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So I know where this is going by the title alone so if in you’re mind your first thought is no then go no further, if maybe then please read on.

Also skip the WALL of text to just read how it might work.
As a veteran of this game with years of in game time I would submit this, I love PVE and have never cared for PVP so let’s get that front and center and for good or bad Alphas are a part of the Eve landscape and so are PVE players, and from the start this game has offered both styles but one group has been left behind in favor of PVP players, small and solo PVE players.

(This is not about pointing and placing blame)

As small and solo PVE’ers we are mostly restricted from venturing into null and WH space, from low sec, so at this point let’s not go into the risk vs rewards arguments, we all understand that most of these places are just Farmville in space for most super bloc’s living there and most PVE’ers and just doing their own thing yuking it up in high sec and that’s about it, however it would be nice to travel freely beyond into these other areas without dare I say it being chased down by players whom only interest is blood when truly PVE’ers are looking for fresh adventures to be had, all this said I purpose this;

  1. If you are a PVE’er just wanting the challenges of facing stronger NPC’s then flipping that toggle to PVE only will lock you into that mode similar to the jump clone cool down 24 hrs before you can flip it back.

  2. Upon flipping that PVE switch and heading into null/low/WH this has the effect of lowering the chance of a choice drop, in other words near zero of officer mods dropping, but reaping the rewards of the higher payout then typically found in high sec.

  3. PVE players are unable to effect players, no shooting, no transfers, no undocking from ship into capsules and into another ship, and positively no BUMPING.

  4. (Power blocks), but players will steal our precious ores, no, not really only noobish players who will go after mining what they can find already in high sec, but they’ll huff our gas, probably, but again that can be simply dealt with by turning off the ability to use those mods while in PVE mode, let them keep that precious.

Beyond what I’ve put up I am sure there is much input that should be discussed and explored but point being that opening up frontier for small Corp PVE’ers as well as soloist while still leaving null/low/WH are largely intact, a PVE/PVP toggle can work as it has in other games, PVP still dominates many of those games, but I will say this as a PVE’er I have enjoyed games with this feature and believe eve could benefit from this feature.

(I am unsure as to even post this, but decided yes).

I read so many posts like this, and they never end well really. If you want to explore and travel with less risk when you need to become aware of how to avoid the people that are out to kill your ship.

Eve is like an ecosystem that needs to be balanced, now sometimes CCP does a better job of that balance than others but one major factor of that ecosystem is the market. If all the people that wanted risk free options in eve toggled that PVE switch and so couldn’t be killed then that is upsetting that ecosystem.

Have you ever played that game where there is no risk? It becomes boring very quickly almost like putting a cheat in a city building game and gives you unlimited money. What’s the point if you have all the money to build all the things at once.

I would say lean the mechanics, if you want to explore then go do it, but fit your ship according to the risks that you think that you may face. If you get killed analyse what went wrong and learn from the experience. That way you’ll feel more accomplished too, and if you are caught and explode you are doing your bit for the ecosystem in eve.

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I’d be okay if there were entirely no interaction with other players at all. You want zero pvp interaction? OK, no more player driven market for you. You can only buy and sell to NPC orders. If the NPCs don’t have a sell or buy order, that’s too bad.

No more local chat or text chats for you either. No fleets with anyone, even other PvE only players.

If you want all of the benefits of avoiding any and all player interaction, you need to take all of the drawbacks too. You can’t be a selfish nutcase who only wants the benefits with none of the downsides.

Like above, you cannot interact or trade with anyone other than people on the same mode, you cannot even see players in different modes and you cannot switch between them either. The market simply cannot function without destruction or risk. You cannot grab a bunch of officer mods in null with no risk in pve mode and then switch back to pvp mode to sell them on the market.

No invulnerable scouting for you either.

You could kind of say they should be on an entirely separate server…like sisi!

First thing thanks for a normal response, I agree, much has to be looked at for sure, and definitely truth in the point of too easy making for a dull game.

Definitely don’t want officer mods dropping, which is why I did post that they could easily make it so when in PVE mode the chance drop is virtually zero.

If you can run site after site after site without any risk of pvp how long do you think it’s going to take?

How long do you think it’s going to take to rake up enough isk to buy them off the market on top of the ones you’re finding.


OP, you have brought shame on the Xu name.

Great shame.


Honestly op, if you want to explore solo pve in dangerous areas, why not do it on sisi?


That restriction wont really work if the mode is toggle-able, no matter the cooldown. And then there are ways to circumvent restrictions like jettison stuff in space, anchor password-locked security containers, fleet and corp hangars, contracts, direct deliveries and trade… etc. Even blowing your own ship for others to loot.


Yeah, just play on test server…

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Yeah, that’s kind of the implied point. This won’t work and is a trash idea.

So when all of the PvEers swtich modes then EVE is split in half.

Terrible, just terrible. Reminds me of Trammel.

So you want to do what teams of 100s of players do solo.

Talk about self centered and selfish.

-1 Terrible ideas.

Is exactly what it is.

There are genuinely some people that think trammel helped UO though.

  1. Plays EVE Online the dangerous MMO
  2. Wants positively no interaction with other players, and no danger

Go play Freelancer or Star Citizen.

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