What do y'all think about a 1-time perma PVP opt out for accounts?

So I’ve come back to EVE after being gone for about 8-9 years, and I can’t say I’m interested at all in the PVP aspect of the game. I think somewhat the character reflects how one is as a person, and for myself I don’t like, nor do I ever think about ruining someone else’s day just to make my own IRL, and that translates to how I play EVE too.

So I just like Mining, PVE, exploring sites and just killing them NPCs to get loot. A quick look at my account would show that i’ve got 0 PVP kills, nor have I ever attempted to start a PVP - I’ve just got zero interest in it really.

Been thinking if there’s any possibility of CCP giving every account a one-time, perm opt in/out of PVP. That means once the owner makes the choice, we can’t ever change on that toon. Ever. The only way is to delete and recreate that toon. I think it caters well to this group of players who are absolutely sure we do not want the PVP element in our game, but we still savor the co-op PVE elements, or the chill mining runs… of course, in a ways it would have drawbacks - the ‘null PVP’ status would not apply in nullsec for example. Sure, it would cause an impact on the mining market - lowsec miners would then become a lot more accessible to this group of players, but again, our ‘drawback’ is we don’t get to kill and steal some other random player’s stuff.

But I would believe it would serve well for us non-PVPers to get to enjoy the game the way we want, and not need to face the parts that we absolutely have no interest in. Honestly, I really hope CCP would consider this.

What do y’all think?

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From my perspective eliminating the possibility of being the “victim” of a PVP attack would make the game boring and I wouldn’t bother with it any more.
Half the fun is avoiding those trying to hunt you or even better baiting them and watching them lose it big time when they can’t get you.


If someone wants to “opt out” of pvp then ccp should create a market somewhere that they populate that isnt affected by any other player. Rocks should be a type that does not affect any ship currently in game.

Players who opt out should get a different currency when killing npcs that can be used in a ccp controlled market as to not affect player markets.

8-9 yrs ago nothing pvp wise has changed from when you played before.

If you want out of pvp then why play eve? If you want out of pvp then you shouldnt be able to sell items or rocks or buy items from other players.


You can just stay in one of the starter systems, never leave your NPC corp and you should be just fine.


I heard Stardew is nice this time of year.

Go there.

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That you have picked the wrong game. It’s like dropping into WarZone™ for “just collecting ground loot, but please, don’t shoot at me!”.

The X-Series™ games might be what you like to play. Build your PvE empire, no other evil players that want to kill you and you don’t even have to pay a sub.


So you want us to create invulnerable toons for daily business and “gladiator” toons for isolated fights. Be aware that scams are still possible, you will witness bully mining operations and 24/7 afk grinding.

So you also want to abolish looting and stealing (criminal flag)?
“Your stuff” isn’t always yours, there’s many ways to get annoyed without pvp.

I’m afraid you wouldn’t like the result of what you want and would probably leave soon after spoiling the game for the regulars.

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I think that it’s like joining Counterstrike or Call of Duty and say “hey i don"t want to pvp”

Eve IS a spatial simulation in a pvp environment. Pvp is not limited to shooting things, there is also, market competition, competition for resources etc

If you want a game without pvp, choose another game. Farming simulator, games about spatial exploration etc

So tldr: very bad idea or troll.


As long as you have no competitive interactions with any other players then it’s a great idea. I’m not sure you’ve thought it through though.

  • No access to the market - because you’d be in conflict with other players (traders). You can’t buy or sell ships, material or equipment.
  • No access to mining since you will have other miners competing for the same resources.
  • No exploration and hacking since that’s competition with other players to get the resources from there.
  • No industry as industrial taxes are based on demand and this competition with other players.
  • No undocking incase you bump and interfere with other players.

Might get a little boring…

If you don’t like Eve then you don’t have play it.


What I think you’re saying is that you don’t like to play Eve. Choose a game that better aligns with your playstyle.


The game of cat & mouse is one of the most fun parts of the game for me. Opting out of PvP would eliminate that.

Knowing Eve players, they’d also find a way to exploit it.

Yeah, it’s incredibly easy to exploit it. I can just create as many “invulnerable” mining toons as I wish and invade someone elses space, mining the resources threre all day long. And while they are always at the danger of being attacked and would have to replace their losses or fund a protection force or stay docked if hostile presence is on the scene, I would simply keep mining and mining and mining and mining. How could they ever beat my prices on the market? They can’t.

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This is a great idea and would be worth on testing !

I would take the option in a heartbeat ! Good idea OP ! I think this would return many players to play EvE and would be a nice solution to satisfy all.

In PVE multiboxing can be beneficial on sertain activities and i think EvE would get many new subscribers and there would be new adventures and friendships to be made.

this would also give an incentive to try out both activities and then settle on the one youd like more. It would be interesting to truly see what people really want from EvE.

Actually that’s what many players (including me) do.
Play clever and you won’t get ganked often, even without restrictive rules. PvP does not mean fight, just surviving an Incident by wit or precaution can be a satisfying victory.


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Just hit the Catalyst with the nerf bat. Problem solved…

I think you’ve fallen for the trap of thinking that just because EVE has PVE, that it is a PVE game.

What problem?

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Who knows…