Blackout and the "Chaos" to come

After listening to the CCP Blackout interview.

FU I quit. Now that I got that off my chest let me explain. You guys talk how the sandbox is now cement, well that’s because players like me made it that way. I started in Feb of 2008 and fought and worked (and paid CCP) to build my castle. So, what gives you the right to even consider that we need a kick in the ass. You gave us the tools to create what we wanted now our creation is not good enough for you. Well I can say this “that’s not something I’m willing to fund”.

As far as hi sec being more dangerous than low or null sec, I consider that a failure on CCP’s part. Maybe if you actually made it safe you wouldn’t have 90% loss on new players a week.

As far as all this chaos. Players create chaos, hi sec is a good example of that. When you try to inject chaos people just avoid it and then eventually stop paying.

As far as bleeding from there eyes and ears I call BS nobody except crazy people pay long term to bleed. As soon as the losses get to high that’s it.

My plan is this I’ve stopped Omega cloning 5 of my 6 characters simple because I can’t watch all of them with the black out. I’ve stopped buying plex (which was way more than omega time). Once my last character omega time runs out that’s it. Ill park all my crap in an NPC station and wait for eve to role back to a state I want to play in.

If I were CCP for a day I would make hi sec safe so new players can learn and grow and continue to play as they choose to. I would thru game mechanics make it financially to costly to grow past a certain size. Because smaller groups create more activity.

Friends are someone your intimate with, true there are some in eve that sound like they might fit that bill. For me however most people I play with fall into “that guy I play eve with” so please don’t devolve what a friend is.

My opinion you need to work on retention that is where your problem is, not disturbing the core.

As a final thought I wouldn’t let noobs speak in public. He really finalized my decision.


I don’t think Eve is a sandbox game anymore, it’s more like a scripted theme-park now with a few different rides in it. Main thing is CCP removing player choice and dictating how this game should be played, that’s not good and the loss of older players clearly reflects that.

As for new player retention stats being bad, that’s definitely on CCP for all their years of fostering and promoting a brutal toxic environment.


It certainly seems like a ‘kill or cure’ strategy. I wonder whether that’s the motivation behind it?


agreed if CCP could make hi sec definitely safe i.e. no player started fighting like maybe no fire zones or something similar. or maybe add another donut as they call it. that new players cant leave the safe zone until the meet some skill limit. I’m kind of talking out my 4th point of contact on this but there has to be away.
I play in null sec because it is safe because I helped create that safety


being an IT guy I know that when developing a product the designer only works off of what the customer wants. not so in CCP’s case actually it seems to be the exact opposite.

agreed for years they’ve fostered HTFU culture and than new people come in and leave they wonder why no one is staying.

Ive restarted from nothing twice do to corp members blowing up my transport ships when i started and lost lots of other ships due to corp members and than low tons of ships to alliance/coalition members in null.

CCP has taken a number of steps over the years because of things like “we dont like the way these ships are being used so lets change them” and other bs reasons


Exactly the kind of reaction they utterly expected.

And one that many others are happy to see.


the real motivator here is money CCP wants player money. so they change things to bring new players in but they cant hold them because they don’t understand how to. They think that chaos will make people like the game more. that may be true for a percentage of the players that live for the kill. I don’t live for the kill. I want to be the war dog. to provide the ships and fittings and ammo so people can make things go boom. to get to that level it has taken a decade. my real life is hard enough why would I want to pay to play a game that’s getting harder to succeed at. So no more money from my wallet

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Well I’m glad that I will be one of those limp dead animals falling from the herd. that way eve can become a smaller leaner enviroment

Cool everyone is happy then.

GD is such a warm fuzzy place these days.

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the funny thing is ill probably be having this conversation about another game ten years from now. Ill be pissed that I spent a ton of money and things are changing to a degree that’s untenable. its a never ending cycle games come games go.

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*high five


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Can I have your stuff op if you quit?

one of the many saying a career in the Army has blessed me with.

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clearly you have a problem with reading comprehension. the lead article clearly states " Ill park all my crap in an NPC station and wait for eve to role back to a state I want to play in." So no you cant have all my stuff. But I can recommend some educational institutions


I was gonna guess no, but waited till you had a go.

But he’s left the door open for you to ask for some of it :wink:

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Yeah I fell almost asleep halfway trough the post so I completely missed that. Never hurts to ask though. Always looking for funds to make higgsec a better and safer place for new players, every ISK helps.


I haven’t been there yet. any how getting off topic there are always two sides to a topic. I understand and respect yours. your input adds to the conversation thank you

I do promise to dispose of any assets sent my way in a responsible fashion with pics. Here’s the 1 bill Punctuator gave me being used responsibly;