A Tribute to EVE Online

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New user, ha. I hope those imgur-links will work anyway.

Been here for years. Been away for years.

Resubbed this account for good. Not really going to play much - but damn, CCP and EVE Online deserve them coins.

Space. Emrayur. Undocking. CCP Hallur giving me shivers. Merchants, Looters and Ghosts playing. Warping my noob Frigate somewhere. Amazed. Figured some stuff for a couple of days, created new account.


Thats where you got me now. I’m wearing the Jacket since about two years now. The Polo-Shirt about the same.

And today I got to finalize a wall with masterpieces. Huge appreciation goes out to those creators.


I could write so much more. Playing with Russians in Nullsec, caring about things in Highsec, defending towers in Lowsec. Even CTAs with CVA vs. Ushra Khan have been had.
Despite all the chances of loss I’d go for the fun. T1-fit Blackbird and foes in the system? Warp Drive Activated.


CCP. Players. Go on.

PS: can you Developers spread virtual hugs in your office? Every bit of yours is simply amazing.

PPS: Emrayur. Holy lands. Even for a Caldari of mine.

Been here for years. Been away for years. Going to be here for years.


Good memories. :slight_smile:
No matter what happens with EvE, I will cherish all the good time I had with it and be grateful to CCP for making new eden.

If you’ve been gone for years perhaps you might not be aware that Pearl Abyss (makers of Black Desert Online) has bought CCP - or maybe that’s why you came back, dunno.

There are many aspects to the whole thing. Some EvE players think it’s a bad thing, some think it might be a good thing, some think thinking about it at all is ridiculous.

just fyi.

Thanks for that detail - haven’t been aware of this. Seems to be splitting people a bit…

I’ll be neutral for now and see how things develop. Been away too long to judge on possible effects or outcomes.

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