Congradulations CCP for a successful launch of bringing in noobs

Logged on aprox. 7pm est and we have a grand total of well i was going to state 23.5 k ppl on line but it has fell to 22.7k as i started typing.

So CCP i have unsubbed my 3 paid accounts, removed my credit card. So disapointed that the gankers have won, im just curious about what big targets they be finding to kill now? Of about (only15-20) guys i have actively kept track of for the last couple of years , that regulary flew rorqs i do belive that most are in star citizen, or a racing sim or waiting on WoW .

just wondering when the owners of the game realize that all this has been a failure if anyone will be held accountable?, who the heck is determined to turn this into a game supported by noobs? there was a rush of them ( small) now gone

a few weeks ago i saw this corp that boasted about killing like 24 rorqs, funny those guys seem not find nayonre to kill, it seems even the trolls r quiting the gamne

CCP change it back plz

in this short time it ook for me to write this the populatio is down to 22.272 k seriously CCP this is SATURDAY NITE, so i have a dread and a carrier with t2 fighters, ( alllthis skilled up to n built in the last 6 months ) will be rat bait parked in a haven an left to die,

congradulations CCP dude


i have a briliant idea? to help salvage the game and bring back its glory days< lets have a poster contest!!!

Yes, the game was totally on an upwards trend before blackout… /sarcasm.

On a serious note, the game have some other fundamental issues that makes the game boring to play. While blackout might not have saved eve, it is also not what is killing it.

Anyway, whiners are gonna whine.


Can someone help me a bit on what this guy means? Is he just another one of those people raging about these new changes or what?

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Lost a shitfit rattler to CODE. in null?


This sort of came out of nowhere. What does Ganking have to do with a sudden flux of player count? You do realize that you can wait 10 minutes and the player count changes again, right?

What if tomorrow, it was 24k people? WIll that mean that you are wrong?

Dont you mean, waiting on Star Citizen, and not WoW? I believe WoW is already out, but Star Citizen is still a sort-of-single-player-but-not-really mess of a game.

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It is down to 22K cause 2K that are not here were bots. Also euros are now going to sleep…

He lost a ship in the blackout because no local = super duper effort with Dscan and no more afk ratting, and now hes angry that he cant afk while rake in tons of isk.


As usual…
Thanks anyways.

He probably means WoW Classic, that’s about all I got from his incoherent babbling anyway.


Another Blackout whine.

If you cant hack the new risk level in null, which better balances the reward. Move or to quote null players for the last 15 years



It’s not CCPs fault that you’re not very good at staying alive, nor is it ours.

A lack of respect for your working environment and an entitled disposition are clearly why you cannot have nice things.

That being said, I wish you luck in your future endeavours.




All this salt over a poorly fit Rattlesnake loss.

It certainly wasn’t the OP’s fault he wasn’t paying attention and died. This is all because of CCP! They’re definitely the ones who caused OP to lose his Rattlesnake! How dare they!! /s


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