Thank You CCP

(ArMyna) #1

This is a short receipt of how Eve Online benefitted my real life (Incarna-present). I am laying it down here in this alt, specially to thank the most hard working devs on the planet, who have made this game what it is to this day, and to those ISD and GMs, and in-game helpers who contributes, through thick and thin, to keep the sandbox running. Unfortunately irl responsibilities are now overtaking my daily schedule, so I do not have as much time anymore to invest in. But during those years that I have been actively dedicated to Eve online, I have gained that much experience to fuel my life:

  1. I have learnt Discipline through the numerous combat/pve fleets I urged myself into; coms discipline, fleet member respect, fulfill a role and improve from it, etc. I have developped a sense of timing and precision overall. I now live my life based on such discipline and plan of action on a day to day basis.

  2. Being a non-native english speaker, and being on coms every single day has improved my english via listening to english speaker FCs. I can now write and speak better english. And my colleagues notice the difference, so much so that they were actually speechless when I told them I did all my language refining on an online game!

  3. Financial responsibilitity and managing my funds adequately - via trade, production, marketing - and the famous line ‘do not fly what you cannot afford to lose’, I have learnt how/when risk money, and how to manage funds, as well how to trust my guts in business matters. I have become more confident and successful at managing my own business.

  4. As much as how people can be cruel over the internet, and as harsh as the environment of Eve online is from day 1, it does make you a better person the sooner you dedicate yourself into the game mechanics, and learn frm your mistake. You will lose a bunch at first, but you’ve got to take lesson from those loss and build in strength from it. And there are good people all across the game who will be willing to help you from time to time.

  5. A pvper (1v1 or fleet v fleet) is more genuine to you than an industrial will ever be (no offense to miners!). I was amazed how easy it was to get along with pvpers versus getting along with industrials - but that is probably just my case. On a general note, and specially if you’re new to Eve online, start your journey in nullsec - you will learn a greater deal, and make more money than staying cozy in highsec.

At the end of the day, ISK is just another commodity that will make your gameplay more enjoyable. Use it, pvp with it, lose it and enjoy the game as it’s meant to be played. Eventually you will reach the level where you will be able to play for free, pay for your pvp extravaganzas, donate in billions to any random pilot, and still have more fuel for years ahead.

Good hunting o7.

(Old Miner Ecilopp) #2

Thank You CCP? New map? Shift+C? LoL! In RL is It would be stupid stupid mistakes, unemployment and company insolvent

(CowQueen MMXII) #3

You might not have noticed, but for CCP employees developing and maintaining Eve is part of their RL. Working on a game doesn’t mean that working becomes a game.

(Nate Hill) #4

Remind me of one song and I don’t know why.
She works hard for the money, so you better treat her right.