Ways To Make EVE, EVE Again

Herro fellow capusleers,

So while I’ve enjoyed the salt mine that the forums have been the past few days, thanks to an alien with two hearts, I realized something very important.

So many people keep saying EVE is such a gritty, dark universe and the good Dr has no place in it. Yet, is it? Gankers are vilified daily. There are weekly, sometimes daily threads crying to daddy CCP about this and that and to please save us.

The ones who follow the gamall vegur are dwindling, and not being replaced by suitable candidates.

Therefore, I propose some theoretical changes that will restore us to former glory. Please feel free to discuss and add your own ideas. I know the haters out there may troll, but rest assured if you do, you only prove my point more and more :smiley:

There is no real order to the ideas, just spitballing and brainstorming.

  1. Blackout for all sec systems high/low/null/WH/Pochpoch

-Yep. You heard right. I went with the biggest one first :smiley: Why you ask? Now I wasn’t actively playing EVE during the time of blackout. I am well aware most didn’t like it and I know why. Local is a HUGE advantage. Absolutely huge. If you say it isn’t, then please learn to EVE.

Now you take that away? Players will have to learn how to use d-scan effectively. They will learn to love the V key, To press it lovingly every 2-3 seconds. To gain, by force if need be, situational awareness. Now I’m leaving F10 the same and all the other meta tools.

This will force players to work together as well. Having a dude actually watching gates. This also impacts multi-boxing. Because while you could have several alts, can you watch both effectively at the same time? This will gasp make people actually play together in an MMO. I know, shocking amirite?

Also it will allow solo players to have some element of surprise and of course vice versa. People will be easier to catch but you could also be caught. This is EVE. Death is a friend who always finds you.

Now could people just dock up? Probably. But if they do well, you have your answer on what EVE players really are now :smiley:

  1. War Deccs

-Yep, roll back that nerf. No structure needed. I fully believe it will change the texture of high sec and actually impact ganking heavily. I am sure that ganking as it is now is also a result of the war decc nerf. This, combined with Blackout will result in yes, a lot of smaller corps getting decced. However, blackout will make them harder to find.

Ergo, lvl 4 agents will again become semi-useful in tracking peeps. This will also teach people situational awareness, such as sometimes its safer to log in a safe than a station and to actually make safes. Astounding.

I firmly believe that although it must have sucked, being war decced in EVE Uni made them stronger in the end.

  1. Lvl 4 Sec Agent Buff

-Yes sir, here comes the grind. IF you grind standings up super high with an agent, they can track a player for lets say 15-30 mins real time. It will be a needed info source with the blackout in effect. That and peeps will actually run combat probes :smiley: Scanning and being super good at it will become a sought after skill again.

Also if the person you are tracking has high standings with said corp or agent, it will decrease the live tracking to a certain amount. You didn’t think you were getting out of the grind eh?

  1. Moving All Lvl 4 Sec Agents to Low/Move T4-6 To Only Be Able To Run In Low/Null/WH

-Yep. I said what I said. You can still make decent money in high, but if you want those ISKies, you gotta take more risk. It will also add to piracy again and make it more legitamate. I believe it will also change the texture of ganking again as well.

Lvl 4 agent systems will definitely have more peeps trying to kill peeps. I wouldn’t be adverse to making lvl 4’s harder to scan down or some such.

In the end, my goal is to get people to actually play together again. I also have sec status ideas :smiley:

Chime in! Let us discuss how to make EVE, EVE again.


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  1. Thankee for proving my point :smiley:
  2. I guess you are obsessed huh?
  3. ISD, don’t close de thread. I’m not ashamed :smiley: But I would like to point out he is doing it on purpose to get the thread locked. I would highly suggest some action is appropriate.

But I would like to point out he is doing it on purpose to get the thread locked.

Oh like you don’t post on every single thread I make completely de-railing it to get it locked?

You can dish it out but can’t take it huh?


Hm? I don’t de-rail. I bring up legitimate points. Just cause you don’t agree doesn’t mean its de-railing :smiley:

But you’ve already admitted to doing this purely to get the thread locked :smiley: But it does prove my point even stronger.

New Edeners for the most part are soft. I don’t mind you trolling, but it def shows you can’t handle your hole alone :smiley: And it definitely shows you got kicked out of your corp ROFL.

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Stop using people zkill to verify if they are worth it.


If someone who doesn’t even play the game is going to call me trash, I’m going to link their zkill.

Thats how it works. Don’t want people linking your zkill? Don’t go around calling people trash when you are the epitome of it.


spamming “72 hr hole control” on every thread I make is not a ‘legitimate point’

You are a troll. You don’t even play the game.


No… you don’t know if it is just a forum alt. You cannot make that assumption.

What about people that do everything else in EVE but never kill or loose ships?


What about people that do everything else in EVE but never kill or loose ships?

Like what? Sit in a station all day? If you aren’t losing / killing ships, you aren’t playing eve.

Sitting in a station or running level 4 missions for 10 years is not ‘playing eve’ and if that is how you play – you certainly shouldn’t go around calling people trash.

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ROFL, I literally played today. I play about 2-3 hours daily, more if schedule permits. I spent today largely organizing inventory and purchasing stuff to beat the already rising prices of certain stuffs in prep for the Who event.

You seem to link killing or losing ships with actively playing every day. You realize people literally see and talk to me in-game right? ROFL.

You’re cute tho bro :smiley: And look, I didn’t even suggest nerfs to your ISK faucet :smiley:

Sitting in a station and posting on the forums is not playing eve.

You don’t know jack about eve, you are trash at the game, your zkill proves it – thats why you don’t like it linked.

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This me main. Today I spent it largely being logistical and I have recently started to do some small time indy. I plan on painting the sky red during the Who event tho :smiley:

ROFL I don’t know where you get I run missions all day. I was literally in your precious J-space just yesterday. So I am also a fellow WHer :smiley:

Huh. Did you let Chribba know that or

I mean very technically if you are in game, you are playing :smiley:

I’d would wager I know much more EVE about than you. I don’t mind it linked? It makes me laugh. Its the forum rules who don’t.

I didn’t ever upload to zkills until RIFTA made it so as a requirement. The whole time I was with Beets, we never really cared about zkills or kill whoring. Just pure fun :smiley:

All I do in EVE is kill ships. I don’t Indy, I don’t PVE’, I do nothing else.

That means I consume maybe maybe 10% of what EVE offers. Somebody that does everything else except killing and loosing ships consume a lot more of EVE by default. So stop using Zkill to judge people.


Haha comparing yourself to Chribba, thats cute.

Chribba created tons of tools to help players in the game, you talk trash; you two aren’t comparable.

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Yet by your own standards, you consider him trash :smiley:

Which is it?

No, you confuse yourself with Chribba.

Chribba is not trash, you are. You two are nothing alike.

I find it cute that he does. Honestly his salt is next level. It makes me feel like I’m doing EVE right :smiley:

You literally just said he was trash based upon your own standards ROFL. I know bud, logic isn’t your strong point :smiley:

Chribba doesn’t sit on the forums calling people trash, you do.

Big difference. Especially when your zkill shows you truly, really are, utter trash.

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