Blackout Concludes

Just announced at G Fleet :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: Sad times.

So Here is my 2 cents,

My corporation Existential Crysis spent a fair amount of time out in Null security space during the Blackout, the thing that struck me the most was the fact that the pilots that continued ratting and mining after Blackout was implemented were adapting very quickly and on the most part successfully.

They utilised mobile warp bubbles to slow down the incoming threat of hostile scouts a few systems back from heavily ratted systems combined with cloaked watchmen on gates waiting for gate fire. They would spot you even if you where travelling in a covert ops frigate.

They perfected masking techniques to counter Hunters mining Dotlan npc kill data. In some cases they would predict and prepare to bait and counter what they knew was about to happen (a good content generator)

My point is simply that it was weeding out the weak and lazy and breeding a more hardcore null dweller.
Also making the main argument pro local in Null totally invalid.

Alas the direction Blackout was taking us has now hit a brick wall due the the weak and lazy voting with their wallets. A cowardly act that is symptomatic of a lazy mans personality type. Shame on you.

So what now for this once glorious game EVE Online as it spirals further into the abyss of stagnation?

Capsuleers who came back with hope will leave, and the ones who quit without giving Blackout a chance will return, bottling will increase and CCP’S bottom line will crawl back to its unimpressive levels. Of that I have no doubt.

People have said that EVE is dying over the years, Perhaps It died long ago only to be continually shocked back into life on the operating table briefly, only to slip back into its coma like state.

For me I will stick it out to the bitter end do my best to adapt. But I fear the end is near.




Thats crap. Null wins again, everyone else loses.

Hope they at least nerf the crap out of the Hello Kitty rewards.

Well there goes my need to ever buy Plex in cash.

So when do they cave into Null on the cyno changes? Tuesday?


Good riddance. Now they just need to revert cyno changes and everything is awesome again.

After all, all the bots were banned.

And then they need to develop for EVE again. Castrate rorquals, delete supers/titans or make them anti capital weapons only. For all I care, do something to anomalies to make them group PVE over solo PVE and so on and so forth.

Good to see that Falcon’s pipe dream ends just like all Memes end: A painful disappearing into oblivion after a short heyday time.


I was really hoping that CCP had thrown caution to the wind and was on the path back to hard mode for all…

I really hope this is a “calm before the storm” scenario for when big changes arrive in the fall…but I might be truly delusional with that…


So CCP is actually capable of realizing that they made a mistake. Amazing…


Good luck to you.

Greed and threats have won over common sense and the future of this game.

My 4 accounts have already unsubbed.

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Nope, CCP Weaksauce just caved in in the face of bot account unsubs.


This is legit btw — there are links.

CCP bottled it :rofl::joy::joy:

all the people who dont touch nullsec are angry for some reason. Why? Just pretend we dont exist and then you dont have to worry about it.


Except that Hello Kitty land effects the mineral prices and subsequently every activity every where else in EvE.

So not much point paying to get screwed, might as well be an alpha.

I don’t live in North Korea but I am still concerned with what goes on there…is that ok by you or should we all put our heads deeper into NE sand?




LOL…that response says it all…they couldn’t even look at the audience.


Well at least there is alpha So I don’t have pay for CCP’s cowardice and WOW Classic.


talk is cheap.

And Alpha is cheaper :grinning:


[tinfoil hat on]
Well, maybe they just want to gather metrics of recent cyno changes without blackout…
[/tinfoil hat off]

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This guy is seriously implying that the bots aren’t going to come back.

Are you 14?