Wipe Eve

(wattanass) #1

Y’all can work out the details but basically lets start fresh.

Rookie ships for everyone.

I’m not saying this week or even this decade. Just plan for it as an option, I think a reset would be fun.

Or you can “accidentally corrupt all the saved data” on the next downtime, that’d be ok too lol.

FYI I’ve played on and off for 10 years, have multiple toons, captials, etc… An average eve player. So I have skin in the game and not just a fresh player wanting to bring everyone down to my level.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #2

this would kill eve. a good number of players would simply stop playing crippling the ACU and it would never recover

(Daichi Yamato) #3

Sounds like you’ve started from scratch a few times yourself and now just want everyone on the same level as you.

(wattanass) #4

That’s like the exact opposite of what I said but OK.

Keep it about the topic not me please.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #5

his translation sounded pretty on point to me

(Daichi Yamato) #6

Ok. Well there’s never a good time to reset everything. There will be losers and bigger losers. And there will always be someone mere days away from completing a personal mile stone and then you pull the rug from under them. They won’t be happy.

You’re best hope is EVE 2.0. A new game with new code written from scratch having learned from all the mistakes made with this version. But even then it wouldn’t surprise me if ccp decide to give some starter packs to old omegas. And you probably will find that some people just stop playing.

(wattanass) #7

Some will quit but you might get a lot of new players and old unsubbed players returning.

An EVE 2 would also be cool but I don’t see how its much different than wiping and applying some changes. Having 2 games active would require double the hardware and risk splitting the already declining pop between Eve 1 and Eve 2 possibly dooming both.

(Daichi Yamato) #8

So we’ll make multi million pound decisions based on a crystal ball? Think about it.

Eves code is old and spaghetti like. You can’t always extract the parts you don’t want without affecting the parts you do want. One example is the one second server tick. Right now the server only sends an receives information once a second. This can be seen when you finish locking a target as the server must take a second check if the lock has been successful and the end of the timer (i.e. target hasn’t warped off, left target range etc) Players would like this to be faster so that the game would be more responsive. However, the one second server tick rule is apparently so embedded in the rest of eves code that changing it would involve rewriting much of eves existing code.

Now this is just one thing. There are several cases where ccp have said to people’s idea ‘we’d be interested in doing that. But legacy code’. So this is one way where having a fresh start, having learned from the past, could be better than rewriting code as though you’re playing operation with a crane.

If you’re gonna nuke the server, it makes more sense to do it with a whole new game. New code. New assets. New attributes etc and everyone gets a fresh start.

It doesn’t make any sense to just press reset on the existing server. Like there is not one good reason.

(wattanass) #9

Cool, do that. Like I said at the start the devs can work out the details but it’d be cool to play in New New Eden.

(Dread Saboteur) #10

The start from scratch thing would be cool for a league type gameplay on a different server perhaps but because EVE in itself is a sandbox it doesn’t support league type gameplay too well

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #11

no, many will quit and you are not going to find many coming back or trying it out. a re-set is not going to make the things that keep the majority of players stay away magically disappear

(wattanass) #12

Many are already quitting. At some point it will be worth trying. When that time comes I hope they give a reset a try.


Troll thread but I’ll be a sport and respond anyways:

Players would lose millions upon millions of real money (not acceptable at all) and after probably no more than a matter of minutes the Grrr Goons would use their existing infrastructure to dominate the game in a way that even they cannot dream of at this time. The Goons have shown that not only are they resilient in the face of change and defeat but also they can rebuild a game dominating empire in less than a year.

p.s. to be clear the infrastructure im referencing here is their internal organization and not there hard assets.

(Choking Coyote) #14

True, Goons are resilient, but their current domination of the game has less to do with that resilience and more with them undertanding EvE BETTER then even CCP does.

I’ve just finished a marathon of watching all the Meta Show episodes that are still available on Youtube (all 148 of them since 2014) as an exercise in getting up to speed with EvE politics after a 6 year absence of the game. I’m staggered about how often CCP announced a change in the game only to be warned by Mittens and his crew AHEAD OF TIME, how stupid the idea was, HOW it would impact the game, HOW Goons/The Imperium would take advantage of it and HOW it would negatively effect everyone else.

I’m by no means a Goon fanboy but I have to tip my hat at the amount of times Mittens preditions appeared to be right on the money after CCP decided to steamroll their changes regardless. Sometimes I wish CCP was a little less pig headed.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #15

no it doesn’t it comes to well organized numbers

(Daichi Yamato) #16

Aside from the recent acquisition announcement, the vast majority of players who quit are newer players with no stake in the game.

Eve has a dynamic where very few new players stay with the game, but those that do stay for a long time. The only thing keeping eve going is a core of long-term players. The people who have the most to lose if a reset would happen.

Like the announcement of the acquisition, the first thing players are going to do at the announcement of a reset is unsub. With the worry that the new owners will screw the game, why put money into a game that has no future. In the same way, why put money into the game if everything you have will be taken away. At best people will stop playing until after the reset. This is potentially hundreds of millions of RL money.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #17


(Bh0di) #18

177 Million SP here scratching his head…

(wattanass) #19

Not surprising how much people are attached to their pixels but its still sad. Any money you put into a game is already lost.

I don’t believe current dominating alliances/ coalitions would simply reform, at least not to their current strength.

15 years is an impressive run. i think speeding up the game (mining, training, manufacturing, etc…) a little, say 25%, then resetting and applying significant updates every 5 years would be ideal.

Maintaining the status quo would be fine, a simple reset would be better, a sequel with lots stat and mechanics changes would be best.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #20

considering most of the major ones are out of game organizations like brave, test, and especially goons they would have very little difficulty. any of them that couldn’t reform would only open a hole for the others to grow larger