EvE 2.0 - the re-boot

Expand CCP’s active player base and related revenue stream by re-booting EvE. Set up a mirror server where every existing, past & future player has the option to (re)start playing EvE from ground zero.

2.0 server would have exact same coding and operation as now. Except, existing player database would be wiped whilst retaining their accumlated assets. All hoarded materials, ships and structures would remain, but none able to be accessed or used.

New Eden, and machine learning has reached apogee. Computer code can now be transmitted over vast distances as stabilized 3-D packets of light. These packets can however transform via quaternary folding. This unexpectedly allows digital viruses to evolve into physical structures that can interact with organic life.

All human and most AI-based populations have now gone, altho remnant Robinson Crusoe populations are suspected to survive within “shielded” locations. Automated machine systems do remain online where fuel reserves allow.

Access to mirror server, plus options to raise revenue, would be limited to, 1) pre-paid subscription of a minimum 6 or 12 months duration, at least for first year, 2) three month limited alpha accounts, after which access would be via subscription-only, 3) free access for paid Tranquility accounts for duration of existing subscription, after which 2.0 is only accessed via separate subscription.

ANYONE playing 2.0 has to start with zero SP and zero ISK. Existing paid account-holders on Tranquility would have initial right to a free account, but with no ability to transfer SP or isk between servers at any time.

All mirrored structures would retain any and all existing fuel reserves. Eventually these will power-down and structures can be destroyed and any contained assets released. However, this destruction can only occur after cleanskin players, with and without prior playing experience, have skilled=up and built appropriate ships.

[It might be reasonable for NPC stations to also be vulnerable, at least in an initial short time frame? However, players would still need to be able to dock someplace. Alternatively, perhaps Concord would not exist, at least for the first six months? The lore would be that it would take the new playerbase that long to accumulate enough taxes to pay for it??]

Canvas every past and existing player, giving them all 90 days prior notice of when the EvE re-boot is to go live. Everyone can then launch into the re-boot at same time with, No pre-existing fleets, No pre-existing corporations, No pre-existing gatecamps, No holds barred (especially if Concord needs to be initially re-formed in the first six months?).

Tranquility can stay in perpetuity, with the existing diehards, as now. As for the rest? … a clean slate.

Thank you for sharing your fascinating idea with us. Unfortunately, at this time, we have chosen to move in a different direction.


Down is the new up.

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PS: Eve reboots once a day.

Hey @Hortens It’s a very thought-out idea if not a new one. Unfortunately I’m afraid that CCP doesn’t have the resources for a second EVE Online. It looks like they’re already stretched to their limits with EVE 1.0

That was my assumption. Hence, same existing code running same game as now, just off of a different temporal baseline.

How much resources does an additional server actually take? CCP have an additional one for “testing”, altho that does not include Events = so, I couldn’t actually test anything. Plus, they have a separate ring-fenced one for China?

Basic question is, would an additional server be within CCP’s existing resources envelope/ would such a cleanskin server generate sufficient additional market. All by targeting a pre-existing demographic who tried but didn’t’ relish their perception of “never catching up”?

Pardus – perhaps the only other space MMO to have ever come as close to EvE in terms of open PvP and player economy – did something similar to this way back in the early or mid 2000’s. The original server/universe was Orion, the “new” free server was Artemis, and the “paid” server was Pegasus.

Everyone on Artemis and Pegasus on Day 1 started with only newbie gear. Everyone.

What happened was the dominant player faction on Orion just organized themselves on the new servers anyway and kicked the crap out of everyone else just like the original server. In the end the player power structures were exactly the same: the same people succeeded, the same groups succeeded, the same players who had whined about “being behind” could now only whine about “being bad”. They were given the opportunity for a “level game” and were still beaten anyway. So they left rather than face that truth. And the game slowly decayed. It might still be limping along but it’s past it’s prime.

I think Pardus is a little known and underappreciated case study applicable to MMO discussions.


This demographic you mentioned would be better served by the currently evolving NPE that strives to assimilate new players into a perspective beneficial to their progress. I hope the devs can reach their target on that one.
A whole other server, a mirror so to speak, would only be redundant for an issue that can be solved with cleaver mechanics and also, I must say, the understanding that “catching up” is a fool’s errand.
A recruit in his first week cannot equal a sergeant in knowledge and skill, that reality simply cannot be denied.

Should end well…

When your flex becomes a meme of failure.


Seems reasonable that similar would occur in EvE 2.0 - if, the “dominant factions” were willing to give up their 10-18 years of exercising the rules of acquisition and to pay for a parallel domain. Meanwhile, the active player pool is shrinking. And this idea, whilst not novel, might provide “an” answer.

… is presumably made up of people who have “been there, done that” in terms of trying the EvE experience previously. So, why would a new NPE entice them back, when they have tried & failed to find it engaging in the past? A clean slate approach solves almost nothing on one hand, and yet it potentially removes many of the excuses of some disengaged players on the other. I suspect it would boost total EvE players for a minimum 6-18 months. How much of a boost I have no idea.

There will always be players who are behind others, even if EVE 2.0 is created, there will be players who feel that they can’t catch up to those new players who would’ve started EVE 2.0 a year or two prior.
Does that mean that there will be a need for EVE 3.0 five years after 2.0 is fired up?

Self-evidently true. Just as are the likelihoods that new players to 2.0 could (relatively) easily buy enough SP to make up a couple of years, or instead get ahead by a couple of years right at the start. Either way, this idea would still provide relative incentive for returning/ new players by their only being a “little” behind. Say, 1-3 years on a rolling basis and not 10-12?

That may help bring players in but what about EVE 1.0 then? Wouldn’t it be crippled if the new players all go to 2.0? I mean, CCP is trying to bring in new players to EVE, it wouldn’t help to divert them to 2.0. Not only that but since the ships are player-made, there would be a serious shortage of ships in 2.0 for at least a year or two so market would be in hyperinflation.
Regardless. I seriously doubt that CCP is even thinking about creating a EVE 2.0, at least not before they solve the major issues with 1.0 and finish all the new stuff they announced at the last Fanfest.

An ‘Eve Classic’.

Todays game, just a new galaxy, new null/low/hi setup, new faction distribution, everyone starts with SP of a brand new toon and 0 ISK.

I’d migrate half a dozen toons over, with permanent deaths on Tranquility, and be happy to pay $20/mo for it.

But CCP is too stupid to do anything like this.

go play Everquest2 and tell us how that’s going

Why? And that answer is semi-rhetorical. Basicallly, I don’t know.

Bottom line … if “only” new players went to 2.0, whilst current retention in 1.0 is only 1-3%(?), plus subs are going up 30%, then what diff would it make to, 1) CCP, on the revenue side, and 2) to you, an existing player?

As to your other points, this proposal is all a thought exercise. Such as in, would it be easier (cheaper) for CCP to set up a physical server, with no code changes vs addressing their existing “major issues”? On the other hand, the market question in 2.0 is interesting as technically there would not be one. There would be no pre-manufactured goods (until structures were broken) and no isk (until bounties or PLEX). That’s the theory, as proposed of c ourse. That would be hard. And also fun. But I accept it might not be practical.

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For a more recent example, take a look at how Crowfall works (or doesn’t). With new campaign worlds meant to prevent Uncle Bob with a “fresh” start.

I don’t understand all the leftover stuff. If they were going to go for a ‘clean slate’ just wipe it all. Run TQ and this alternate ‘fresh start’ server.

That said, even as a super casual player, I don’t think this is a good idea. The thing that makes EVE really special is the single server universe. Running a second one would split the playerbase. If an existing player really wants a fresh start, just roll up an alt.

Just my 2 ISK on the topic.

What would you wipe? And how? According to this forum, POS (the control towers you see all over the place) have been redundant for years, yet CCP “physically” cannot remove them. Something about “legacy code”. By wiping out player access instead, and for all player infrastructure and assets, additional coding is kept to a minimum.

And why would the player base be split, when all existing subscribed players get free access to the second server in the first instance? After that, my anticipation is that “split” will instead lead to a nett increase. Potentially a big increase?

What about Forums 2.0?

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