Sorry if this is the wrong place

(Sheba Moonblood Audeles) #1

You know.

I have never before posted on any of the Eve forums, so it may very well be that I am posting this in the wrong section. If I am sorry up front.

But after logging in today ( Eve time 00:43 on 8/17/2017) I find myself looking at a ship in station.

Just a ship. And yes, I read about the up coming changes to Eve.

And I have to say its simply not the same. Not for me.

I am certain that there are those out there that simply do not care.

Or I will be pinged by the technology gurus on how much server space it will save. Or whatever other widget.

Whatever. For me it did change the game to something that feels more than a bit more detached.

Not to mention any clothing/ tattoos etc. I might have purchased.

I spent time on getting my toon just right. Now its gone.

Now all I see is a ship. Just a ship, like any other ship.

I eventually got a paid subscriptions for three acccounts.

I cannot believe I actually spent real live money on pixels.

But I got into the game, and a very big part of the reason was a sort of quasi interaction with my toons.

Silly as hell I know, but still.

Its CCP’s game to do with as they well please, as noted add nausea by others. Yeah I know. I get it.

But its my money being spent paying the rent.

Being Eve someones gonna pipe up and say " Well don’t play then"

It feels so detached now I might.

And CCP.

Remember that your only as good as your loyal fan base.

Not the ones that are 1 year or less and gone.

The game has been steadily watered down.

From the difficulties of scanning to learning more about the meta.

Its still a difficult game. I am by far no expert. But damn man.

So now I sit in space or in station with a ship. Just a ship.

Maybe I can get my skin fix next. Or not.

I posted this in lore. Because I firmly believe they lost some of that lore that kept me coming back for more.

(Lulu Lunette) #2

I feel the same about my immersion as well. We’re just the items we equip and an optional chat box portrait :smile: you have to get your immersion outside of the game even more now

(Nora Maldoran) #3

… or don’t. Now nobody will know if you wear pants. Or not.
But I’m also sad we lost our apartments in space. Hell I did a ton of screenshots… :upside_down_face:

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #4

Did someone say Space Pants?

And yeah, I’m still sad over the removal - if only they’d make the character viewer even use full-resolution textures, even that would make it a bit more ok - I just hope they come back to it someday, since avatar gameplay could be as lucrative for CCP as it would be fun for us, if done right.

(Tavin Aikisen) #5

Nope, this is the right place. For people who immerse themselves in games, not just “play” them. And I couldn’t agree more. The vision is no longer the biggest sci-fi universe you can imagine which combines spaceships, FPS combat, novels, chronicles, artwork and all these other things into one big package. It’s just a game now. The imagination and world building is being left to bigger fish like Star Citizen now.

Quite sad really. EVE probably remains my favourite universe and I find myself constantly wanting to just walk about my CQ, even by myself, but now that’s all over.

(Kolmogorow) #6

Maybe I have to blame myself that I belong to those 97% of players who almost never visited the Captain’s Quarters and have been declared guilty of CQ’s removal now. And more than half of the time I ever spent in CQ during the six years of its existence comes from the last night before they got removed. (That night had never happened if a lucky bug hadn’t caused the release deployment to be delayed by 24 hours.) I was flying between stations to capture impressions and a bunch of images of all four empire quarters - and of myself.

Which is weird since I never found myself particularly interesting and didn’t put considerable effort into making my character interesting. However, for the first time I noticed there actually IS a character who is closely affiliated to me, the person in front of the screen, and yet somehow in his own world. I cannot say that the CQ were a particularly great feature, as rudimentary as it was - it was just a soon abandoned start for something which could have become really exciting - but it still offered an option to view a character in movement and in different poses, expressions and environments, all not available through the simple avatar view which is the only thing that is left now.

After the few hours during that last night I understand that you can feel detached when you lose an opportunity to interact with your character, as autistic or narcissistic as it may sound. It’s not “silly as hell”.

And yes, the fact that those 3% have paid money to enjoy their special stuff in the CQ makes the removal almost an impudence. Or, perhaps not so much CQ’s removal - the technical reasons have been explained enough - but the fact that no proper replacement is on the roadmap even for the far future.