Eve is Alive and Well

There are more then a few threads on these forums about how Eve is dying, how Alpha clones wrecked the game and how CCP is to blame for all of it.

Every now and again after reading through the forums, I get the impression that I’m one of very few people who actually enjoys playing this game. That impression bums me out (although I don’t know why).

I love this game. I think it’s the ultimate sandbox experience. I love that crime/deception aren’t just allowed, they’re encouraged. I love that loses matter, and how finding a big score feels a little like winning a small lottery. I love how finishing a 20 day skill feels like I’ve accomplished something worthwhile.

CCP, thank you so much for doing what you’ve done to create this wonderful massive engaging world of conflict and opportunity. And I applaud your decision making which has brought us to this point.

There are enough threads on the topic of Eve is dying / CCP hate. This thread is for Eve is alive / CCP love. If you want to share what you love about this game, please feel free to do so below.


Couldn’t agree more. Only game I have ever played to keep my attention for nearly a decade. Hope it will keep going for another.


Thats sooo nice you feel that way!


Calls you a dirty ignorant liar


For some games, this included, it’s probably best for your enjoyment when you just avoid (parts of) the forum. It’s the place to complain about and argue about things and it doesn’t matter in what kind of state the game is, this will hardly change.
The latter is also most likely the cause why you have to complain about things early, often and in sometimes drastic words (which makes reading the forums for enjoyment even worse), because otherwise it would just be considered the usual background noise of forums complaints.

And despite all the complaining, there is a lot to like in Eve, especially, but not exclusively, for new players.

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Wrong impression, many ppl are dedicated to EvE for almost over 13 years, you’re not one of the few but one of the many.


As long as we’re still enjoying the game and we can fly with our friends, I’m satisfied enough.