EvE "Purge"

What if… once in a year, for 24h, all HiSec and LoSec system security rating is switched to 0.0 ?


That would be great!!! My wife says I need to catch up with some household chores.


Sure, give me another reason to not log in!


Don’t tell me you intend to play this hardcore pvp game EVE purely for it’s pve content ? Blasphemy !

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90% -95% of all players would not even think about logging in…

PVP and anarchy players are simply a vast minority…


Haven’t heard this one in… bout a month.


Lol, funny, what’s happened to Eve? Taken over by carebears?

Two can play at this game -

What if once per year, for 24 hours, all of eve – including w-space, converted to 1.0 security?


That’s another way to go. Lets see what happens.

PVP was always a loud minority here…don’t misunderstand loudness with number…:slight_smile:

PVP always understood to play the game of imitating something it never was…:slight_smile:

So yes…loud they were…numbers they haven’t to cover that loudness…



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That would be very interesting for null denizens who have neg security status. Fun times. I’d log in for that


Only if npc stations lose their invulnerabilty during it s we can blow up jita


How about you stop being a muppet and instead be someone with an original idea? I suggest the following 2 things:

  • Every person who suggests that High/Low should become Null will forcefully be teleported into null sec for 24 hours and cannot come back from there.
  • Null sec regions lose their ability to display standings or states (no standing tags, no fleet tags, nothing). Everyone is neutral for 24 hours.

Now everyone can have fun.

And that is why you want High and Low sec to change to the most boring security status in existence. Sure thing but in other realities this is called a schizophrenia because your stats to support your derogatory speech are completely missing.

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For what purpose?

Not much would change, just more titans at the undock in Jita. And Perimeter will be a slaughter chokepoint (probably not in the way you imagined) if you only knew the political situation behind those markets.

If you won’t even defend your own athanor (https://zkillboard.com/kill/76378785/) , you aren’t ready for null.

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What if… once a year, for the 24th, CCP looks back through the forum for people with stupid ideas? Then they log these people in to random high sec systems, paint them -10 and deny them docking privileges for 24 hours.


I would lose my Porpoise. My most expensive ship.

Eve is kind of becoming like a girlfriend who gets fat on purpose.


Except you can dock with -10 normally. -10 is barely any restriction. So that would have to be brand new restriction that doesn’t exist in game atm.