Just an idea test thread


So the purpose of this thread is to basically test the overall reaction of the community with an idea.
I would sort of already guess what the reaction would be but I think it better to make a point by verifying it in reality.

So first, you have bare in mind that this idea would work only if botting and rmt, or any way of gaining an unfair advantage ingame was dealt with once and for all by CCP.

With that in mind, the idea would basically be a total Eve Reboot, which basically means a full wipe of all isks and assets ingame. All characters would remain ingame, unchanged and keep all their sp, but everything in the eve world economy would have to be rebuilt from scratch.

This is only a thread meant for voicing your opinions about such an idea, or even thinking on the prospect of such an idea in hypothetical way if it were enforced on you by CCP, for the good of the game on the long run.

How would you generally respond ?
Reactively ?
Moan ?
Quit ?
Think about it ?
Act upon it ?
Constructively ? …

Whatever answer you choose, I already thank you for your input in this.


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I would not even think about it.

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People had been over the idea about the dead horse of Serenity for many times. And what about the not-so-dead horse of Tranquility?

I once played a fallout 2 engine mmo that got full wipe every year (chars and assets), and everyone was fine with it.

It was simply necessary because in the end, the game became over-inflated with stuff and with no longer fun/â– â– â– â–  to do.

Imo, the same should be done for Eve.

But, dead-horse yea, probably.

CCP would never take such a risk.

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What would be the aim of this?

Well the aim is to refresh on the game’s economy and interactions (providing they fix botting first, permanentyl) , stuff to do and build that doesn’t feel totally cheap and meaningless by an oversaturated market.

To build things from scratch again with all the sandbox tools available, and to generally reinstate the kind of immersion that left the game a long time ago already.

Or more simply, to make the game fun again.

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I cant see how it wouldnt return the circumstance we have now.

Not that I see a problem now, in regards to the market.

Wouldn’t want to farm all my stuff again. PVE in eve is not the most entertaining thing in the world.

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With botting out of the way, the economy wouldnt be as inflated with isk and stuff.

At the start you’d actually have to depend a lot on miners and industrials again to build the ships for you to go do ■■■■ and pewpew with.

Ships and interactions wouldn’t be nor feel so cheap nor disposable/replacable anymore, as much less of them would be available on market and world. That alone should to create the level immersion that Eve should be about.

And you wouldn’t be able to train everything, as a wipe would happen every 2 years.

Thats also providing they remove injectors/extractors.

Just NO.

How many people do you think would actually return to the game if CCP wiped all their work from the last (upto) 15 years?

Do you really think Eve has a good enough reputation to pull in enough new faces to cover those that would walk away?


And not those bots again? How do you kick them out if you weren’t able to do it in the previous run?

I dont get why that would be a good thing, sorry. I dont really fancy paying say 80m for a Drake again.

Then there is literally no point investing time and money in an MMO that doesnt actually save your progress.


I understand that reaction very well, and is quite typical, but the point of the thread is also maybe to see beyond that, and what actually truly matters and makes fun in a sandbox mmo. It’s not your progress per se, but what you do with it and other people.

So whichever level it’s at shouldnt matter so much.

But I never said this would be an inquisition thread on the overall Eve community’s mentality, and how it’s affecting their game on the long run, and more of an observation thread for what it currently is.

However a valid point, you’d be surprised how many would stick to a game they’ve loved to play for the last 15 years, and they’ll realize how even more fun it is for it to be refreshed everynow and then.

Im not fond of other people and they arent fond of me on the whole, so the sandbox part is mostly be building or destroying things. If I spend a year infiltrating an Alliance, then I would rather get to decide when to act, not have a game timer tell me when my meter is up.

In short; some people like to play very slowly, and this idea would basically take that luxury away.

I see you point of view, but I just dont think that there is an economic requirement atm.

Most ideas are bad. This is one of them. In some games this idea works. In this one it wouldn’t.

You’re sort of on the right track though: There needs to be more chaos, more reset-to-zero, but it needs to be perpetual and distributed over time. Things like alliances and high end social content need time to ripen. With regular system-wide resets you put an artificial barrier on when certain types of alliances can form. The type that form just before a reset will have a completely different flavor to the ones that happen just after. Instead, there needs to be barriers to how long an individual alliance can survive. They should be the most volatile social structure in EVE, not the most permanent. That way you get mini-resets all over EVE constantly.


Maybe the story of my immortal character IS what truly matters…

–Forever Gadget


They can easily do this without a big “reset” by simply adjusting downward all the various sinks in the game. But that would most significantly hurt PVPers, who are disproportionately consumers. Therefore ::Rorquals::

Scarcity is a weapon. A lack of some critical resource can halt an army in its tracks and that would be too realistic . . . I guess.

Im open to any form of reset really, the OP idea is bad indeed, and it was kind of the point in its current form to give rise to potential good ones like you just mentioned.

The game simply needs something, a periodic system, of somekind to limit overstocking, and promote more chaos by the restocking of it.

The game’s meter is up, but not the people’s meter. Nothing’s stopping you from keeping on playing and infiltrating with this same alliance post-reset, in fact, helping them rebuild and gain their trust through passed reset could prove even more to your advantage I reckon.

I just dont imagine many could be bothered rebuilding over and over like that.