Null sec, a new look (repost from general discussion)

Here’s a few ideas to inject some fun into 0.0, PVE and PVP.

First let’s start to acknowledge that PVE is mostly done alone with specific fittings and PVP is mostly done in gang with specific fittings of its own.

When I look at that picture, there’s a big divide between the 2 play styles and my idea is to bring them back together.

  1. All ships will now have 2 additional special mid slots that can only be equipped with web or warp scrambler. The requirements of those mods would be very low so that doesn’t impact the rest of the fit. With a special rig, 1 more special mid slot slot could be gained (dual web). So now, every PVE ship fittings are closer to PVP fits and PVP fits are closer to PVE fits.

  2. How do we get all those people closer together ? Every null sec systems owned by an alliance will have its value fluctuate depending on how well it is protected or farmed ; if PVE activities are conducted by a group of people not part of the alliance, the neutrals or enemy will get an increase of X% on the bounties received. The % might depend on the military LVL of the systems. If enough grind is done on enemy territories, ALL the enemy systems will suffer a penalty to their income, site spawns, mining spawns etc. If an alliance defends its territory well, it will become much more valuable to the outsiders.

My hope is that with this game mechanic, there will be more co-op PVE, more pvp opportunities, high sec people might consider going to null sec in the hope to earn a bunch of isk. Alliances at war will be able to lower profits from other alliances and alliances might start to manage smaller territories in order to defend better. On top of that, the value of the alliance territory would be displayed on the map, for all to see.

Bonus changes I’d like to see.

  • Majority of mods equipped on ships should be found instead of bought. PVE should be rewarded with nice mods more often in all areas of activities. Rare mods shouldn’t be worth 100x times the price of T2 mods…
  • All passive activities creating mats should be removed from the game, like PI or data cores. If you don’t log on and play, you shouldn’t get stuff. You should get mats by actively doing something.
  • PVE combat sites or missions shouldn’t take too long to run. Escalations or expeditions take too long or have a too low timer.
  • More people in a fleet = higher chance to get better loot from rare NPC wrecks. The bigger the fleet the harder the NPC are to kill.
  • More rare spawns in PVE combats activities.
  • Every people in a fleet should get his own loot when looting NPC wrecks, bounties or LP shouldn’t be divided. That should encourage more co-op PVE.
  • Remove implants, only mods should affect your ship stats. Also majority of people would prefer doing safe activities with a set of +5 implants rather than doing PVP with no implants (loss of training time).

Do you have a headache?

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Thank you.

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This sounds like raid progression. Done to death in other games, could be done better in some game somewhere, not sure it’s right for EVE but…just from my PoV and as a PVE player…

  • I don’t use a web/scram most days so why would I want to be saddled with a useless mid or two?
  • I don’t want to hang out with PVPers, if I wanted it I’d already be doing it (I used to, but I can’t get Xanax any longer)
  • True, when you’re stuck in L4 mission hell, everything takes too long until you flat-out don’t do more
  • Rare loot/mods will always cost 100x the price of generic “best” so that won’t change
  • Would you like to be the one to tell industry players you’re going to nerf their investment in blueprint training?


Usually I like to pull one of the top stupid lines from a post and quote it.

In this case I would have to quote the entire post.


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Yeah, everything here is terrible and comes like ideas from someone who has barely any experience with eve to know hwo to play, much less understand the potential ramifications down the line.

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I have no idea how you came to that conclusion, probably because I don’t express myself clearly enough.

They are special slots that you can leave empty if you want to, if you want to do PVE in dangerous areas, your ship would be ready to tackle if you want to.

That’s fine… you keep the freedom to do what you want.

They can still produce mods, they’ll sell much less of them. You can always redirect industry towards something else …

Eve has been around for long enough, in its current state, we know it won’t attract much more people. It has to go through drastic changes.

If you check the news, you’ll see that most people doing FW are in it for PVE. I guess it was supposed to encourage PVP but it turns out people prefer PVE. So I guess meaningful PVE changes are the way to go if you want to improve the game.

I encourage you to share your vision on how to improve the game.

#1, you’re not in a position to implement any ideas, so what’s the point and #2, you don’t read what I post to know I already do <3

The largest assets of a raid (aside from bragging rights) are combat situations through which groups can advance to get loot drops., Your post is about grouping, escalating combat situations (at least I’m reading it this way) and mods as rare loot…how was I to know you didn’t mean anything about grouping, escalating combat situations and rare loot?


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Ah, the common, “because everyone tore down my idea, tell me your’s so I can be mad at your ideas!” point.

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