EVE was more than a game to me

It seems I will be part of the latest swath of players to whine on the forums about how I’m quitting. It will likely mean nothing to anyone who sees this as all of the people I have played with for years are gone. I suppose I’m just butthurt and grandstanding but here are my reasons:

  1. Friends all left (most important one, last one left just before my posting this in fact)

  2. Updates make no sense to me (especially considering the blatantly more important issues the development seems to intentionally not talk about)

  3. The slow creep toward total free to play. (Possibly even pay to win)

I will certainly keep an eye on EVE from time to time, hopefully something will lure me back to the game I have loved for twelve years.

For those of you hanging in there, fly safe!



Godspeed o7

Can I have your stuff?

Fly safe. o7

Congratulations on wining EVE. There’s an interesting world of options out there, and once you release yourself from the Stockholm syndrome you’ll learn to appreciate games that are just games and were you don’t need to think or worry about whatever developers do or don’t.

CCP has spent all their lifetime as a company asking for player feedback and ignoring it. Why bother anymore?


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