Where is the Chaos?

Long post.

So I played Eve 10 years ago or so, I quit because the game was at that time , in my opinion a stagnant blob in null, and lacking pve in high sec (from what i remember).
SO I saw a YT vid with the eve CEO guy talking about shaking up Eve finally, Everest ,peaks, sherpa’s or something. SO after 10 years i made a new toon ( could not remember my old account) and jumped in .

A month or so in and well no chaos, not even a tiny little bit, the game appears t be a massive static blob with as far as i can see the same half dozen people who controlled the major alliances still running eve 10 years later.

Safe space is null under massive supercap umbrella’s. Streamers making half a bill an hour afk ratting in space 10 systems away from anything that can threaten them, same old, same old.

I have no vested interest, just think, and always did that Eve had massive potential totally crippled by CCP’s lack of well for lack of a polite ways to say it …balls.

Eve needs 2 things to grow, stop all ganking in high sec totally, its not cool killing new players and makes them quit.
The second is total game reset, back to day 1, everything all isk all space, everything zeroed out. The contolling powers is Eve have isk wealth to such an extent, nothing can touch them in game. Has CCP the will and the thing I mentioned above to do this? extremely doubtful.

Current chaos is nothing not a scratch not even a tiny tiny gnat bite to the giants of the game, will CCP do anything ? or slump back into their usual inactivity?

If nothing is done i will happily go away for another 10 years without a single regret. If CCP reads this all i can say is …move…


…and there you have it. That’s the rub.


That would actually KILL Eve. No way.

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C H A O S … fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I basically agree with most of your post but this, naw, sorry man I just can’t get behind that.

The time investment of older players is the last real commodity left in this game. I sure as hell don’t want a total reset and have everything my character has gained in the past 11 years to get wiped out. Some of us players have worked hard over the years to create a comfortable existence here in New Eden.

As for Criminal actions done in High Sec space, I think CCP should implement a 3 strike rule - meaning after a character lowers their Security Status the 3rd time, they have proven themselves to be a career criminal and as such, shouldn’t be allowed to regain security status ever again.

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