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I returned today after over a year break, this is my second account (been taking breaks and returning to EVE since 2007), and I enjoyed myself playing today on a brand new Alpha character (I’m being cheap this month)!!! Woah, I feel like I’m left out of the CCP bashing crowd. But… at least I’m enjoying myself for the hours I have right now!

Sorry, I just saw that so many people are calling this game dead/dying/crying, when I just so happen to still find it fun — in my own right (and a few others), i guess.


eve has been dying since before you initially played in 2007… You’re good.


It’s fun until you lose everything when CCP decided to nerf your gameplay.:blush:


I remember the day I started. I was sitting in a “special” gaming room with around 15-20 people and one person decided to take tally on what everyone was playing. Let’s say 20 people were in the room, it was 18 WoW and 2 EVE players. A memory I will never forget… this game produced as many memories as CS 1.6 and Condition Zero, when they were alive and kicking.

I remember losing over 500 mil to Gankers not too far from Jita, I left for half a year due to a “rage quit” - I even sent a message to CCP, hahaha. I joined back up after 6 months; and said, remember what EVE actually is… taking the hits and keep going. I made an acknowledgment to myself, that I get to determine when I take breaks, when I stop, and when I keeping going.


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I just wanted to say that yesterday before server restart, I had filled a ship with plex and tobacco and took it to Tama.


I’m still having a great time despite the crybabies!
Loving this Minmatar event!

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ISD Bahamut

Yea, the game is still ok to spend a few hours a week on I guess. Been too busy playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla though. No nerfs in that game.

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It’s still fun. I like it… I just hold myself back from wanting more because it is what it is and that’s that.

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