-time. While I could just as well go do more adrenaline pumping stuff in the same game.

There are literally thousands of “professions” both intended and not intended “meta” that evolved from the game environment. Very well done CCP, but I’m not sure if they themselves understand the complexity of the game anymore.


Spending more time on Pyfa than actualy playing the game


The freedom to do whatever you want ingame with the tools you’re given.

The ruthless universe. I’m not one to scam, lie, steal, spy or intentionally break trust in another way, but I love that EVE allows all of that so it’s up to the players to not fall for scams and that trust between players is much more meaningful than if it were enforced by the game.

The player interactions, where nearly everything from allies, enemies, market, targets and scenery (just look at all those ships entering and leaving trade hubs!) is other players. A single player game can be wonderful for a while, but it becomes predictable. Players never are 100% predictable.

Preparation. No other game has such a focus on ‘preparation before the action’ as EVE, where one can spend hours theorycrafting strategies and trying ship fits in peparation of all possible dangerous scenarios your ship could get in to, only to see your ship explode after 1 minute of action in a scenario you didn’t prepare for.

Meaningful losses. Ships lost on death means that you really don’t want to die as it takes ISK (that took ingame time to get) and logistics to get a same ship to the same place. And even if you could replace that ship, you wouldn’t get back the killmarks and history you had with that hull.

And also these three:

Game looks really great (I often fly zoomed way too much in :stuck_out_tongue: ) and character portraits are really fun to make. I’ve spent many hours on those of all my alts, even to the point that I’ve made characters just to try a new portrait.

And yes, ship fitting is a fantastic puzzle. I almost spend as much time on Pyfa creating and modifying ship fits as on the game itself.


The completeness and depth of the massively interconnected world that has been created.

I agree with everything above - especially @Gerard_Amatin’s comment of the Preparation. That is very much like the real world: And that’s something that Eve is almost exclusively able to deliver. The complexity of the interaction and chaos of the real world.
And, critically, like the real world decisions have real consequences. Losses, and wins, are permanent. I liked that about DUST as well. No other game does it as well as Eve.

Amarrian ships feel different to fly than Caldari ships. Both feel like creations of their Empires. That is a superb achievement. Flying a small, nimble combat ship also feels different to a more ponderous, lumbering industrial thing.

The depth of the economy - the complexities and emergent behaviours and balance of a system that is almost exclusively player operated is an amazing achievement. It’s the fascination with that that keeps me engaged: not the combat, not PvE aspects - though I do participate in both, it’s not the main interest. It’s that economy and running an operation/enterprise/business in that world.
Among all the other things Eve is, Eve is a very good business simulator.


I like everything that’s been mentioned by the previous posters, the graphics especially take the cake.
CCP screws up a lot but my hat’s off to those artists and coders who make it happen.

Besides all that, I very much like the feeling of danger in this game. I could be flying to Jita or exploring or pick up some P.I resources, nonchalantly lodi-dodi-ing through space when BOOM! and there goes my lifeless clone floating out in space… Yea, definitely an emotional jerker.


A few words that come to my mind when trying to determine what I like in EvE:
complexity, freedom, depth, meta, all-pvp, viciousness, choice, no hand holding, teamwork, pilot development
the community of course, this bunch is special

and since this week, the graphics again.

and stealth bombing of course :blush:

p.s. and thanks for a positive thread among the usual doom and gloom ones.


Yeah, for real. Bombing is so fun.


I love logging in for a new day. As the reverberating sound effects welcome me into the world, I can feel a certain excitement at the thought of another adventure as I collect the Log-in rewards and free SP.
The dock sounds come on and I’m greeted by the beautiful panning and zoomed-in view of my docking ship. I’m enchanted enough that recollection of the previous day’s adventure comes delayed, foggy for a few seconds.
I check my mail. Lo and behold, my friends have left nice and encouraging messages. I reply, a smile on my face. A few jokes sent and I open my Assets window. What do I want, where do I want to go and how will I get that which I today covet?
Is it isk? A fight? Resources to sell? Fleeting up…? A sarcastic voice inside says: all of it and I chuckle yea right, not enough time in a day to satisfy that, you little…
Another look at my assets tells me I need to do some housecleaning, consolidation, sells… It involves lots of travel so I check my routes and see if there’s an agent I can work with at the same time, all the while knowing that the decisions I make this instant will have repercussions sooner or later.
I look at my hangar and try to foresee events depending on what ship I’ll choose to take care of business today and to potentially lose.
The voice inside: if you don’t get going now you’ll grow roots in this station.
To be continued…


As an example of amazing people playing EvE, here’s a great piece of fan artwork (by NidenSommer)

and yes, we need more tattoos in EvE :grin:


That is amazing! I’d love to give some tattoos to Von, but the cosmetics in EVE are more expensive than I can afford right now. I’m in awe of artists of all stripes who take inspiration from EVE, and that’s coming from someone who generally loathes fan fiction.


The forum when some halfwit of a ISD is not spurging over it.

Small gang pvp for the lulz.

Community talkshows and radio channels like The meta show or funky bacon.

It’s the greatest terrible-game ever created.


Ship spinning

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There are many activities to perform in EVE online. I appreciate it. I am beginner industrialist now, but nothing, except tremendous amount of skills and effort to learn using them are encaging me from taking on other professions like abyssal runner, hauler, fighter, spy, hacker and more.

I like the world map design with every space having it’s own role ex: highsec being for everyone including solo players and generally newbies to start from, just less profitable in comparison to other areas of space ; wormhole systems where smaller groups can live, even though ,eviction’’ and ratters ganking fleets roam mayority of wormholes on daily/weekly basis searching for weaker targets.

The world could be more vast, as No Man’s Sky for example and still keep the element of player interactions as people would find a way to gather with themselves (NMS also has its own ,hubs’’) thanks to currently existing player market and organisation allowing for players to group and live together in plenty different gameplay lifestyles, however current game world is acceptable for me totally.

In general, I like EVE regardless things I would like to be modified/re-made. Good thing is that it doesnt require NASA pc to play with and even my potato laptop can handle the game with lowest graphics, unlike No Man’s Sky, where on lowest graphics I have 2-3 fps when standing idle.

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I love the virtual world they created and i love they didnt chose the easy path like every other mmo today did.

If i visit Jita 4-4 every single player will be visible around the station. If we fight 2000 vs 2000 in m2 every single player in m2 will be visible. There is tidi but its always just one single world not that “shard” and “instance” ■■■■■■■■ of those wannabe lobby mmorps. New Eden is fantastic. Its fantastic that i got to meet people all over the world playing on one single server. Thats such an accomplishment.
Nobody else did this in such a scale.


I like the ships and the pew-pew. Some of the music and sound effects, the graphics are real good too.

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