Shut it down!

Yes, just shut it down already. Rewrite the game code so it can handle multithreading . Rehaul all game mechanics . No more infinite resources and overpowered tools to get them. Restart the game to 0 when ready , I don’t care if it takes 5 years. What we have now it’s a bad joke and it’s not going to last very long.

This would actually kill the game. Sure, it might be exciting and new for the first week, then you’ll realize how much of a pain it is to try and do anything and you’ll quit too.

Not if it is on a Second Server were u can play as addition to Tranq. I would love the idea as well eve PvP is just filled with Supers and other caps everywhere nothing really matters anymore it feels like the game has run to long or got speeded up because of Rorquals/Citadels/asset safety and to much isk got into the game. There is a lot to argue but nobody can tell me a second server would be a problem were we all could restart from 0 :slight_smile:

Imagine the first weeks/months gatecamping and killing the first haulers trying to get into Nullsec… or even domination the first years as well as such a nullsec alliance… or finding the first T2 Mod in a wreck all of that would be very exciting and a much slower version of what we have now just like Classic World of Wacraft which I look forward to as well.

I wonder who’s alt you are ?

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Clearly someone who has never run a business.

The only ones who would start from zero are the losers who have no friends. The rest gathers up just like before, make billions just like before and will use injectors just like before.

Then the losers will whine about how unfair it is, yet again, because losers always whine about that. It’s always someone elses fault and never their own. They demand the world to change for them, because they’re too self entitled and stupid to improve themselves to be able to deal with reality.

You’re a loser.

Wait what?
Thats all you got from what I said?
I literally have endless amount of ISK and Ships in eve and got super bored of the game that is the problem… nothing has meaning anymore , If losers are “Rich” people for you yes… I am very much probably one of the biggest Losers in eve :smiley:
A new server would be the best thing for us losers since we could start enjoying the bottom bee worker life again and play with plebs like you and help them a litte bit and teach them da wae!!

It is actually the opposite with “Friends” starting out in eve would be the most fun thing ever since you all could enjoy the game together again so with me saying I want that and you being against it we can clearly see how many friends we both to play with have :sunny:

Also for the future i will ignore ur trash talk then since I checked ur Activity I can see thats all you do… post trash in the Forum instead of playing with ur “Friends” so keep it up and farm those Likes!!

Just wait 1 year after Tranquility turn into serenity, one coalition include 75% of the players one alliance have more titan than ALL the others put together (and that’s not gonna happen) soo yes the only thing that keep alive Eve is the fact Goon haven’t already cut his throat

soo idk when the time come make a strawpoll on the launcher 1 “restart everything” “restart but keep SP” “STFU let us die” this game don’t have any sense everyone known what gonna happen just like a cow before his execution, it’s too late a “balance patch” change nothing, i’m sad af to see that

This would end up in the death of EVE Online.
If you want to fantasize what it’s like to start fresh, go start up a new account and try playing for a month without using any of the Player created services, items, ships, modules and ammo, anything.

That means no injectors, no Jita, no researched blueprints, no T2 modules or Faction Ammo, etc.

It’s incredibly easy to talk like this right now, because you’re taking so much of the game
and the current systems it has developed over the last decade+ for granted. But anyone who has more than three brain cells knows that CCP will not “reset” the game because it would kill the playerbase faster than an actual blue donut would.

A couple of kids might feel excited to try the game fresh, but most will quit within a week because they’ll realize it’ll be a month or so before even T2 modules will be available on the market, let alone T2 ships, at quantities that allow them to be priced reasonably.

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