OK we all know CCP are in Damage control mode atm, And they have gone all out to make life easier in eve, With little data base changes, that take hours of work at most. While they have been hemorrhaging players at a astounding rate. So after years of Nerfs, and Punishing there older player base, As well as nearly every enjoyable play style, So those that have been paying by cash for decades like me, for there accounts. They expect us to say thank you (for not listening to us for decades) and can we have your money again please. Well i say no. Too Little to late. Most of the people I know have moved on , and good for them. I just don’t play anymore. And I certainly don’t want to give CCP a penny for this megre show that they actually give a damn about there players. Its just all show until they get your subs (FOR 2 YEARS) then they will revert back to kind.

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Can I have your stuff please?


Lol, Its a possibility, But my stuff would make you never need or want to play again. Im hoping CCP is bought out for a minimal price by some company that likes to make money , not alienate its players. So this is a maybe atm :slight_smile:

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Im intrigued.

Can I have some of it?


Lol stop making me me reply.

The thing is where CCP went wrong, is they created a Sandbox, and when the Sandbox got Full, rather than adding more sand ( ie , More Ships, (Way stronger than TItans) more quests that required bigger and better ships to complete), more things for players to aspire to , so players had a goal. . They did the complete opposite and Removed 80% of the sand , so everybody in New Eden got punished for CCP’s mismanagement, and then on top of that they decided to charge there players more for a game that had less content than ever.

As I’ve said 100 times on as many threads, the players are the content in Eve. PvE can inevitably only keep people happy up to a certain point. Personally I find PvE boring anyway. The whole reason Eve is an MMO is the PvP content, and for that it is down to players and corps and alliances to create content. The last thing you want in a sandbox is the game makers defining and ruling over and controlling the content.

Oh ok

Youre supposed to make content out of the sand.

Some stuff, just a wee bit, go on. Aw you will

You will you will go wan

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After you’ve given some of your sand to Ramona, can I also have some of it?

Huh. Why is that?

Yep CCP don’t recognize players are the content, we are money in the bank , because according to CCP, we are a loyal player base, While I agree we are Loyal , We aint thick.

When you can have anything, there is no point to Life, its just boring.

Thats when whales are Born, And Decide to play eve. Tons of money looking for the simplest thrill. But in the End there is no point to play, Because loss means nothing to them , so the game means nothing to them, They are grasping at a time when loss hurt, But if you become uber rich , nothing in life is a thrill its all mundane. CCP has no idea that these whales are here for moments. (I dont know who is advising CCP on customer relations , but I would get a second opinion asap. as he is a Asshole.)

Huh. I’ve never looked at it that way before…but you’re probably right. Now I kind of want to know what I would do if I “looked into Galadriel’s mirror” like that. Give me your stuff and if that’s what happens, I’ll pass it on to another “experiment subject”. This could indeed be interesting…


in the test server there is a new tab called Personalization in the Fittings window and it has an Emblems tab for your ship!

I wish having that, because when we get nothing we want it is also boring.
Maybe knowing both extremes helps me finding the middle way at last.

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CCP are the ones with the flame thrower, going from floor to floor, burning this thing to the ground.

It has to be intentional at this point… I mean. my 13 years has shown they have no interest in doing anything that would keep the core player base and new players.

It can’t be, at this point, pure, unadulterated incompetence… can it??

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Unadulterated incompetence was CCP giving in to player demands.

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Yep, Thats is CCP pure unadulterated incompetence, the thing is I think that Pearl Abyss has a clause that state any such action voids contracts. Can somebody confirm this please. So we know what is going on.

If they were giving in to players demands, Why have all the players left. ?

Because the game got boring.

I promise not to hoard your stuff but explode it

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