Will we ever see a new wiped server?

So um,

Been playing since 07 and am wanting to come back to EVE with some friends, but we do know for a fact that what BoB did with the tower exploits really broke the game and that the only thing stopping alliances from having more titans is the time required to cook them.

I feel like anything we could do would be meaningless since we were not in the exploit loop and that no, we cannot ■■■■ out as many titans as we’d like. Since the game has been broken for years and CCP did nothing to fix the issue, is there a possibility that in the future we’d actually see a separate, wiped server?

I would actually be fine with retraining all of my skills if it meant the known issues and major exploits are fixed on this server. Even if you slash the number of systems in half, give people the choice of playing in an already broken game beyond fixing, or starting over in a system where POS are gone (I know they already are), making this sort of exploit gone…

Insult me all you want, I would just like to play on a server that I know is ‘‘fairer’’ than Tranq is atm…
Forgive the english, am not a native speaker

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POS haven’t been used in the construction of supers for a long while now, so any “exploit”, although i fail to see an exploit as there was never a limit on how many towers you could anchor and there was never a limit on the number of capital construction yards in a system, so less of an exploit and more just them flexing their wealth which isn’t against the rules, you still need sov but now you just need a citadel of the correct size and the resources and skills required to start the build job and be able to defend the structure making it :stuck_out_tongue:

So i’m not sure what “exploit” you’re actually referring to


I am making a reference to the Moon mining exploit dating back a decade ago, friend :slight_smile:

Recap: https://www.engadget.com/2008/12/11/rumored-four-year-multi-trillion-isk-exploit-in-eve-online/

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That, and many more scums and shady and backdoor deals lead to this today.

I am sceptic in realisation because of many big financial interest which are around the game and I am pretty sure that it wont happen till CCP like this is in charge. :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

Only if Eve echoes got PC client, then I’ll go there in a sec.

True, else mittens wouldn’t have given up a lawyer job to play eve 24/7. RMT must make him hundreds of thousands bucks per year…


Yeah the impact from that is long since over seeing as the powers that were even involved no longer exist anymore, and 3 trillion ISK doesn’t last a decade especially considering the days before you could even insure a titan so you were losing most of its value when it was destroyed, hell we have single structures which cost more than that to build https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/?typeid=40340

4 trillion is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of ISK in the game now https://www.eveonline.com/article/peumo4/monthy-economic-report-august-2018

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The millions of units of T2 materials are still here mate, they shaped EVE, like it or not, and I would like to start anew without all this past hanging abovehead.

If I had thet kind of money 10 years ago, that will be:

  1. great advantage for me
  2. now it will be several hundred trilions ISK in my pocket

Lastly, I strongly doubt 3 trillions is the accurate figure, considering how much T2 materials are worth.

No matter how much it was, it was nice HEADSTART for someone.

That headstart made BoB what it was PL what it was and NC. the players who benefited by it proped up those groups for years and affected the game for a long time

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Your English is not so bad.
Your information about the game is very bad and outdated.
What you want seems extremely unlikely. There are major developments with CCP that might - might - make your concerns a moot point.


How is it very bad? I know how the exploit worked and what the impact was.

And Dread, thanks for the other 2 names.

Perhaps I used the wrong term, sorry. Not bad as in not correct, more bad as in expired / less relevant.

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I don’t see how a wipe would benefit anyone or anything in game. The economy is built around the fact that the game is established now.

The “exploits” of the past, have had a trivial effect on the games economy as a whole at this point. The biggest thing you have to worry about is trying to build your own nation if that is your wish. But that is half of the fun for EVE.

Going out and restarting everything just won’t solve anything. It just creates a new grind that people will just get bored with and go right back to their old established accounts.

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4 Years reaction time is fairly short for CCP. If it takes them 15 years to know what is going on with the wardecs, you get the idea. :psyccp:


Will we ever see a new wiped server?

Unless it’s a Test Server reset.

–Helpful Gadget


A new server, I mispoke. I do not want to wipe TQ, it would be ridiculous at this point. But a new one, detached from TQ, could be beneficial.

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How so?

It would just divide the playerbase. Which is never good in any sandbox game.

I started EVE years after the game started, and I have killed ships flown by people WAY older than my character. It isnt the time or the isk the characters have… it is the skill of the person behind the keyboard that matters.


Not really, the power dynamics on TQ would be probably be mirrored. A server reset or a “virgin” server doesn’t remove knowledge or out of game social networks, they’re far beyond the reach of CCP.