New server needed

“Times Up” on botting & thus Tranquility server.

We need a new server free of bots, a server with transparent, published reinbursements. A server free from dev corruption and asset/intel gifting.

Make it so CCP.

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i’ll play along

what stops new bots? and if this server has dev corruption why would the new one run by the same devs not have it?


Posting in a stealth eve is (still) dying thread.

Ok a more serious note, a new server would do nothing, unless you intent would also to be removing all assets that all the players have worked for years to attain, at which point why would they want to continue playing if everything they worked for was suddenly stripped from them?

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Well, the chat servers have been offloaded to AWS. So a lot of the bot empires aren’t functioning as well as they had been a few days ago… :scream:

Thread closed due to redundancy. Thank you.

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