Thank you CCP

I’ve been playing EVE for a while now. I first signed up in 2017 but a few weeks later some kind of bug prevented me from logging into my account so I let it rest for a year while real life was beating me up all over the place. Then I tried to log in again and made another character under a new account. I played on that one for a few months until I learned I could open a ticket to get my original account unlocked.
The CCP employee I contacted through the ticked was very helpful, kind, and professional. I wish I could remember who it was but I thank her/him anyway. My account was unlocked with the explanation that there must’ve been some kind of bug.
Been on the same account since then with different characters that I biomassed ( I’m a very picky and indecisive person ) and I just have to say: EVE is a hell of a game! A good one! I only had a limited experience with MMO’s before that and when I found EVE I decided to invest time and money in it because I admire the artwork, the music, the sound effects, the general feel and the mechanics of the game that make it all possible to live in New Eden. I was awestruck at the level of artistry put into it, the ships’ designs, the details put into the skyboxes, ships, modules and ammo, the beautiful stations, the info pages, the NPCs… and immediately fell in love with it. That had only happened to me with a few games and they were all single-player’s so I knew I would be playing EVE for a long time, that’s how I decided to pay for Omega.
I would like to give all the employees of CCP my thanks and am showing my gratitude for a job well done by paying on my account and with this here post, saluting all of them for their patience toward the community and their indulgence towards some ( and thankfully the few ) ungrateful crybabies who find fault at the smallest pixel or insignificant change instead of finding ways to adapt and understand that CCP is going through changes that affect not only the players but also CCP employees and even the owners. You and I do not know what they have been going through for the last few years ( especially when CCP had to get a “big brother” in the form of Pearl Abyss ) but I can imagine it has not been fun at all. There have been layoffs and maybe some have quit in protest but whatever my speculations, I can sympathize because I have been there, employed by corporations who had to seek funding from outside, and end up being forced into courses of actions that displeased a lot of customers and employees… not fun at all!
I thank all of you CCP-Devs, ISDs, Artists, and coders and want to let you know that, while I fly through space, I think about what difficulties you may have run into, think about how you may cope during these difficult times of pandemic constraints and political/environmental upheavals and encourage you all to keep plugging at it, to go on improving it and coming up with new ideas that hopefully will improve all the lives of these bold clones/capsuleers throughout New Eden.
Congratulations on a great game, good changes that will eventually improve it, and a job well done overall.
I, for one, appreciate you immensely and will be logging in until CCP/PA is no more - which I hope won’t happen for many more decades to come.

With love


Oh a satisfied costumer! Thought it was a Myth.

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