Returned to this game and having a blast

As a counter to all the negative threads lately, I just want to say I’ve been having a blast in my return to New Eden. I think CCP has done a great job and I look forward to their creative visions moving forward.


What are you doing? I run the in-game channel EVE Harbor if you’re looking for a place to hang out

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Hiding his “having a blast” behind an empty forum alt and saying nothing at all. The grain of salt is the size of a moon.


Do you find it unreasonable that people are actually having fun in the game?

  • I’m back for about a year and I’m having a blast!

No forum alt, just my (slightly underemployed) combat char - moving more towards industry in this incarnation.

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Welcome back to Eve,

It’s good to hear you’re enjoying it. I hope you have a long and rewarding career.

Fly smart and stay safe.



The thing I still very much like about EvE is the sheer scope. There are so many different playstyles and I have tried only a fraction of them.
At the moment, an industry centered playstyle with occasional PvP opportunities is exactly what I personally want.

EvE for me is still about setting your own goals and finding your niches.

I’m not blind or something. I see the problems, the dwindling player base, the obvious confusion and lack of vision at CCP HQ.
But my time to leave is not yet. There is still a lot of fun to be had and there is still hope for a brighter future.

CCP, don’t kill off the last remnants of your creative potential and try to develop a coherent vision for the future. You have a loyal player base. Otherwise we wouldn’t be fighting so much over all this. Please don’t continue to disappoint us.


Problem is if it’s more then a few sentences people will glaze over and pass out, that’s why you need kitties with rainbows shooting out their tail pipes.

As a new player i have the same feeling and I completely agree with you. It is good to see i’m not the only one. Thanks for posting it. :slight_smile:



Many more blasts to you in the future! Missile blasts, artillery blasts, rail gun blasts, smartbomb blasts…

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