Server reset

Few months ago, someone asked here on forums if CCP would ever consider a complete server reset, meaning everyone would have to start from scratch again - all SP, ISK and assets gone. I remember that CCP Falcon quickly closed that thread, saying it would be dumbest decision CCP could ever make.
With Falcon now being hit by the door on his way out, I would like to know if possibility of server reset is now more likely, I mean since yesterday nothing would surprise me anymore so I would like to know if CCP’s official stance on this is still the same as Falcon’s.


I am not suggesting that I want the server reset to happen. But, knowing that CCP has done a lot of changes in recent history which pissed off older players and pleased highsec pubbies, I would like to know if CCP at anytime considered such a thing, especially now after Falcon is gone (maybe someone proposed it which caused Falcon to ragequit). I know I have higher chances of the thread getting locked than getting an answer from CCP, however.

Even with Falcon gone, this is still the dumbest decision CCP could ever make.


The probability of a reset is 0. Eve is a complex adaptive system created by the players - throw that away and all you have left is an empty sandbox.


While I might have to agree, I would like to hear that from CCP employee instead of just another player.

good luck with that :smirk:


Hey op, what a novel and absolutely original idea! I would really like to know more about the thought process behind it. It sounds like you invested quite a lot of energy and effort to come up with this thought thru concept.


I spent over 11 years paying a subscription to gain what I currently have in-game so no to having a server reset and removing everybody’s SP’s, ISK and assets.


I suspect a lot of the vets are only sticking around becasue they have so much invested in the game I seriously doubt there would be enough players start a new server to keep it going for long.

CCP aren’t that stupid (Now there is something I may regret saying at some point).


It’s not my idea, maybe you should re-read the first post. I’m just wondering if the rest of CCP is less dismissive of the idea than Falcon was. Nowhere I even implied that I support the idea personally.

You don’t have it, everything you have in-game is property of CCP, it says so in the EULA and CCP can do with it whatever they please (not saying that they should).

There is an old saying that goes “always bet on stupid”.

Hope they got good lawyers, i would consider that as theft, particularly if they delete the fresh stack of PLEX worth of 100€ i bought the week prior the big reset…

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Shots fired…falcon luvrrss for lyfe!

the implications, of taking the characters that people have been working on for years and essentially killing them, not a good game dev move. Some people like the characters they have built/ are building, they havent outgrown the game, they dont own null blocs, and eat blue doughnuts all day so they arent as burned out. they are possibly even enjoying the little things in eve, the monuments, the news, the weather changes, a few storms, and the ocassional jita fight, or high sec pos bash…To destroy that, would end EVE ONLINE, and everyone knows that CCP is in the business of making EVE ONLINE FOREVER!!!

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Yeah, I suppose that would be even worse than buying plex online, selling it for isk and losing all that isk in some sort of ingame lottery.

It would rid CCP of bitter vets and reset the player base to be more inclined to microtransactions, the “new” breed would be happier with the game where bitter vets mostly seem to complain about any changes, I don’t know but that’s the only reason I could ever see.

I’m a low sp scrub, I support this change :^). Really though, it does sound like a pretty cool idea, might get some more players into the game who see the huge SP deficit ahead of them then don’t bother playing. Would be basically impossible to implement though.

Good luck with that. Just a stupid blackout caused so many tears from the nulbears, What do you think wiping out their entire characters and assets would do? Even players who have been playing for 2 / 3 years and never been to null sec would complain about having their progress wiped out. It’d be a financial suicide for CCP. The heads of the company, who only think in $$$$ would never allow such a risk move.


Although a reset may bring some new people to the game, I think it would make more people leave it. This would NOT be a good idea.


Isn’t this what is CCP already trying to achieve with many of game changes in recent years?

A full server restart is needed but it’s a hard choice for Hilmar. Wow classic has been a massive success.

An eve restart would IMHO would be a massive success too but only if combined with proper game enforcement which was missing throughout tranquility history. This lack of rule enforcement is what led to the broken state of the game we see today.

I propose a restart light. By introducing an entirely new region connected only by wormhole that allows pod travel for chars of an increasing sp limit dictated by max attribute skilling of a new char in said new region.

The rewards in this new region would be drastically increased to several powers over current tq and ISK would flow freely between the the new area. Meaning people who wanted to remain competitive would be forced to move into this area.

For example killing a npc ship would give 1bn ISK reward rather than 1m.

The new area pve would be dynamic and hard to bot. Local delayed throughout, a new start for eve.

Restart light encourages new players while preventing shock exodus of established player Base. Non competitive players could remain on this side of the hole with all their shiny stuff but said stuff would be quickly irrelevant and worthless.

ISK stock piles would be trashed giving noobs a chance to ballance capital in weeks. The new region would be fully dynamic, resources would like deplete and farming activity requiring dynamic input and problem solving so as being hard to bot and or easy to detect botting.

The new area would also require sub to access so CCP makes bank on the project. This would also kill obtuse multi boxing and further hurt attempts to bot

When ballance was achieved the hole between stabalised and free travel possible.

Vollah, I’ve fixed the game, doubled player count and kept 70% of your pets ccp.

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All the Players that spent real life money for ships and skill points would have nothing, their digital assets gone! I don’t know about the law over this, but you would make a lot of people angry and a lot of protesters.

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I understand Falcon shot down the idea because he still believed the grotesque mutated husk of modern EVE could be salvaged. Well the blackout shitshow proved unequivocally that there is no way back for the main game.

A reset of TQ obviously never happen, but the way is open now for either a classic server, or a pristine hardcore server (less space, no supers, no local etc). WoW and Runescape have far and away proven the financial case is sound, now we just wait for the will, and I believe every day that TQ degrades more into nonsense is another day that increases the viability of such ideas.

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