Thank you to the Eve Online customer service staff

I had taken a break from Eve and started playing another game.

I ran into a very small problem with the other game and was treated very poorly by the customer service staff there.

So I thought I would give Eve another try. I had to talk to Eve customer service to help me login and they treated me like gold. You guys are freaking awesome.

I don’t know if this is something new or if you were always this cool and I didn’t appreciate it.

Either way - THANK YOU! All the money I was going to waste on that other game was all invested into Eve because of how well I was treated.

Thank You Very Much!

You made a loyal lifetime customer!



Welcome back to Eve, hope you have a long successful career here.

Even if we gank you? :slight_smile:


And to think…I’ve had a ticket open for 3 weeks without a response…interesting difference, lol

I’d like to see you try

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its a matter of issue severity, probably. Simple matters/questions like OP’s are usually resolved/answered within hours.

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