Goodbye EVE?

I would make it another long read whine that everything is bad and eve is dying but what EVE does really have - it is its toxic hateful community, people here are really awful. Anyone who would say otherwise probably is just very lucky. Or even, it is just about me - I never will be around and it never will be all good. Just someone like me never deserves to be accepted. So I might tell you here more “this hateful community hates me so much”, but looks like that is the reality of this game, nothing to do. Would you say otherwise, people?


There’s like ten people on these forums that will come out and make fun of you but don’t let them turn you off from the thousands who are playing the game, many of them quite decent.


Otherwise. I won’t deny there are some deeply unpleasant people in game (and on forums), but there are also many good and friendly players too.
Or maybe, I’ve just been lucky.


Agree with the posters above.

Don’t judge this community on the actions of a few toxic people, best to just ignore them and or report them…


I hope you have a super duper wonderful awesome day!


EVE has one of the most mature gaming communitys out there and i’d argue that also makes it less toxic than what you would experience elsewhere.

But EVEs mechanics and the dangers of space are unforgiving, groups are insanely big and you’ll hear the loudest players the most. That can certainly make things feel more toxic then your fellow players actually are.

It’s sad to read you had such bad experiences, but for every post like yours there are 10 that say the opposite.


There are also some rather public religious and LGBTQ+ friendly corps out there, that would be compleatly unthinkable in other games.

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se ya dude
we are a good community we just don’t like whiners
its possible that our attitude is bad , we like " true" eve players and despise tourists
maybe the game is not for you
try streets of rage 4 its awesome
best game i played last year


More likely you probably don’t broadcast a generally crappy sour complaining constantly attitude. I’ve observed that in large part people get treated according to how they present their interactions and demonstrate their ability to ignore the petty…

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No, these official forums are a terrible community. Most other places, it has a great community.

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It does have a good amount of sadistic players but it is everywhere, why because you know humans, the internet is toxic, why, humans, yes I am a misanthrope mostly but for good reason, it is people who think they are good people because WE don’t know who they are away from eve but it is easy to know that isn’t true, if anything the anonymous nature of the net let’s people out of the false face they put on IRL.

Take a break, come back later but run solo, it’s not so bad if you let the scum splatter fecal matter on each other, just do your thing.


I’d say you likely ran afoul of a few people whose own life is so miserable, the only way they can cope with it is to spread some of that misery around to others. We have a handful of people on the forums here who basically make a career out of saying that 90% of all people around the world are useless idiots who don’t deserve to be treated with respect.

(Just look up any flamewar between ‘carebears’ and ‘PvPers’ - it’s the same 20-30 people over and over again.)

Then again, if you’re super-sensitive or a drama addict, and are prepared to judge tens of thousands of players as ‘a toxic hateful community’ based on the actions of a few… then maybe it is just about you.

In life you tend to get back what you put out there. Judging other people harshly generally means you’re going to receive the same in return.


I tend to do this, however I also stay away from interacting with others, I’ve always been this way and frankly it saves a lot of work hauling garbage out.

However there are some really good gems out there, but they are as rare as gold pressed latinum.



Oh thanks… Really I could have done without that visual.

I would like to ask you to post more often, however, as it amuses me (admittedly probably more than it should…) when people assume we are alts simply because you chose such an awesome character name.

It is quite impressive.

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Here’s a tip: spend less time judging others, and more time judging yourself.

You’ve probably never even experienced true toxicity if you think that some game’s forum bickering amounts to such.

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I dont hate you. But i think it is your haircut that worries other Capsuleers.


All people are “bad” if using any chosen concept of morality

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We all know toxic behaviour is more allowed in EVE than in some other games, and it’s absolutely more allowed on these forums than on other forums.

BUT as with all things in life the loudest, most toxic people who will take great delight in tormenting you for hours are the minority, but potentially have the greatest effect on your experience. There’s a thing with human nature where we can be given 100 compliments but will only remember the 1 bad thing someone said about us. For years.

As in life so too is it in EVE.

It takes a large amount of effort to enforce social nicety and that effort is neither wanted, nor perhaps needed, in EVE - because EVE.

Spend some time in Rookie Help you’ll see the amount of effort required by the ISD to keep things civil. If they didn’t put in that effort Rookie Help would be considerably more toxic than it currently is. The point here is, that without enforcement people act pretty scummy, and in EVE acting pretty scummy is often applauded, to the point that ‘scumbag’ may as well be a class you can select at character creation.

But, again, as above, the people who need muting or banning by the ISD or blocking by the players in Rookie Help are the minority. By far.

It doesn’t feel like it when 1 toxic guy takes over the entire channel, derails it and upsets everyone however. That’s all it takes, 1 toxic guy. There’s another 1000+ people quietly playing or politely asking questions or vociferously opposing the 1 toxic guy.

So, again, as with all things in life, it’s about perspective, what you focus on, and which wolf you feed.


Don’t feed the bad wolf.